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    I haven't bought new leather in going on 20 years. But I did buy thrift store leather boots and belts before I went vegan and I still own them, but seldom wear them now. I won't throw them out because that is even more disrespectful to the animal, in my opinion. I *might* wear the boots again sometime, but, sadly, I have outgrown the belt.
  2. Those are beyond awesome!! You are still among my favorite artists and, in case you thought I forgot about you--the book is finished and WILL be published, one way or another. I'll keep you posted.
  3. "I personally think that veganism is the manifestation of a disturbed and nihilistic mind" hahaha. what a moron.
  4. hey, that looks great!! Very spooky!
  5. I've always wondered what straight edge folks think about prescription drugs. Mood stabilizers and anti-depressants specifically. And what about aspirin?
  6. Maybe she wasn't capable of breastfeeding. Not all women are. Certainly still no excuse though. They definitely got what they deserved. I'm just bummed it's giving vegan haters so much ammo. The media is using it to bash the vegan lifestyle, IMO.
  7. Sorry if this was posted elsewhere. Tell you what though--the vegan bashers I know are having a field day with it. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18574603/?GT1=9951
  8. green and yellow are totally your colors!
  9. I know there's going to be a clean-up in waterfront park, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I have to go to a birthday party that day.
  10. I'm going to challenge all my myspace friends to be vegan on earth day this sunday. Hopefully some of them will give it a shot and find out it doesn't kill them. I'm sure I'll get plenty of the usual responses though. "I love animals too, but I could never stop eating FILL IN THE BLANK." One day is all I ask. Maybe some of you guys could do it too.
  11. Hey from another Washingtonian!
  12. I got my bowflex treadclimber last Friday, put it together over the weekend (NOT FUN!) and have done a couple workouts with it. It really doesn't take up that much space after all. It's perfect for what I need at this point. I would recommend it to anyone who prefers working out at home. But be prepared to be annoyed with the assembly instructions.
  13. congratulations on your success! you are a real inspiration!
  14. Thanks for replying, Topher. Good to know I didn't just get an old bottle or something. Will definitely be trying it again.
  15. Hey Poncho! Glad to meet ya! I myself grew up in 'the presidential city" of Quincy.
  16. Ok, so I tried this stuff (store bought in a bottle), took my first sip and couldn't say for sure if I liked it or not because of the long snotty string that ended up in my mouth. Needless to say, I was quite surprised and grossed out and haven't dared another sip. Maybe the bottle sat too long in the store? Or is it always like that?
  17. Amazing stuff! The swan and tree girl are my favorites. Do you ever do book covers? I'm always looking for artists for my novels...
  18. I just saw Soylent Green for the first time last night, even though I despise Charlton Heston. Interesting take on what the future could bring if civilization doesn't smarten up pretty quick. It was particularly interesting how they refered to women as "furniture" and older folks as "books." Pretty disturbing. Over-population=not enough food=let's eat people. Not so impossible to imagine, really.
  19. You guys all look so happy and healthy! And that first tree is begging to be climbed!
  20. good to know! Now I'm getting excited to get one!
  21. nice!! I need to contact Mighty-O right quick then! Next weekend as in the 24th? I think that's doable. Where will it be at? (I'm sorry if this is somewhere else but there is so much to read on this board, I know I end up neglecting and missing a lot of things.)
  22. Isn't Food Fight in Portland? I got all excited for a second there...
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