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  1. So you would recommend that mix? I saw that in the store and thought about getting it. Yes I would recommend it. If you want to consume maca but can't stand it alone Ruth's mix is the next best thing to hitting the Vega.
  2. Is Giacomo still posting or viewing the board?
  3. Yep, the Luna Protein product contains whey. Also their Luna Recovery Smoothie contains whey. The rest of their product line is free of animal products. As far as bars go you can't get better than ProBars, however out of financial convenience I opt for the Clif or Clif Builder bars.
  4. Use Kre-Alkalyn. I perfer it over Creatine Monohydrate anyday.
  5. On a side note, Why do you do cardio after lifting? My experience has been that lifting and cardio should be done at different times of the day or better on different days. You are killing your gains if you run right after lifting. 1-3 hours window is right. Try to hit the shake as soon as you can. I find a powder with a mix of protein and some carbs (like hemp) helps more than just straight up protein. Depends how long you workout for. The longer and more cardiovascular centric a workout is the more important carbs are. If you're just lifting, all or mostly protein is fine. Hope this helps.
  6. I've never been into coffee. Like the smell but that's it. Yerba Maté is much better (taste and benefits) for me.
  7. Have you thought about using Bragg's All Purpose Liquid Soy Seasoning? I find I can use less than I would soy sauce because it is quite strong even though it's just soy beans and water. Other than that try liquid smoke.
  8. I use Ruth's Hemp/Maca protein powder and I love the mix. I've never had it alone but with hemp it's mighty tolerable.
  9. I've been boxing since summer, and I've made a lot of progress. I'm a registered fighter now, but I have a month or two of intense training until I can compete. I have had my fourth thumb injury and am trying to learn to protect it while I take some time off to let it heal ie. learn how to bend it again. I can say that boxing has given me INSANE progress. 2 1/2 hours twice a week plus roadwork gets you in shape, no matter what. Plus it's awesome being the only registered boxer in my province, probably in the country. Once I get back (tomorrow or Monday), I'll start a blog up to keep people updated.
  10. I know the restaurants around here that are safe for me, and I usually stick to those. However, there are time I end up in a place like Smitty's which serves "Canadian" food, which is all unsafe. I just ask for a plate of vegetables and a balsamic vinaigrette or oil and vinegar. Every restaurant has veggies, oil, and vinegar. But I try to keep visiting places like that to seldom or never. This is my basic guide to how I go about things: Chinese food - Check what the noodles are made of and ask for no egg. If it is a soup check what stock they use. Japanese - You can't eat any of the soups. Tempura probably has egg in the batter, and the salad dressing may have a non-vegan thickener in it (this is something non-Japanese cooks do, not authentic restaurants). Mediterranean - Some of the rice dishes aren't safe (may contain butter), and some places have a thing for feta in their salads (only fake med places, such as Greek "med" places). Other than that you're fine. Thai - I avoid Thai places, but if you go ask if they will hold the fish sauce or make the pad Thai vegan. If it's authentic they will probably laugh and say no. If you have a Thai friend she/he can help explain your requirements to the server, but they still might not compromise. I stick with Chinese, sushi places and med food. I don't have experience with Mexican, Filipino, Ethiopian, Turkish or fast food places. Hope this gives you an idea how fellow vegans think.
  11. I've popped amaranth and it's incredible. Just pop a bunch and pour some almond milk on it or use the Thrive recipies. I found mine at Planet Organic; couldn't find any at Bulk Barn.
  12. Why bother with Nestlè when you can just grab a Clif or Probar? I'd rather support those companies than a monster like Nestlè.
  13. The best thing you can do to naysayers is to right them on their ignorant ideas of veganism. If you are confident and clear, no one will be able to argue with you. People still joke or poke fun of me at work, but afterwords they always say "Damn, I wish I could do that, you're so healthy". Don't blame people and the way they think. Anger is the worst way to treat that sort of thing. I laugh it off, and love to tell them the truth in a matter-of-fact way, having a good chuckle before and after.
  14. HIT can be done by anyone. You just need to find the weight that you can lift with max intensity for one set. I can agree on this angle. It's good to learn proper form through volume. If you can't do proper deadlifts HIT will just end up hurting you. Bottom line, it's a great way to train if you have a solid base of lifting (at least 1 year of training under your belt) but it's not for everyone. I'd go in and work out for 15 minutes and it was some of the most intense training I've done to date. I found myself getting stronger, but I've been off it for a while for my own reasons so I can't say how good it is over the long term. If you do Heavy Duty training with proper form, and give it your all every set, it will give you some results. On a side note, Mike was in bad shape for a lot of reasons, one being his drug addictions, and because of his back problems. He's had some impressive pupils over the years but then again, he was all about HGH and steroids (even to the point of recommending HGH in an interview). Reguardless of all this, I still agree with his principals. If there is no intensity in the gym, there will be no results.
  15. Moonknight was my favorite for a long time. Especially when his skin melted for a few issues and he asked Peter Parker to become Moon Knight. Classic. Right now I'd have to say either Old Man Logan or Spawn. Not Medina Spawn either, McFarlene Spawn or broke.
  16. Pea, Rice and Artichoke. Personally, I love the Tropical flavour. I hear the vanilla and the mocha with energy are god awful though.
  17. I don't lose any sleep if I sit on leather. I wouldn't buy it, but I sure as hell wouldn't protest it by sitting on the floor. Gotta pick your battles sometimes.
  18. Anyone here box? I started a month ago (hence my distance from the forum) and I have to admit I'm addicted. I shadowbox wherever I go, haha. It'd be cool to have a few people on the forum who do box so we can talk about it.
  19. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Frank McGrath spent it on the type of protein you inject. On a side note though, that series of photos is great. I'd love to see more bodybuilders get photographed Animal style rather than the typical MD spread format.
  20. Working out is how I deal with my stress. Just started boxing and it's been the best so far for that purpose.
  21. Wow..that looks so cool! gonna try it first thing monday! Shit man! That was awesome! Did it twice in a row believe it or not...I was in the gym on the running machine and i don-t think I-ve ever sweated so much!! Got off the machine with my face as red as a strawberry, with everyone looking at me! hahahha Calves are KILLING me today which makes me really happy..the bastards never grow no matter how I work them..just never tried running so fast before, I had the machine up to the max! That's awesome man! Yeah, IBUR will REALLY push your limits. That's what I like about it. If by running machine you mean treadmill, try not to use them for IBUR. Any sort of HIIT training requires going from a moderate jogging pace to a sprint instantly. treadmills do require a few seconds to get up to speed, and since running intervals are short as it is, it cuts into the time and effectiveness of the routine. Running outside or on a track is ideal. If you're stuck inside without a track though you can always use a stationary bike. Now that is KILLER, haha.
  22. Did legs today, for the first time in a while. Squats 95 x 12 115 x 10 135 x 6 (went too far down on the 6th) 135 x 10 Could probably go heavier but I'm working on going ass to floor with these. Leg Extension 100 x 8 supersetted with... Leg Curl 100 x 6 Calf raise 180 x 12 Weighted Crunches 150lb x 12 150lb x 12 Overall, great workout. I was sweating like a big after the squats. My back is a tad sore (very minor) but that means my form was a little off, and I noticed that. Still strict form 99.9% of the time, but I'll keep on an eye on it next time and make it 100%. This made me realize how much I really miss squats. Favorite exercise for sure.
  23. What pressure are you keeping in your tires when you ride? I used to ride on 110 (air pressure /psi) or 120, but I like to play it safe and it keep it at 100. Since keeping my tires at 100 I've never had a flat. It sucks so much when you get a flat though. I've been 20KM out and got one. Middle of nowhere with a hunk of metal to carry around, haha. Not fun. Don't get down on yourself. You've put so much into yourself and the community selflessly, without expecting anything back and with a positive attitude 100% of the time. I know you inspire me to train hard. I know you'll find something and the cash will be rolllllin'. With all the positive things you've done you're well overdue to get some of that back. Keep it up dude, try to keep thinking positive, because we're all gunnin' for you, and that's never gonna change. P.S. Thanks for the t-shirts. Just got 'em a few days ago and they fit great. I was fully expecting one, not two, haha. Thanks again!
  24. Man, I envy your ability to do deadlifts. I tried to do 135lbs last workout (I'm 160lbs) and it was hard to get a good 8 strict reps in. I did two sets and on the second set I had HORRIBLE form and pulled my back, haha. I'll get there someday. You should make some more videos with MVS. It's always cool to see training videos of people on here.
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