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  1. So, had to do an update this weekend and am still attempting to resolve a few issues. I will eventually get chat added but all other parts of the forum should be ok. Let me know if you find anything that isn't working. On the plus, uploading avatars is now supported.
  2. So, it appears we may have to upgrade to 3.1.x of the phpBB forum software as I suspect the 3.0.x line will likely be stopping support soon. As such, I figure tomorrow might be a good day to do the update early in the morning (PST) while people are still recovering from ringing in the New Year. I'll be aiming around 7am PST (Los Angeles) The server will be unavailable. I will be backing up the server before I begin this but I do HIGHLY recommend that you do back up anything that you might want to save. Due to the time it's taking to do the backup, I'll do the upgrade tomorrow after I've confirmed the backup is good. I hate when life interferes. Ok. I've had to delay this a bit long so that will allow for more people to save what they need to. I'm going to try on the 17th to get the upgrade done.
  3. I'll be aiming to do a software update of forum next week. Specific date and time TBD (likely over the weekend of May 15-17, 2015) but I expect that this may take upwards of an hour or so. Once updated it may take some time to get various pieces as the forum software will not necessarily support all the mods (modifications) we currently have. I believe the Chat should be fine (although I'll need to relink it in the right place. Additionally there may be some user interface (the way the forum looks) changes (minor but likely). Hopefully this update will help address our rash of spammers and the like. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me.
  4. After much monkeying about in the backend of the server, I finally got the email issue resolved. So for those that want to change passwords, need to register, etc. you should be able to get emails from the forum now for those activities. Let me know if there are any issues.
  5. If you register a new account on the site, please email me directly at syrlinus [[AT]] gmail [[dot]] com and I will activate the account. It appears our email server is a little whacked out and I haven't had a chance to fix it (I will be looking into this over the holidays).
  6. Just a quick FYI. We may experience some outages as the server is being migrated to a new platform. This hopefully should be done later today or tomorrow. I'll update this announcement when all is done.
  7. Aha! Fixed the slowdown. Some weird script option got parsed to the General Sports name.
  8. As for the forum page, I'm still working on that. There's some weird server error somewhere that I haven't found yet.
  9. So finally got a chance to update the server software and did a couple of reboots of the system. I've noticed some weird behaviour of late (showing a page seems to pause midway, particularly on the main page). We're definitely not taxing the server and I've cleared out a variety of caches. I'm hoping that the reboots, clearing of cache and update resolves this but if you happen to see other stuff.. post here or send me a PM and I'll check it out.
  10. Bodhi, I've modified your post until I can talk with Robert about this. While I know you are trying to offer other options to help people with, this kind of posting really should have an OK from Robert first as it feels entirely advertisey-like.
  11. Just as an FYI to everyone. I haven't forgotten about this. We just have to resolve something in the back end first so I can implement this. Unfortunately I'll be a conference for the next week (22,000+ customers) but I'm hoping to get to this over Labour Day weekend.
  12. Mike, what kind of skills do you have? Canada could probably be one of the easier places to move to. If you are young enough, I believe Australia is also relatively easy to get into (takes a year or two to get some kind of work visa). As a Canadian living in the US, my g/f and I likely to move back to Canada since my immigration process into the US is longer than anticipated (I have a work visa and have a green card application in but the GC may take anywhere from 7-20 years, depending on recent reform). I'll retire by then and in a lot of ways, Canada has a better support system for retirees.
  13. Just as an FYI, I am looking into adding a like Button and reputation system. As for a blogging system, not sure yet. It's almost tempting me to move the system over to vBulletin as many of those features are native to it. I'll probably add them next week (this upcoming work week will have me busy/focused on other stuff so once it's over.. )
  14. For those who reported the post, this is legit as it's Robert's other account but him not using his normal Robert account.
  15. I'll also be looking for and adding a progression bar but may not be able to do it until next weekend. For now, the ranks are in place.
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