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  1. *jumps up and down* YAY! My package of goodies arrived today. So sweet! My g/f nearly took my knit cap (apparently what's mine is hers and what's her's is her's ) Anyways, due to a passport renewal issue (have to run to Canada to renew it quickly), I won't be able to wear it yet at the gym but will be using it for my yoga while on the road and then in the gym when I'm back. And thanks for the samples! That's soo cool.
  2. I have the unfortunate choice to have two cell phones: one for work and one for personal usage. Both are set to vibrate and if they ring, I run outside. I hate when people insist on talking right behind me while I have my noise-cancelling headset on and they talk so loud I can still hear them And since I hate it, I have no doubts others do to. Thus, I try to avoid -- where possible -- taking a call when around others or if I have to, find a quieter spot to talk with the person and do so for a minimum amount of time. Now, I do use text messaging but only when I'm not directly talking with someone else in person (or in a movie theater).
  3. LOL.. a few that have worked elsewhere (although you may have already implemented them): 1. Ban addresses that use certain webmail address such as mail.ru (we, referring to the security site I moderate, have found that most spammers register with that service) 2. Limit what new users can post (e.g., first few posts cannot have links or pictures in them). Once a user has reached a certain limit, this restriction is removed 3. Time limit between postings (I think this is in place) 4. Monitor IP address of those that do spam and require moderation of posts from them. Some offends use a specific range over and over again (this won't be practical if the user is from AOL or some other larger ISP). Not a lot but hopefully might give a few idears.
  4. Robert, if you're looking for ideas and suggestions on how to deal with these "twits" I can give you a few ideas. I'm a mod at a security/hacker site and we've reduced our spam to zero.
  5. - lose 60lbs by Labour Day Monday. - Do my bicycle tour from NYC to Toronto to Montreal (and possibly back to NYC by bike, if time permits) - better diet overall
  6. Sweet! I am jealous. I do think my next bike will be a custom Gunnar Street Dog or Ruffian.
  7. I'm on facebook as well. If you want to friend me, just pop me a PM. As for privacy, as with anything on the internet, a few rules: 1. Don't post what you don't want public 2. There are ways to ensure what you have posted only goes to those intended (limit how much of your profile is public, avoid "applications", etc.)
  8. I popped ya a note. Very much interested in all. Would be good to have when I start my program when I get back to NYC.
  9. LOL.. I'm a work horse once I'm back on my bike for about two-four weeks. I have winter clothes (did come from Canada and find NYC really mild in weather). So no worries there. I have two bikes: DaVinci MTB that has been modified into a single speed and a custom Gunnar Rock Tour. The DaVinci is my winter bike with tires for it. Additionally, because it's single speed I figure it can help me build up cycling power over the winter (due to hills, snow and such) because I won't use gears as a crutch (besides the fact that they freeze often in the winter, making them kinda useless).
  10. I can but I'm a cold weather wuss. And it's generally not speed that I look for. It's been way too long since I've been on my bike due to waiting for a visa and my bike being in storage (almost 5 months will pass before I get it down here in January). So building up first will be required. I suspect that by March/April I'll be doing two weekend rides of 4-6 hours each and then 3-4 times a week of 1-2 hours each. Off-platform weeks I'll be able to have 5-6 rides during the week of 4-6 hours each.
  11. Now that I'm settled, with plans to get my bikes here in January I'm looking to start over again. I've got -- in my head thus far -- a plan to bike from NYC to Toronto to Montreal and then take a plane back to NYC for the end of August. And I have a lot of weight to lose before then and have to re-build up my endurance. So here's my plan: 1. Get into a regime of 3 x week of 1 hour+ yoga in a class environment 2. Weight training for legs, calves, arms, chest, back, neck twice a week (expect that to be an hour each session). Calves, chest and back would be big weight, fewer reps (Strength). Neck, legs (quads/hams) and arms (bicep/tricep) lower weight with more reps (endurance). 3. Winter cycling of 2-4 days a week, at least an hour each session (I may bike to and from the gym where the yoga is to get this in plus have a 2-3 hour weekend ride). Then increase hours on the bike as things warm up and during weeks of off-platform (not teaching in class or online). 4. At least one day of rest 5. Continue vegan diet. Eliminate more processed materials from diet so that it's primarily "pure foods" (for lack of a better term -- more whole foods as it were). Ensure enough of a mix of beans, rice, nuts, veggies, fruits and water throughout the day (every 2-3 hours). 6. Find time each day for at least 10 min of mediation or quiet time. I think that it's reasonable, if adhering to this, that I could lose 30lbs by April 1 (in time for a social event) and then the remaining 30lbs before August. (goal is to go from 210lbs to 145/150lbs) Anyone have any suggestions or things to improve on this plan?
  12. It appears that the Kew Gardens Fitness Center may not stay open beyond January due to a landlord change. So I'm thinking of joining the NYSC near the 71st subway. Has anyone gone there or presently goes there? Any comments about it or the NYSC in general?
  13. I figure this might be a long shot (and hopefully not in the wrong forum section) but I'm looking to see if I can find someone I can train with (or at least help me when I hit really heavy weights).
  14. Really? Now that I didn't know. Good to know when purchasing products that might contain it.
  15. Ok. I'm going to sound really ignorant but what is wrong with latex? I've done a search as to ingredients (which came back as non-animal) but is it a reason other than the ingredients?
  16. Wait.. didn't you know?? Soy makes you gay. I have so much soy I'm practically giddy.
  17. Wow, that is impressive. I wonder if someone gave her The China Study.
  18. Got it. It was generated after I did: View all posts since last visited --> replied to a thread in the Introductions (my own):
  19. Not sure where to put this or if it's been posted already (did a search but found nothing) but I'll ask here. I've noticed that when replying I'm getting an error that the forum is trying to find port 110 and cannot. Very weird. I'll post the error after this but this has happened, thus far on every posting I've done. The post still goes through but this error happens every time. I have to hit the back button. Edit: Of course, for this post it doesn't happen.
  20. Thanks. I know I don't post alot but I do read lots.
  21. After an extended absence I've returned. I finally got my work visa into the US and after an extended time in limboland (not having a place to live for 3 months ) I now am starting to settle down in Kew Gardens, NY. Because of travel over the next 4 weeks (San Fran/LA), I won't be able to start my workout program but will be doing so starting Jan. I'm looking at doing Yoga 3-4 times a week and then free weights on the other days. Once my stuff is moved here, I'll add my cycling so I can get back into long distance cycling form. If anyone is in the KG area and wants a partner to work out with, let me know..
  22. I used to use an ex's tent but I will have to get my own. I have been looking at REI and MEC for a solo tent (bivy sack or small tent) Since you eat raw, you just need to ensur eyou have enough simple, non-perishable stuff on the road (for the times you can't find a grocery store or a fruit/veggie stand). If you can cut through a variety of cities (check for hostels as they can be as cheap as camping but with a roof over your head )
  23. Wow. Impressive. How many miles/km per day? I use panniers and a tent. I would get own cooking gear. At min, I'd take oatmeal with me (can always get water somewhere for a quick meal). I also use a CamelBak for water.
  24. This makes tattoo #5. This will be my last with my present tattoo artist in Toronto and I'll miss her. (I highly recommend Jacquelin at Yonge Street Tattoos if anyone is looking for an inker). http://www.syrlinus.com/uploads/linus-tattoo.jpg
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