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  1. This makes tattoo #5. This will be my last with my present tattoo artist in Toronto and I'll miss her. (I highly recommend Jacquelin at Yonge Street Tattoos if anyone is looking for an inker). http://www.syrlinus.com/uploads/linus-tattoo.jpg
  2. Hero: try by starting here: http://daghettotymz.com/
  3. Yup. Everything is our fault. LOL I think the video drew a line along where things seemed to match/fit. How accurate that is I dunno. As my uncle always said, when it comes to the truth, there are multiple sides to it. And somewhere in those sides combined is the truth.
  4. I've looked and can't get that version My g/f has said we'll get the Organic version in NYC once I'm there (she's in Cali right now)
  5. Hrmm.. I was looking at Vegenaise and noticed it had canola oil. They referenced this link: http://www.spectrumorganics.com/index.php?id=15#j34 for more info on it. So which is correct?
  6. Your body may be getting used to the workout. That said, from my own long distance cycling experience, I find that one liter per hour of workout is pretty decent. This article may also help.
  7. I've done some extensive tours including: - PEI twice - Toronto -> Montreal - Toronto -> Ottawa -> Montreal (through hurricane Katrina) - around Lake Simcoe - Moncton, NB -> Halifax, NS (on one gear) and then Halifax, NS to Digby, NS (through a hurricane -- Andrew) - Cabot Trail, NS (first ever tour). I love it! But have to admit never doing it vegetarian/vegan. Previous tours resulted in losing 10lbs just from the biking, regardless of what I ate. I suspect that I'd be able to do it but will have to drink all my soy milk quickly (from my experience, Canadian stores rarely have smaller portions of soy milk -- it's all in the 2 liter sizes)
  8. I'm curious if anyone has done any solo bicycle tours (that is, no SAG vehicle). My biggest concern is, of course, food. Not wanting to lug all my food with me (while fruits and veggies could be bought along the way I'd probably bring the basics of rice, oatmeal and couscous with me). I haven't done any tours this year but will likely do either a 700-1000 mile tour next year. Previous tours I did were as an omnivore so food wasn't an issue. So I'm curious as to how others dealt with this and what challenges, if any, they met.
  9. I actually ended up writing a blog entry about it, refuting each point except a couple. Points 5 & 6. 5 talks about a lack of certain nutrients. Obviously this can happen in any diet but I think many new people (myself included) are more likely to make that mistake early on until we figure out what we need to get those nutrients. But supplements can be used to adjust for those. Point 6, "Vegan diets are usually extremely low in fats, some of which can help prevent inflammation, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases." seems like a good thing to me. I fail to see how this would cause an early death and if anything, would make the longer life easier.
  10. Thank you all. I'm still figuring things out around here..
  11. Thanks. I'm just outside of Toronto and it's an L-1 visa (transfer from foreign location of a company to the US). Means a bit of a longer stay with less renewal time. But there is a limitation to it. So I may explore other options after I'm in the US for a bit.
  12. Hey everyone, Well, I'm relatively new to veganism although have been vegetarian for a year now. I felt that it was time to move forward to go fully vegan. I've been enjoying it thus far and have it to be very straightforward and relatively easy. I am a long distance cyclist (bicycle tours) and try to maintain a weight training regime (mostly upper body) in the winter months. Once I do my final move to NYC (come Sept), I will be adding judo to the mix. Anyways, I figured it'd be helpful for me to have a place like this to ask questions if need about how to ensure I do things right. And the best for my body without sacrificing others. Let's see.. I'm an IT instructor (read: geeky type) and am in Canada, waiting for my visa to finalized. If you have questions, ask away.
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