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  1. Ah.. Q Center is a little far for me in Los Angeles Since the g/f did an order to the VeganStore (she likes certain sweets there that VeganEssentials doesn't carry or have in stock), I got a few of the individualized packets until I get some little snack bags to do my own individualized portions. I had a really good workout this morning (back, triceps, shoulders) and discovered that my right-elbow isn't fond of tricep dips. I'm not sure if it was because my hands were too close behind me or if it was because I'm so out of shape. She's going to send me a workout schedule for next week while I'm on the road and I may try a slightly wider hand grip to see if it makes a difference. I checked the hotel and it apparently has some kind of mini-gym but I won't know how useful it is or isn't until I get there. At worst, I'll use my "Use Your Own Body" workout app on my iPad for exercises in my hotel room if need be. So far, however, I'm glad I spent the money for personal training. I find I push myself more and I hold myself more accountable to doing the workouts than if I do it by myself.
  2. LOL.. I'm working on it. I've been pretty good and feeling good about it. I've been contemplating the sandwich bags. Maybe I'll get the "snack" bag size and use those for the individual servings. I have some raw bars but might pick up some of the Luna ones or try to hit Whole Foods on Saturday (I'm off flying on Sunday morning). On the plus, I checked and my hotel is near two potential vegan restaurants (not raw but vegan). I will have to see if there are any groceries near by to get some good snacks. Now what is the Q Center? The trainer I have isn't bad and I've only had a few sessions with her. I'm paying for 20 sessions to start with to see how things go. Then I'll re-evaluate if need be.
  3. Can I just say that I love, love, love the taste of the Vega Tropical Post Recovery shake?! It's like drinking one of those creamsicles. I really do hate the chalky taste I often experience with shakes. I think I'll have to get the tropical for my pre-workout shake and some of the individual packets for when I'm on the road. We're starting to amp up my workouts a bit and I'm being really cautious and conscientious about grazing throughout the day, particularly on workout days. My overall mood, alertness and energy has increased significantly by doing just even these hour long workouts (today was back, biceps, abs and cardio). I'll have to make sure I stick to it when I'm in Dallas next week. I think I'll just use my body weight for the exercises (I even have an app for that!)
  4. Today was far better. We're still just gently pushing at this point to get myself back used to fitness. I made sure that I had a decent amount of water and calorie intake this morning before heading over to my trainers. I had a Vega Chocolate Instant shake before going there and brought one with for afterwards. I also brought a couple of bananas and some plain almonds (enough for a serving or two). Tomorrow I should get my VeganEssentials order which includes pre- and post- recovery options. My next step is to organize my own cardio plan to do when I'm not doing weight training. I think I may see about going to bed earlier and getting up earlier (say 4:30am rather than my 5:30-6:30am) and go biking. I will have to tune-up my bike but it would be worthwhile, especially given my goals to do a long tour. The only thing I'll need to make sure is that I'm very visible.
  5. Welcome! I'm a former Burlington-ite/Torontoian now living in sunny L.A. I second the Almond Milk option. Now, if you want a sweet tooth alternative there are some good recipes that I've done in the past, like a vegan red velvet cake, that taste as good or better than the vegetarian version. veg.ca may be a good place to find a place to get some of those sweets you like but in a vegan version.
  6. Oi! I've had a hard last few years and I'm finally scheduling stuff for me. And when I say scheduling, I mean I'm blocking time off in my calendar for fitness. I've found a local, within walking distance trainer. Although she's somewhat skeptical of me doing a raw vegan diet (I want to see if I can keep to 50-75% raw when at home -- on the road can be a challenge). Now that it's been 8 months since my surgery, I figure I've healed enough that it's time to focus on me. I still have a goal of biking from Vancouver, B.C. to Los Angeles in 2013 and I do think it's a reasonable one. I've been stocking up on a variety of Vega products (Robert, you should be getting something from Veganessentials on my recent order) and being more critical of myself. I've determined I cannot do an omnivore diet. I neither feel good ethically nor physically. It's too much of a drain on my already stressed system. This year is going to be busy as I've been tagged to write a book (IT Technical Certification book) in addition to all the other things I do for work. Today was the first day I met the trainer and we did a session to assess my fitness (or severe lack thereof). I know I need to increase my intake for protein and calories in general. I've gotten so used to a very sedentary diet and not used to working out hard. It resulted in a not-pleasant light-headed sensation. I still had some Vega Chocolate Instant shake so I'm going to use that on Friday when I go back. Although I'm not a bodybuilder type, I am interested in getting fit, tone and just feeling better overall. I may have to read both Robert's book and Brendan's books again as inspiration. If anyone reads here, does anyone have suggestions for the on-the-road (flying to locations) eating? I will likely bring my shakes and shaker with me along with some nuts (I'll probably just be vegan while on the road as raw vegan may be challenging at times due to limited ability to travel outside of the area I end up in).
  7. Done! it may be worthwhile to post times (with timezones) as to when people want to meet up. Let me know if there are issues.
  8. Hey Robert, Could we find out from VeganEssentials if there is a code that could be directly inputted in if users don't see the ads right away?
  9. This thread is closed. While not exactly spam its questionable in its topic and "raison d'être".
  10. Sorry to hear that. It's always hard when we lose our furrkids (having had that a few times this year).
  11. Aussie, it's not there. I have to re-add it. Every time I update the forum it goes and I have to go and put it back. I'll work on that today.
  12. I did an update this morning and I still have to put the link back for chat. I'm hoping to do that later today. Sorry for the delay.
  13. Ok. I have to admit. I'm jealous. That would be cool. And Spinning classes would kick even Lance Armstrong's butt.
  14. Yes, it ain't fancy but it is back (see top right, beside View unread posts)
  15. For anyone using the tapatalk, let me know how it goes. I've installed it, published it and it should be found now on the app.
  16. I will try to look into tapatalk tomorrow or Monday.
  17. **MODERATING** Please learn to be civil to each other. If you cannot have a discussion without being civil, don't have the discussion. Use the ignore function instead.
  18. Try this instead: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3232
  19. This is actually a known issue with the forum that the developers are working on. Have the developers thought about converting the forum from phpBB 2(current) to phpBB 3? Convert to phpBB 3 - http://www.phpbb.com/support/documents.php?mode=install&version=3#convert Of course I know any upgrade comes a long with its risk of failure. I'm just curious. We are at 3. This is an issue with Version 3 that phpBB has to address.
  20. This is actually a known issue with the forum that the developers are working on.
  21. Heh.. it's more Queens than Long Island. And I don't know yet if I will. Work will have me pretty busy around that time.
  22. LOL.. I'm not. I'm in Kew Gardens although I'll be in the Los Angeles area by end of the month.
  23. I'll try and get a redirect going. When I tested it previously it didn't work (the redirect worked but the http wasn't pointing to the page I had setup).
  24. Yup. I've told Richard and he will do it once he's up (I think it's 3-4 am in England right now).
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