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  1. Update completed successfully. If you find any issues after the upgrade, please let me know here or via PM. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  2. I'm going to be doing a software update of the forum tomorrow morning so if the site is unavailable, no worries. Just try coming back a few minutes later. I don't expect it to take too long. Hopefully it will help address some of the spammers we've received of late.
  3. This is actually a legit request from what I can tell. I will PM Robert as I believe that is who he's making his request to.
  4. Some links to help: http://www.leavemyfoodalone.org/ -- organization/petition to get the bill stopped http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h111-875 -- actual proposed bill http://www.opednews.com/articles/Monsanto-s-dream-bill-HR-by-Linn-Cohen-Cole-090309-337.html -- news OpEd article http://www.slowfoodusa.org/index.php/slow_food/blog_post/hr_875/ -- blog opEd
  5. My bloodwork that I get (I get it done regularly -- every 3 months or so) costs about $150 and my insurance covers it. Check with your insurer to see but I believe that most will cover it if prescribed by a physician or endocrinologist. They can probably help interpret the reading of the results as well.
  6. Damn. See what happens when I fly. If anyone notices anything odd (e.g., posts not happening, post count out of whack, etc.) let me know.
  7. PC or Apple? OS version? Did you reboot since you last attempted? When you removed it did you right click and select eject or did you just remove it? Have you tried a hardware search?
  8. Just testing out a theory. For those of you using Firefox, have you found that you have to log into the site regularly and that the cookie isn't being kept? I've been running into this issue and have found a potential solution. If you go to your profile (c:\documents and settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\Profile and rename/delete a file called cookies.sqlite. You will have to relog into various forums and such but this should reset all cookie info, which perhaps is what really is slowing the connection down.
  9. Hrmm. It may be worthwhile to create a thread where people can post the browser they use, the time (including timezone identifier) and when the site is slow or fast (identify how long in min or seconds it takes to do something like a post). Perhaps it's a question of load? As an example: I use Windows XP with Firefox 3.0.4 (and a few plugins); 7:29am EST; took a minute to post this post.
  10. As reminder, please use the Report Post feature. Thanks.
  11. Please don't reply to it. There is a report button (the exclamation point on the bottom right) that you can use to highlight spam posts to the admins. Every morning, afternoon and evening I go looking for these to deal with spammers. It's hard to find posts that you respond to because I won't be able to go through every thread. So to help me, please use this feature. Makes it easier for me to keep the forums clean. Thanks. -- Forum Janitor and Spaminator
  12. They will only have it for 2 years until midterm elections. I hope they use the power to get something big, visible and impressive done to have something to show for it. Democrats don't cooperate with each other fully the way Republicans do. Really? How interesting. I've always remembered my political days where it was critical to "toe the line", although that might be more uniquely Canadian than American.
  13. I agree about the causality issue. I wonder how many of those that watched "non-sexual content" watched it with parents in the room? I remember a time when people said the internet caused violence and such. I think it's more the impact of involvement or non-involvement by parents and other individuals (aka our support structure) that has the biggest impact.
  14. Well, CONGRATS to all voters for getting out. It'll be interesting to see how this country fares with one-party rule (the Dems also won majorities in the Senate and the House). At the least, this did something very profound: instilled hope again into the US.
  15. Have you read Audacity of Hope? He's actually the first president that I believe who truly feels like he wants to help the average citizen. It isn't a political ploy or a chance to grab the limelight or anything like that. Just an "honourable politician".
  16. If I may add a few thoughts: 1. If you do not like a specific person who posts, rather than lash out go to their profile and choose "Add Foe". This puts them on ignore and you never have to see a post of theirs again. 2. Regardless of how someone else acts or posts, I do think it's important to respect all points of view. We cannot know what path they have walked to get where they are or know what path they'll continue to walk. From my own point of view, I've found that being open, respectful and educational in nature has helped others understand better where I come from -- even if they don't agree. Name calling, being demeaning, arrogant, etc. has never, IMO, worked. Robert created this site to allow vegan bodybuilders and other vegan fitness enthusiasts find a place where they could discuss, post and come together without being mocked for who they are. Our experiences are all different and our reasons for being vegan are also different but we have one common thing -- we are human. I think we need to respect the reason for the site's creation and respect each other, even if we don't agree. Namaste.
  17. Interesting video. I wonder what it would have been like if you change gay to interracial. Judges are called in not frivolously to address constitutional issues but when it potentially violates a right, which I'd consider pretty major. Reality is that society may think it's ok with something -- for the longest time it was ok to be a slave owner, beat slaves and deny African Americans rights such as marriage, etc. and it was ok with society at large -- but that doesn't mean it's right. As for the lawsuits, I find the US is overabundant in the use of lawsuits. I don't fault someone who won't participate in something because of religious choice. I'd respect that and find someone who is comfortable with it. It doesn't make sense to me to force someone who doesn't like it to participate. The event of marriage is meant to celebrate the lives of two people moving forward as one and going to a church that doesn't support gay marriage doesn't make any sense to me.
  18. Welp. A well overdue update. I've started T hormones (for my transition) and have started looking into surgery options (top surgery aka chest surgery). I need to shed the weight I've gained from being on the road so much and in front of the computer so much. I'm thinking that adhering to more raw in my diet will help with that. I discovered I walk about 3 miles each I day teach (from pacing and walking in the classroom). I've also done something rather simple: every bathroom visit gets at least 20 pushups. I figured out I go about 5-8 times a day. I've also added a small kit to my luggage to take with me to do in-room exercises for when I watch tv or am waiting for something. I think getting to the basics will help a lot. The T is showing rapid results -- far faster than anticipated -- as far as the external is concerned. I haven't see too much internal change (some transguys report "emotional blocking" occurring and high sex drive -- although that has occurred). It's all good IMO. We'll see how it goes. I ain't no bodybuilder but I am intent on being fit and healthy as well as mindful of others.
  19. Soy and wheat gluten are the common things and I suspect it's because they want to appeal to those that aren't just vegetarian/vegan. They'll present something that looks like "meat". Makes it easier for them to "accept", I suspect. I dunno. I actually prefer a nice fresh salad, good vegan chili and/or vegetable soup. Sometimes simple is better. I know a few places (one in Toronto specifically comes to mind -- http://www.camroseatery.com/ -- which is awesome and has very little soy in it, IIRC).
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