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  1. That I didn't know about. I won't be getting those any more.
  2. Nalgene are my favourite but I tend to put water in those most often -- I rarely drink anything other than water. And I dunno. The pink is different.
  3. Freedom only counts if you fit into the description of those who have the privilege of creating that description.
  4. As one of "those people" (I fit into queer and transgender/transsexual definitions), it would be helpful if the entire cisgendered world wouldn't force it's sexual proclivities on me. It impinges on my freedom to be a person. Which is all that I want to be. A "civil union" is nothing more than a marriage with the same protections but a different name. Society calls it "civil union" because it cannot comprehend anything else. Is it not a rose that we call another name? A cisgendered person (that is, their gender is the same as their birth gender) and the heterosexual community have privileges and freedoms like no others, even more so when they are white. Vegan Joe: I commend you on your convictions but do find that they are contradictory and come distinctly from a place of privilege. You seem afraid that your life is going to be impacted in some form or another because of someone else's choice but don't recognize how YOUR choice and YOUR privilege impacts others. I get to face, daily, fear and hatred at my mere existence. I run the risk of getting killed -- or WORSE. Because of my choices. So yes, pull your kids and protect yourself but please, don't violate my right to exist just because you don't agree. I know you won't change your convictions and I appreciate that. I'm not expecting you to. But I would hope that you'd extend the courtesy of being respectful to others in general and their right to exist, to love and to find happiness -- that which you enjoy without a care in the world.
  5. This is one of my concerns. On another forum I frequent they posted to have people sign the SPCA's petition in support of Prop 2. The problem I have with it is that it makes animals more comfortable for slaughter. It still doesn't stop people from eating animals unnecessarily. As one person had put it on this forum: "..it would be less disturbing to me knowing the animals were not suffering to be my dinner". Uh.. WHAT?! I dunno. It just seems to be a way to justify and ease the conscious of some as a privilege over those that cannot speak. Sigh.
  6. Tim Rice's stuff is more recent (last few years). As someone who is white and now male-privileged, I'm starting to see some differences (very evident when I travel -- which is a lot). You may experience this privilege and not recognize it. I've found that it's not always obvious but that benefits are earned just because a person appears to be white or is white. While the intention of that person isn't to take privilege, it is bestowed upon them (e.g., how often are you stopped by the police? a black FTM friend of mine noticed that when he finally transitioned he was stopped almost double than when he was female-bodied).
  7. Hrmm.. I'll add something to your thought process: white privilege. Might want to check out this article (http://seamonkey.ed.asu.edu/~mcisaac/emc598ge/Unpacking.html) and unpack your knapsack. (or read Tim Wise's White Like Me). Just because you weren't a "slave owner" doesn't mean that you aren't encouraging or part of a system that continues it in one form or another.
  8. We've justed added the following forum categories: General Fitness (http://veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=58) with Endurance, Martial Arts and General Fitness as the forums and Regional Events and Discussions (http://veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=62) with various popular/active cities and countries. We expect that both of these will grow over time.
  9. I agree with this. I actually developed asthma late in life, largely due to pollution (go figure that I move to one of the most polluted cities in NA). But, that said, I was able to get it fully under control -- largely due to the long distance cycling I did and training for that.
  10. For future reference report the post. You can report any post and I'll find it faster so I can address it. Just hit the "exclamation" mark on the post to report it.
  11. No. Because that person identifies as a man now, the correct term would be to use "him" since he is a guy now. Well I think it should read 'changed her' as she was a she before these drugs started altering her body. She'll always be a she - a birth certificate don't lie. No offence meant - just my take on things. Actually, one can change the gender marker on a birth certificate (in most states and countries). Since he identifies as a man calling him "she" would be disrespectful. While you are welcomed to your opinion, doesn't make it right. And I hope you wouldn't do that with me either.
  12. Hilary, if you want, I've just added youtube tags. If you upload the video to YouTube and then embed the URL to that link in between the YouTube tags, people can see the video here on the forums.
  13. Why? I would have thought the reverse. Not to be crude, where does the FTM get the new parts? Are there issues with cancer since sex hormones are being taken? Heh.. it's easier to grow hair, go bald, have one's voice drop and remove breasts than the other way. Bottom surgery for an FTM (the creation of a penis) still remains cost-prohibitive (somewhere between $50-100K+ and may or may not work/look like a penis) so many FTMs use a prosthetic of some variation. It's also easier to appear as a short boy or stocky guy. For an MtF it's harder to remove facial hair (usually requires quite a few electrolysis trips), raise the voice (vocal cord scraping), breast augmentation, etc. Surgeries will total somewhere (I've been told) about $30-40K grand total. Additionally, there have been far more surgeries done for MtFs over the years compared to FTMs (FTM surgery has only been very prominent in the last 10 years or so although there have been some done before this -- it seems in the last 5 years FTM transitioning has picked up as the technology and awareness has gotten better). The actual creation (technical creation) varies from surgeon to surgeon but from what I've understood they'll take a skin graft (from the arm, leg or abdomen) and form the actual penis from that. A tube may be inserted into it to help with urination as well as addition options to give it the effect of "erection". As for cancer and other health risks, there are always risks. Any doctor will do proper blood work before and during hormone treatment. Using myself as an example, I have to watch out not only for my female born risks (until I have a hysto -- a common procedure for an FTM -- I still run the risk of ovarian cancer) but I also have to watch out for baldness (oh yay. ), high cholesterol and other male issues (prostate cancer isn't a risk AFAIK ) Hopefully that answers your question. As an FYI: I'm pretty open about my own transition but others may not be so others who transition might find your question a little putting off.
  14. Sadly, those days are gone and will probably never be back again. Were those days ever here to begin with? As long as people have been competing, I reckon people have been cheating by various means. Should the title read 'changed her from woman to man?' No. Because that person identifies as a man now, the correct term would be to use "him" since he is a guy now.
  15. It's the last line that the headline of the story suggests. And I do believe it's misleading (and the biggest reason it irked me, although the use of steroids in general should be seen as appalling rather than the norm). It's not always easy to take the path of transition and is very dangerous in many ways. In the transgender group I'm in, I'm the oldest person transitioning. The average age is around 18-19 I think. And I know there is some research being done on those that transition before puberty hit (yes, there have been cases recently of this -- medically,things are far better than they were say 5 years ago). For an FTM it's easier to do the transition (whether before or after, although some surgery options are way beyond normal price options) than an MTF.
  16. Well, there is likely a combination of different brain chemicals that make a person like this. Some may be tied to environmental factors. They have said that often the patterns of a transgendered person appears to be that of the sex of choice rather than of birth ( MtF have Female Neuron Numbers paper -- http://jcem.endojournals.org/cgi/content/full/85/5/2034). That said, gender identity is also influence by society and how society views that person (contrary to belief, society does judge a book by it's cover).
  17. Yup. Sexual orientation would refer to who (gender-wise) you are attracted to. Sexual identity refers to the self's view of one's own gender/sex. Very distinct. Now, I have heard people say that "T has made me gay" (one FTM friend even suggested that it made him vegetarian but somehow I doubt that one ). I think it may heighten our awareness or sensitivity to certain pheromones. Additionally, I think the modern transitioning process also opens ups even more gender possibilities and the reality that the simple binary doesn't have to apply. Sometimes it's the fact that there is so much variety that it opens things up. Lastly, in the case of Andreas, I wonder if his wife is/was lesbian/queer. Someone from a queer background may be far more accepting at having a trans-guy for a husband than someone who is straight. Many of the FTMs I know of seem to date other FTMs (shared experience). As for the hormones in question, I did a search. These ones are the ones banned from the US and from further reading it appears that the dosages were very high. I think the side effects, many of which are irreversible (e.g., facial hair, deeping of voice, etc.), may have convinced Andreas that he is a guy and he may have found that he wasn't accepted as a woman because of mainstream's ideals as to what a woman is and isn't.
  18. Ya. Not sure about that one. The steriods that are used by those athletes would be different from those used for hormonal changes (like gender transitioning). It may have given some of the side-effects but made her a man? Unlikely. And ya. They shouldn't be using it in the first place. I don't understand what's happened to the concept of "all things being equal, let's see who's the best".
  19. Can I ask a question (cuz it occurred to me and I don't think anyone has asked this): if it's "faux" and they "deep fry it" (which I suspect they do) will they use separate oil? Because last time I checked, KFC in Canada uses the same oil for fries and chicken, which means, it ain't gonna be that vegan or even vegetarian, with or without the mayo (you probably could ask for the mayo to not be included).
  20. Yes. It is the email associated with the account and yes they can change it. I would suggest, if you are using Yahoo to try Gmail instead. I've had some experience recently with Yahoo "deciding" on it's own that if they receive too many emails from a single site that it's "spam" and automatically blocks them.
  21. If you didn't get it PM me so I can see if we can resolve any email issues.
  22. Well, it's more than feelings, it's that my inner core of who I am and how I think is male. How I view myself is also male and what I need to do is correct what has happened at birth, which is basically a misgender assignment. Many people say that gender is a social construct and it's very possible it may be. But I also have my own view of what my gender identity is and what *I* want it to be, which is probably the most important thing. Society may still say that I'm female-bodied but to my mine as to who I am, I am male (or rather, as I prefer, a transguy). For me male and female are more than just the outward look but also how one thinks, processes, etc. There are behaviours that I would say are more male-like (I tend to be very literal, logical and want solutions rather than stories -- a very male/masculine attributed behaviour) and some which are more female-like (my g/f tends to be very much about wanting listening, support, etc.). Hopefully that answers your questions. There could be but not right now. We lead a poly lifestyle but have put that on hold for now because we both have far too much going on.
  23. Heh.. well, let's see here: - our building has lost elevator service and we're on the top (7th) floor. This has been a great add-on for regular walks. I feel bad for those around us who are elderly (many have difficulty to walk as it is), have disabilities or have lots of young kids but for K and I we look at it as another form of exercise. - I've been using the Kettlebells for basic arm and shoulder exercises (for the most part) and one or two back exercises. - I've pulled something in my right shoulder but haven't been able to get it sorted out. - I officially started my transition on Thursday with my first testosterone shot. It's only a half-dosage and I'm not really feeling any difference yet (I was told that sex drive is usually the first to appear) but we'll see. It's all rather exciting either way.
  24. But it's used. Any warranties or guarantees? How much mileage on it?
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