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  1. To the question of whether it's legal or not check here: http://www.helmets.org/mandator.htm The point of the helmet isn't for every situation but more for that one time your head hits the pavement or ground. And many helmets are quite fashionable these days that might put your hat to shame. I agree with everyone else here: wear one. We'd like to see you regularly here.
  2. I'm thrilled when I have to cycle to and from the gym. It means I limit my time there to just the core of strength training and don't have to focus on cardio per say. Some of the things I've done to improve on time is this: 1. have snacks that are easier to prepare (slices of apple, bananas, plastic container with nuts in it). 2. Don't dress down -- I don't know how cold it is in Eugene but NYC has consistently been hovering around 45-55 so I can easily do cycling shorts and a sweater without problem. I wear my cycling shorts and t-shirt when working out. I don't usually use the sauna but if you do use it then use it on days where you have the extra time and perhaps use a hot shower at home to help with sore muscles. Also, depending on budget a regular visit (once a week or every other week) to a massage therapist may also help. Also, I've done the 20 miles before workout and then 20 miles after workout regularly 2-3 times a week without problem. I usually do a HIIT kind of strength training (low weight, high rep) at those times but not so much any more. Anyways, hope that helps some or gives you some idears.
  3. Wasn't Converse bought out by Nike??? I prefer the NoSweat Low-top and High-Top but they only have theirs in black (and they are vegan). You could get white fabric markers to use on them. What exactly do you mean by "cheap"? What's the price range?
  4. Welcome to the forums. What part of Ontario are you from?
  5. Thanks for the link. I'm just getting back from being on planes for 15+ hours. I took a look at his gallery and it's great! It's not just the inks that are in question but also the vaseline that is often used to make movement of the needles easier. I'm thinking of getting a bike grease mark -- either tire, chain or cog -- tattoo'd on my leg (it's a play on the fact that I get so many grease marks when I do my tours )
  6. Damn! I wish I was going to Portland. I so need to find a vegan tattoo place here in NYC. *sob* all the good stuff seems to be out here in the west.
  7. Welcome to the forums. What kind of martial arts do you like or do?
  8. Welcome to the site from another NYCer. Where in NYC are you located?
  9. Welcome to the forums! Are you a Herge fan?
  10. I'm in Irvine this week for a teach and have been seeing these ads on "White Gold" (aka Milk). What's interesting is that they do this visual where this average guy becomes a superbuff "rock god" when he drinks cow's milk. You can see the ads here: http://www.whitegoldiswhitegold.com/ Talk about false advertising.
  11. Well, we're in the process of testing the upgrade stuff. With luck we should be able to move forward this weekend and it should help us eliminate things faster and easier. It will also be a bit of a change in the way the forum looks (but all good IMO).
  12. A belated welcome to the site and I know you're finding that people here are great. It's truly an understatement.
  13. Welcome to VBBF! I'm sure you'll find lots of great people around here to help with any questions.
  14. I got a few books on the go: Joomla! A User's Guide (geeky book) A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide (I actually had started this one a while ago but never got the chance to finish it.)
  15. Thanks for letting us know. I took care of them.
  16. Unless you grow your own vegetables, etc., you'll never know what things are done in regards to get vegetables, fruits et al to the market. Yes, I suspect some farmers kill various rodents and such to keep them from eating their produce and yes, many non-organic items will have chemicals used on them to keep them fresh and survivable for the trip. The reality is that everything we do will, at some point, do some harm to something else (from the lowliest of insects to larger animals). To me, by being selective of who I buy from, I'm hoping that I'm minimizing this impact as much as possible.
  17. What is a fasting cure specifically? Will your fast just be water or will it include juices? I did a fast last week and during it did very mild cardio and very mild free weights (nothing too strenuous). Fasting gets a varied response from people. Personally, I did a two day fast of water and veggies. If it hadn't been for the flu/bronchitis that hit a couple of days afterwards, I actually felt great and energized afterwards. I know when I'm doing my tours, I tend to unintentionally fast -- I just want to ride and drink liquids so I can keep riding. It's not until I've stopped for an hour or two that the tummy realizes it hasn't had food in a while. Personally, I'd say do some training but not all out, puke until you drop kind of training as you'll be weak from not having solids in your system.
  18. According to here http://www.petitiononline.com/ea6gk/petition.html. There is a art extravaganza in Costa Rica that allowed an artist to literally starve a dog for his showing last year. There is a petition to stop them from allowing him to do it again this year here. Boycott to the presence of Guillermo Vargas "Habacuc" at the Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008 To: Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008 14 September 2007-From the Nation Journal of Costa Rica we read: http://www.nacion.com/ln_ee/2007/sep...ea1239344.html Amid controversy, the Costa Rica´s Visual Arts Biennial (Bienarte) 2007 opened last night strict and small selection of works; Six artists and rewarded with the pass to represent the country at the "Biennale Centroamericana Honduras 2008". Artists winners in this sixth edition of the prestigious contemporary art quotes were Errol Barrantes, Habakkuk Guillermo Vargas, Oscar Figueroa, Mimiam Hsu, Stephen Stone and "The gang of Emerging-Submerged" (Sila Chanto and Jhafis Quintero). The jury was composed of Ana Sokoloff (Colombia), Oliver Debroise (Mexico) and Rodolfo Kronfle Chambers (Ecuador), and chose based on works of high quality and excellent consistency between idea and implementation, as detailed. The Bienarte is organized by "The Entrepreneurs for the Arts". ****************** One of the "artists", Guillermo Vargas Habakkuk (http://www.marcaacme.com/blogs/analo...zas_de_habacuc) led to the death of a dog by starvation during the event. It is unacceptable that in this way will trample the rights of animals and that the "artist" would have collected from the streets to let die with a rope tied to the wall of the gallery when he had the opportunity to not do it or even save it. -------------------- From Blog Rodrigo Peñalba Http://www.marcaacme.com/blogs/analo...zas_de_habacuc "According knew the dog died the next day for lack of food. During the inauguration knew that the dog was chased in the afternoon between the houses of aluminum and cardboard for a district of Managua with the name of a saint who could not say that Habakkuk at the time. There were five children of those who helped in the capture, who received bonuses of 10 córdobas comfortable for your cooperation. During the exhibition some people called for the release of the puppy, so that the "artist" was refused. The name of the dog was Natividad, and he was left to die of starvation in the face of all, as if the death of a poor dog was a shameless media show in which nobody does nothing but applaud or look puzzled." -------------------- Nothing we can do for this dog but if you try to make the organizers of "The Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008" not admitted to this "artist" Animal Abuser. I ask you about this application and disseminate as much as you possible this shameful act to collect the maximum number of signatures and veto in the biennial. Sincerely, The Undersigned.
  19. Seriously. Don't click on the porn. This particular stream of porn has a hidden malware that will take over your computer and be used to attack elsewhere (big reason NOT to us IE).
  20. Welcome to VBBF! Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  21. Pastor Riddle, I admit to being very naive to the Bible (New or Old Testament, although I read a bit of the Old a while ago) I thought that a fair amount of it treated animals as chattel and to be used as food (e.g., Jesus getting fish for the masses?). Are there sections that contradict this teaching or was it more of a visual/concept than a real usage of fish? I'm asking purely for curiosity sake and to understand more.
  22. Welcome, Pepper! Enjoy the forums.
  23. Hrmm... I'll have a go. I think sometimes we mistake looking for a debate or intelligent discussion with an argument. I love a good debate or intelligent discussion that makes me go "Hrmmm" more times than I have toes and fingers combined. So to me, I tend to think that others want this as well. That said however I do think that many will read posts and interpret the "tone" of the post based on their own daily experiences (e.g., they had a crappy day so the tone will be crappy, etc.) rather than what the writer had intended. The internet can be horrible for getting a point and it's hard to truly get the true tone of the writer across (although smileys can help, they are often ignored). I'm a prime example of that -- often I'm very direct and to the point because my desire is always to help. To that end I often get rid of fluff as much as possible to get to the solution. I don't doubt that there are some who's lives are fulfilled by the scent of argument but I think the majority like a good debate and discussion that has a little heat to it.
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