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  1. try stronglift's 5x5 for beginners. you're not a beginner clearly by looking at your muscle mass but it's basically a fool proof, yet easy to fit into a schedule, routine that has you lifting 3x a week. you will squat three times a week which should really kick your metabolism into high gear and help build a ton of muscle in obviously your legs, glutes, abs, shoulders, and lower back. workout A: squat 5 sets of 5 bench press 5 sets of 5 bent over pendlay rows 5 of 5 workbout B: squat 5x5 overhead press 5x5 (not seated, not military) deadlift 1x5 at the very least give his website a read, it's maybe idk an hour or two total of reading, and you can download his free ebook stuff, and it's a good way to learn some stuff that applies beyond his training program. i'm going to be starting this program may 1st with a vegan diet. i'm going to be squatting 3x a week and i can already squat well over 400 pounds... why not get more? cheers and PM me if you want
  2. hmm.. all this talk is making me think i need to invest in them... second time i've heard about trueprotein since joining this forum... must be legit?
  3. i think i've got most of my chocies down... i spent hours going through online resources of foods and then sorting them by how much protein they have per calorie and stuff... so i've got down the most pure protein sources too, it's just unfortunate that most of them are like spinach and watercress that iwould have to eat like pounds and pounds just to get an actual decent amount of protein lol Top 5 Grains: (Calories / Protein / Calories per gram of Protein) (obviously ideal would be 4 calories per gram of protein because that is 100% pure) Vital wheat gluten 370 75 4.9 Oat bran 40 3 13.3 Wheat bran 216 16 13.5 Rye 335 15 22.3 Kamut 146 6 24.3 Top 5 Veggies: Watercress 11 2 5.5 Alfalfa Seeds 23 4 5.75 Spinach 29 4 7.25 Mustard Greens 15 2 7.5 Broccoli Raab 33 4 8.25 Top 5 Fruits: Lemon~ 29 1 29 Lime~ 30 1 30 Watermelon 30 1 30 Strawberry 32 1 32 Cantaloupe 34 1 34 Those were all in 100g servings and obviously your products may vary a bit but if anyone is interested I can send you the spreadsheet cheers
  4. i'm going to go out on a limb and say that i'd probably be fine if i couldn't hit that 180 number right? get a variety of foods so i have a complete amino acid profile and meet my calories and everything will more or less fall in place? it's not like my body has a magic number where once i hit 180 it's like okay now i'll start working... ^^idk just me thinking lol. I plan on replacing the tofu with some fruit throughout the day (2 more servings is somewhere around 400 calories give or take depending on sugar content and how much i eat), and probably up the brussels sprouts or something equivalent, up the cous cous a bit, and add a serving of lentils or something. i figure about 300-400 from fruit can double the brussels sprouts or some veggie equivalent ~100 calories do 1.5x the couscous 100 calories serving of lentils ~300 might add in a bit more good fat like half an avocado or something to get my fats up there a bit more.... like i said, thanks so much.... you made it seem so easy lol.. idk why i was at a stand still, idk why i didn't just TRY to start piecing stuff together lol. thanks alot
  5. have you had a lot of experience with this website? it seems nearly too good to be true.
  6. just saw the tofu there, that's like 20% of my daily fat... i can easily switch that out for other stuff throughout the day to solve the high fat issue. i'll be including more lentils and beans, maybe some TVP, some wheat gluten, soy nuts maybe... we'll see but that looks SO DOABLE!! not much fruit, but again i can solve that. thanks a ton
  7. wow i've never heard of that website... i am going to check it out and yeah my email is [email protected] easier if you just copy and paste it lol you're a life saver!!! lol
  8. Hey guys, going vegan May 1st and I want to plan my diet out right so that I don't end up with deficiencies. I'm around an estimated 2900 calories for weight loss, and I could use the help of an experienced diet planner to help me pick out what I can start with to make sure I end up with enough protein (important for me as I'm looking to protect my LBM.. need about ~180g protein) I have put a lot of work into making excel spread sheets with the most common grains, veggies, and fruits and sorted them by their protein purity (calories per gram of protein) and content (g of protein) so it's not like I haven't put in any effort.. I know the good foods I should eat, but don't know if it will be all too feasible to get 180g of protein w/out a vegan protein supplement. I would rather stay away from a lot of soy products (1-3 times per week max) I can't tell you what out of the more specific grains that I will have access to because I have yet to visit the Whole Foods and look in the bulk section (Currently out of the country, will be my first time going to whole foods when I get back)... but I'd like to include a lot of different ones... Is hitting my ~180g of protein going to be difficult without supplementation? Like I said, I know the foods I should be eating (i'm not brand new to eating healthy), but I'm just coming up with a blank because I have never dealt with a meatless diet, let alone a vegan diet! Any help would be VERY MUCH SO appreciated, but even more specific help like 1 on 1 contact via PM or email to plain meals and stuff would be just so much better. I don't really have anything tangible to offer besides my gratitude, but I promise that's worth a lot
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