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  1. I do 10kg weighted dorsal raises... maybe that is the same thing? I'll try the cobra stuff too just to see - I've done them before but forgot about them. I think there a lot of people who built their bodies in the gym and then maintain in the park, but I've yet to hear of anyone who has successfully got big just from body weight, not taking steroids or doing secret bench press.....
  2. I didn't do that every day thing with a split that I was talking about in the end because it didn't really work. I just naturally fell into a rhythm of going every other day (or close to) and doing a full body workout.... seeded to work because I recover so insanely quickly. I usually do in this order (with current reps and weights ): bench 20kg x10 (warm up - just bar) bench 40kg x8 bench 35kg x10 bench 35kg x8 Pull ups slow wide grip overhand with 10kg assistance x8 Pull ups slow wide grip overhand with 15kg assistance x10 Pull ups slow wide grip overhand with 15kg assistance x10 Squats 35kg slow deep controlled squats (I can do 80kg like everyone else in the gym with bad form) x10 x2 sets but I skip squats if I'm training the next day running or cycling, which has meant I've skipped them a lot Reverse fly machine can't remember weight (it's the 3rd plate down, 19 or something) x10 x2 sets Butterfly machine 45kg x10 x2 sets Seated row machine - (can't remember weight, it's about 1/3rd of the stack) x10 x2 Dorsal raise station hugging 10kg plate x10 x3 (I seem to be much stronger at this than even much more advanced guys....?) Ab crunches (not full sit ups) with 10kg plate behind head x25 Ab crunches (not full sit ups) with 10kg plate behind head x20 More recently, planks around 45 seconds left middle right x2 sets each That's about it. I suppose I should do deadlifts, which I sometimes do but I really hate them and always scrape my shins, once ending my workout because I was bleeding everywhere. EDIT: I also don't do OH press because my lower back feels very uncomfortable in that position with my large lumbar curve and I feel twinges and don't want to mess my back up, so sort of scared of that one!!!
  3. Actually, holy crap, it is working lol! Just compared a new pic of my quad to that pic on the first post and it does look noticeably bigger I reckon.... what do you all reckon?
  4. I've been pretty consistent... I didn't manage my every day with splits, so I've been doing every other day full body. An update photo.... no amazing differences, but I reckon I've improved a tiny bit.... When I'm going to the gym I generally do 3 sets of between 8-12 depending on difficulty. But I feel like after the 3rd set, I could do at least 3 more sets at a lower weight to really work out.... So my question would be, does it make sense to carry on to 5 or 6 sets at a lower weight?? PS still 100% vegan. Been eating almost completely raw, mostly dates and bananas. Been going through a 5kg box of deglet noor dates every 4-5 days and blending up large amounts of spinach, a few dandy lion greens and eating a lot fo lettuce. I've been experimenting with trying to eat more fat (as recommended by a few of my friends) but it just doesn't work. After even one avocado I feel lethargic and bloated, and the next few days I get a breakout of spots. It sounds insane just from one avocado but I shit you not!!! So my ratios have been pretty consistently around 90/5/5
  5. Thank you everyone for you great responses, I'm going to try the lemon in between my shoulder blades things as I completely wasn't doing that at all. I was hitting the gym every day trying to do 4 split groups.... legs, back, abs, chest but it wasn't working as I felt I was overtraining even with the splits (IE only targeting a certain muscle group once every 4 days) probably because the vast majority of what I'm doing is free/body weights and compound stuff. So I'm going every other day now and it's much better and not worrying too much about specifics plans but just working out what doesn't feel sore from the previous workout. Strong emphasis on: squats bench pull ups reverse fly crunches with plate behind head lower back bench raises hugging plate But also doing: deadlifts bench fly ball tuck ab crunch thing half sphere balancing squat with weight thing Cardio: Running: 2 mile per day maximum intensity Cycling: 50-100+ mile ride once a week in addition to around 5miles travel daily (I have no car)
  6. Hey folks, I'm worried that I'm not doing something right in terms of targeting my upper back muscles, which is important to me in attempting to correct bad posture. Lower back is easy through the dorsal raise static machine/bench thing but I can't seem to target the upper back. I've tried pull ups and it feels like 100% arm workout, both under and over hand grip, wide and narrow. With the vast majority of strain on my anterior deltoids to the point where it feels like I'm nearly pulling those muscles. Seated rows just work my arms, pull downs just work my arms and free standing press just hurts my lumbar even just with a 20k bar no plates, so I don't do it, but when I do it's just an arm workout. Any advice on what I'm doing wrong, if this is a common problem, or how to better target my upper back?
  7. Yeah thanks for the advice. Yeah I'm not expecting any miracle muscle growth spirits. When I was at Uni about 6 years ago I wanted to "get big quick" so did push ups and chin ups and ate massive amounts of lambs hearts, liver, kidneys and chicken wings because they were super cheap from my butchers. Also ate multiple cans of tuna per day, guzzled milk and forced down isolate soy protein so get my protein to build muscle fast. All that happened was I got too lethargic to work out, constipation, acne, greasy skin, stomach pain, head aches and put on no noticeable mass after a year, in fact I looked like I got scrawnier. This time round I'm gonna eat the righ stuff, do the work and not look in the mirror ever day because real muscle takes real time. Just gonna make it part of my life and forget about vanity.
  8. Been checking out his videos... there's a lot under the channel name timdonahey - excellent advice..! Yeah thanks veggiesasquatch! Excellent! I'm 811 ratio's wise but I also eat cooked rice to sup calories due to low income so I don't get doug's stamp of approval, however I'm "high raw". Averaged calorie expenditure Calculated BMR: 1688 2 mile / 13:45 run: 210 7 miles on bike: 320 20 mins drums: 100 general/walking: 300 total: 2618 Average diet breakfast: 10 banana smoothie, spinach, ground flax seeds and raisins: 1635 lunch: 500g dates deglet noorf and an entire lettuce: 1459 dinner: 333g dry weight brown rice + head of steamed broccoli discarding the stem: 1337 Total: 4431 Excess calories: 1813 -- Edit: More info: carbs: 90% protein: 5.5% fat: 4.5% 78g of protein every nutrient RDA is 100% up to 2500% except B12 which I take hydroxocabalomin IM injections for drink around 4L of water
  9. Massive thanks for all your help! I'll post back every month or something to share my progress!
  10. Just scanned though your posts.... massive progress! Very inspiring man! Thanks for the heads up on not over-training. This applies to most sports particularly running as well. However I cannot successfully hold anything down unless I do it every day. So for example with running I run every single day, with intensity, but only 2 miles. Giving me a nice and low weekly total of 14 miles of timed running (approx 20 miles / week including warm up jog to the park). My new gym is open 7 days a week so I am hoping to go there every day (it's only a 1:30 minute run from door to door) but only for like 15 minutes per day. Literally just do one machine and go home. Because if I don't do something every day, I quit within a week as I have quite mild but real psychological disorders which destroy my organisational ability and make me fear or fail at everything I don't do on a daily basis. So I'm thinking of a retardedly basic plan something like: every day: 2 mile run followed by- mon: bench tue: squats wed: deadlifts thu: sit ups fri: pull ups sat: squats sun: situps Is this completely stupid or could that work?
  11. Goal is to gain core and upper back strength to sort out my spine / posture and generally to not look like an anorexic. I'll go every day even if it's just a quick visit because otherwise I can't make it a routine.
  12. It a fully featured gym, smith machine, free weights, squat rack, many benches, all the isolation machines, loads of those girly cardio things, stretch Armstrong pully things, chin up bars etc etc. going the now for some squats pull ups and bench to get started. Maybe some deadlifts too.
  13. Just went down my local gym on your advice and discovered that they have a secret deal which works out to €300 a year approx $400 US... Still a lot for me but I can afford to pay that in one go right now and not worry about bouncing every month. Looks like it would still be cheaper at home even in the first year but whatever... I sold my old bike yesterday and incidentally have 300 in my wallet. It's close to my house and the park so I'm gonna go there directly after my daily run.
  14. Thanks for the advice.... So barbell beats dumbbell simply because you lift more. Got it! Will see if I can get that book
  15. Hey man, I'm a complete newbie so any advice really welcome! Thanks already! That's why I'm here... because I don't really know! But I'm eager to dive in but all gyms here are a 12 month minimum contract. Membership is €475 per year at the cheap place down the road, more expensive place €950 per year so I'd rather get some gear together in my room, might as well..... I've got no problem with being a bit more ghetto in my approach. My area has no decent playgrounds so thought the best option was to do DIY some stuff. I thought dumbbell press was a better strength building exercise than barbell because of the compound action. A lot to learn! Eager to get started!
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