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  1. I guess I better update this my new training looks like Mon: Legs + Butt.. Cardio Row Tue: Back + Biceps.. Cardio Walking Incline Wed: Shoulders + Triceps.. Cardio Walking Incline Thu: Chest + Butt.. Cardio Row Fri: Back + Arms + Shoulders.. Cardio Walking Incline Sat: Cardio Random Sun: Rest I had a fairly long break in between last time I was training and after getting a wrist injury and being angry at the world my weight has stayed the same but I am ready to be dedicated to training.
  2. Cellar Yeti (cool name btw) I highly doubt she was doing it for reasons outside herself. Being vegan to her must of been more about weight than about The Animals and the Earth. Though I am not her I don't know why she would stop being vegan, I can only assume it wasn't as important to her as it is to most of us who are vegan who make it work every day.
  3. Thanks for the Input guys, I have always thought that If you believe in something very strongly then in most cases it is possible to achieve you're goals.
  4. I follow Channa Serenity On facebook after seeing her profile on veganbodybuilding.com I am not a raw food vegan as she is, but I am vegan nonetheless and she was someone I looked up to and admired for that. This morning she posted this status "I am finally recovered from my illness, It's been a very interesting experience to say the least and a lot of soul searching has led me to make and change my mind several times about career, lifestyle, hobbies, etc., trying to figure out what's best for me physically, emotionally and spiritually and the root of the dis-ease to begin with. Conclusion: As much as I love animals, my body thrives bes t not on a vegan diet, and even though I thought for a period that competing was too hard on the body, it gives me a drive and lights a fire in me that makes me feel more alive. So, I am starting my 1 year prep for 2013 WBFF World Championship with Nathan Harewood, I'm looking forward to stepping on stage next year and making my Pro debut" I am not interested on not being vegan, but I wonder can someones body actually not thrive from a plant based diet? or did they make poor choices to make sure they where getting essential nutrients and enough energy. I and most people on a vegan diet have stated that they have never felt better in their life! I wonder if others truly don't benefit from a vegan lifestyle? Or if they are doing it for the wrong reasons to begin with and use being vegan as an excuse? Either way it's unfortunate but there are plenty other vegan athletes on here that are just as inspirational.
  5. Thank you heaps! I love this place to! although I have yet to go to NZ.
  6. Hey Dylan I am joining the Australian Navy. : ) I have wanted to be in the navy since I was about 13-14yrs old I live very close to 2 Navy bases So the inspiration and influence has been around me for a while. I think getting into the Navy would be perfect seeing as though I love the sea, I love my country and I love hard work. The role I am going for is centered around computers and communications so I think I'll enjoy the challenge. I really couldn't think of any career (for me anyway) that could top being in the Australian Defence Force.
  7. Well thank you very much Dylan! I am very much thinking about doing it I just have to get some made for me.... I got the Idea from Durianrider (youtube guy, If you hadn't heard of him)
  8. I wish I had little stickers saying I hope that BBQ was worth my death or Clearly your need for a nice roast dinner was worth more than my life. And Stick it on all the meat in the supermarkets
  9. Thank You very much Bruce! your generosity will be greatly appreciated I am sure of it! : )
  10. This year in August, I'm doing the World Vision 40 Hour Famine. I'm going without food for 40 hours to raise money to help kids and families who are suffering from chronic hunger. My goal is to raise $20.00 to help fight global hunger. Please help me by making a donation! $40 can feed a family of five for a month. So please donate to the 40 Hour Famine through the link below: http://40hf.com/sarahsherlock I figure most people don't like to donate so I am keeping my goal amount pretty low... But hey when you think about it you could sacrifice 4 or 5 dollars that could of been a beer or soft drink. Chocolate bar or loaf of bread. Many go without that stuff their whole lives surely you can go without it for one day?
  11. Hey!!! So I have written up an 11 week plan before I head off for recruit training. I understand that My fitness will probably double when I am in there but while I can be in control of my fitness and when and how I do it, why not! I know it will give me an advantage when I am in. Anyway Here is what my week will look like, feel free to comment criticize or whichever. I am pretty certain that I am not doing too much, I know my body can handle a good beating which I intend to give it. Weeks 1-5 Monday Rest Day, Or catch up day (if I couldn't fit in a day due to organizing my life around!) Tuesday 5-6 km Alternating Walking and Jogging Legs & Abs 1hr or more Wednesday 5-6 km Alternating Walking and Jogging Chest, Triceps & Shoulders 1hr or more Thursday Plyometric Training 15-30min Hamstring, Glutes, Calves,Abs & Back Friday 5-6 km Alternating Walking and Jogging Legs & Abs Saturday Plyometric Training 15-30min Back, Abs & Biceps Sunday 5-6 km Alternating Walking and Jogging Chest, Hamstring, Glutes, Calves & Abs Anyway So that is weeks 1-5 Ill update the other weeks after the first 5. Judge how my fitness is if I can push more then what I am hoping for!
  12. Well My practice test went great I managed to do the recommended amount of push-ups without and issues yay! So i am off in October so I have plenty of time to continue increasing my fitness level and achieve a few goals : )
  13. Hey!!! So i have just been accepted into the Navy and I need to perform a fitness test. For about 2 months I have been gradually working on my upper body strength. But I am going to recruit school a lot! sooner then I thought. so i need to improve my upper body strength a lot quicker especially when It comes to Push Ups. Does anyone have any advice? I try to do push ups every day but I find if I do them to often it starts to hurt and I can't do as many as I wanted to... I have my practice fitness test in a week!!!
  14. I completely agree, I know it has been hard for me to just ignore the negative slur especially from people who have diabetes and obesity it just blows my mind, and i never try and force something on anyone but it has gotten to the point where I dont see why I should try and explain to people the benefits of being this way because clearly they dont understand the main reason why I am a vegan. I LOVE ANIMALS! sigh but you make great points and I think eventually Ill learn to ignore the haters and Embrace the interested.
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