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  1. Doing well, baby wont be here till next month. As far as diet i , have failed badly at being a vegan or even a vegetarian. Between school, kids, long work hours on the road, its been seemingly impossible. But i have not given up . I know it the best thing for me and the family, just putting it into motion seems to be tough. Baby steps i guess...lol.
  2. Me too.... but thats awesome, I just read his book after yours Robert. Man i may have to drive down and go to one. I would really like to meet both of you and get some wisdom....
  3. Not a whole lot of big hills here so I didn't go with full suspension. But as I get more experience I may see the need .
  4. Cool. After I get some time in on the trails I'll probably get a road bike. I may try a sprint triathalon next spring. If I try one sooner I'll just use the mountain bike.
  5. Hey, Im in the Dallas area
  6. Getting my p90x back from being loaned to a friend and cant freaking wait to get back on it. Does anyone have the p90x2? Any better or same stuff just modified?
  7. LOVE the outdoors, ive been couped up on my weekends off working on new floors in the house and im about to go nuts. About to get a new mountain bike soon and start exploring.
  8. As far as the dieting goes, maybe set the example that it can be done vegan, but don't try and push it so hard. Eating healthy is common sense for the most part and teaching that is pretty simple. As for going vegan, I'm totally new to this and learning as i go, and its almost overwhelming for me as i try and figure it all out. But I'm VERY eager to learn. It may seem like a pipe dream for now, but im pretty determined to do this somehow.
  9. Not to hijack your thread, but this year ive seriously considered wanting to learn more about personal training and nutrition and find a way to make a living out of it. Ive found these online classes and would like some input on them as a starting point. http://www.ecornell.com/certificate-programs/other-training/certificate-in-plant-based-nutrition-certificate/crt/TCCC01 https://www.cooperinstitute.org/registration/course_registration/index.cfm?class_id=9717
  10. Any mountain bikers here? i just put a 2012 Trek Wahoo 29er on layaway at my local bike shop
  11. What kind of bike riding to you do? Any vegan mountain bikers here?
  12. We are just south of Dallas in Waxahachie
  13. Hello everyone, just wanted to say hi before i bombard yall with questions..lol. Im 42, male, from TX. Married to my expecting "part time" vegitarian wife. She actually does a pretty good job sticking to her vegitarian eating. Recently i decided to clean up my diet so with a recommendation from a friend who is i triathete i looked into the paleo diet. Thats pretty much what ive been doing the last few months and having good results. Then i watched a documentry about becoming vegan, hmmmmm....interesting, then watched forks over knives, and several other documentries, VERY interested now. I had NO idea how bad animals were treated and the effects of the modern processed meat has on our health. Ive been starting to workout again and want to do a sprint tri with my buddy and an adventure race this summer. So i surfed the web to see if there was any info on vegan training. WOW was i suprised. I never ever though of a vegan as someone with some muscle or the endurance to compete in a tri. My biggest complaint about my wifes diet has been the fact she doesnt eat meat but still eats lots of processed foods. Eating something that has a list of ingerediants that you have no idea what they are cant be good for you. Ive read the back of some of her meat substitutes and there is all kinds of trash in that stuff. So after talking about it we are going to go for it and switch to the vegan lifestyle. I can do without meat if i get lots of vegies to eat with fruit as well. So i will be asking ALOT of questions from my new friends here. To start with, anyone got a recommendation for a great cookbook to get us started??
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