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  1. Hey leo, warm welcomes to a fellow newby on this board!


    Hope you achieve much and prove those guys wrong who have doubts, or rather just most people have misconceptions about being vegan and being fit and gaining musclemass.


    best of luck

  2. Just throwing this discussion out there out of curiousity, and also what you guys things about Vegan versus Raw Vegan.


    Are their many Raw Veganists body builders out there? or are they mostly just Vegan.


    Does it impact much on a bodybuilders' lifestyle?


    Personally I'm just going to try stay Vegan as I'm still pretty new to it, and later on down the track I may flirt a bit with the idea of going Raw.

  3. Pretty darn cold morning here in Australia, Melb, but went and did a 1hr bike outside. Happy with myself that I did it went through with it.


    Been thinking lately about Veganism in general VS Raw Veganism, I hear about the greater benifits from being a Raw Vegan, however for now I'm just going to try stay Vegan as is, and when I get better with it all switch to Raw Veganism.

  4. Hiya all, thanks for stopping by my journal!

    Focusing mainly on dropping my bodyfat%/weight, goal is to get around the 80kg mark then get more into bodybuilding and lifting.


    Current Stats

    Height: 5’10

    Weight: 110kg



    25/4 - Wednesday

    60mins of cardio (treadmill) 6km

    Green juice for breakfast

    Lentil soup + fruit for Lunch

  5. Hi guys and girls,


    I'm Dominic, and have only recently become Vegan in the past couple weeks, and had been flirting a bit with a vegan lifestyle in past few months as I built up my knowledge and learn't more about the Vegan lifestyle. I was attracted to the lifestyle and the benifits that follows while being a vegan which just make sense after I researched more into Veganism.


    Right now as it stands regarding my goals, I want to first lose weight, currently sitting at 108kg 5'10 (not great at all I know) but after I focus on losing the weight I want to get more into bodybuilding. Not sure if its ok that I'm here to post about my weightloss, rather then bodybuilding even though thats where I eventually want to get to, but this forum seemed best for info/recipes in a Vegan community.


    Anyway hope you guys and girls allow me to post up here!


    PS. even orded Vegan bodybuilding and Fitness which I'm impatiently waiting on to arrive haha

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