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  1. Dredging up posts of the past, I have been wondering what has happened to "Thor" over the last couple of years. His book, Raw Power! is apparently out of print, and going for anywhere between $79 to $414 on Alibris and Amazon. His claims that he benches 315 for who nows how many times seem to be a bit unrealistic to me since my former brother in law (not a vegan) benches 505 for 10 reps and 315 for up to 40 reps, and his phsyique looks a heck of a lot more lean and mean than Thor's. (Arlin) I had been asking around rawfood.com what had become of the Wolfe/Arlin team, but mum is the word over there on their website. The picture supplied caused quite a scandal at rawfood.com and after it was psoted by a member there only took a day or two to see the moderators unpost it. Supposedly the picture comes from an interview the two did for the San Diego paper. O43
  2. I've only caught the show here and there, although I get the feeling many of the Master's go a little easy on the American "students". So far the Savate episode has been my favorite, I was amazed by the fellow in Paris who still teaches- and he also taught POw's in WWII. O40
  3. Walked with wife. Weight is down to 180.
  4. I finished the Charles Atlas 12 Week Program on June 1. (I will do just about any workout program out there, and I liked it...) Spent the summer eating about 500 lbs of watermelon and watching baseball. I have started walking 4 days a week and doing a SuperSlow workout on Satruday's. I don't access to machines so I am using dumbells. Last Saturday I did the follwoing exercises: Dumbell bench press, barbell curls, lateral raises, dumbell military press, deep knee bends and roman chair sit ups. My average time under load was 98 seconds. We'll see if I can up that this Saturday. O40
  5. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. O40
  6. What would be a good tofu replacement? It doesn't agree with me. Thank you. O40
  7. The closest dealer is 250 miles away. And if I brought home a $2000 bamboo bike my wife would beat me with my graphite fly rod. They really are intruiging though. And a previous psoter was correct, in South East Asia and China bamboo is used for an incredible number of "heavy jobs" including building scaffolding. Jon
  8. I am not asking a medical question, I guess, but a supplemental question. What are the iodine levels (if any) in hemp and pea protein powders? My wife has to be on a low iodine diet for two months and cannot have any dairy or egg powders. (She used to drink whey protein.) We started her on hemp protein but then stopped because we can't seem to get an answer from anyone about any iodine in hemp. Any food chemists out there have any idea? Thank you ahead of time. Jon
  9. I just want to kow, will the girl in the bikini, holding the trophy, kiss me on the cheek when I win? July 1, count me in. Jon
  10. Hello, I have started getting into Isometric training: Muscle Control by Maxick, Powerflex by Jim Forystek and my Bullworker. I seem to be losing bodyfat, or in other words, I'm getting more definition. I have had this happen before, about 5 years ago I did exclusively Muscle Control training for a month and a half and had definition I hadn't seen in quite awhile. I did make any radical diet changes either. Jon
  11. I have finished everything else, now I'm into the first chapter of "Diet for a New America". I kind of like it. Jon
  12. Ravi, Way to stick with it. Continue to keep the updates coming. Jon
  13. Hey JW, With a sore ankle (just how sore, only you know your capabilities) anything you do that applies direct pressure will cause an uncomfortable situation. Unfortunately the leg press, squats, deadlift, pistols (one legged squat), even lunges etc. cause pressure. Alternatives might include: leg extensions, leg curls and leg presses with less weight but longer rep schemes. Jon
  14. Hot pink trunks. Not just on Robert, but in general. I think it takes a heck of a guy to get up on stage, minimally dressed and pose and flex and do all of that. To do it in any type of posing turnk, that takes an uberman. But, pink trunks? That takes ein superuberman. Jon
  15. My whole life. I have practiced shooting targets with them. I've never practiced shooting people and the last time I shot anything carbon based I was 12. When my kids got older I gave the guns to a neighbor who put them in a gun safe with his guns. I might get them someday, I might leave them. Jon
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