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  1. kareno: I agree totally not health food, but I have to indulge a little bit while on vacation stcalico: I have not started training yet per se. . As of now I run about 3-4 miles 3 times a week play lacrosse 2 times a week. Since I have changed my diet a lot in the past year, I have been struggling a lot with getting everything "honed in", to a point where I feel like I still have adequate energy at 9pm (sometimes 10) to hit the gym (once the kids and wife are in bed). But I now feel I am finally ready to develop a regimen, regain lost muscle and take my body back. Having a desk job along with poor eating and exercise habits for the past 10 years have not been kind to me. But on a positive note, I'm under 200lbs and I know I'm on the right track...but the body doesn't seem to respond like it did 10 years ago either . robert: Thank you, glad to be here.
  2. Thanks Dylan! I will have to find that person, sometimes I feel like we're on an island. There not as many vegans here as there are in NYC. I lived there (well Hoboken) for about 4 years. I hope to make a drive there this summer...mostly for the food . Really looking forward to checking out Foodswings.
  3. Hello All, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Paul, I'm 34 from the Buffalo, NY area. I went Vegan a few months ago after being Vegetarian for about a year. My wife and kids (3 and 1) are vegan as well. In the past year I have lost roughly 20 lbs (some of it muscle) and I am trying to get my diet, training and lifestyle on a positive track. I look forward to getting to know the many wonderful people of this community.
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