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  1. Vegetarian Survey Location (State/Province, Country) ____Austin, TX__ Date __1/15/08 Event (Seminar, Trade Show, etc.) _________________________________________________ This survey is being conducted by Dr. Peter R. Cheeke, Professor of Animal Science, Oregon State University. The purpose is to identify major reasons why people choose to become vegetarian. The survey will be completed anonymously. Please enter your demographic data here: Gender: M __X__ F ____ Age (circle): 20-30 year Education (circle): College Farm Background (circle): None Animal Experience (circle): Pets Dietary habits: Primarily vegetarian ____ Vegetarian ____ Vegan _X___ Please indicate your degree of consumption of these animal products: Never Occasionally Often Meat Beef ___X____ _______ _______ Lamb __X_____ _______ _______ Pork ___X____ _______ _______ Chicken _X______ _______ _______ Turkey ___X____ _______ _______ Milk _____X__ _______ _______ Eggs __X_____ _______ _______ Other (identify type and degree of consumption) ________________________________ Please identify the importance of each of the following factors in your decision to not consume animal products: Not Extremely Important Important Important 1. I am opposed to the killing of animals. _______ _______ ___X____ 2. I am concerned with health issues (heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc.) related to consumption of animal products. _______ _______ ___X____ 3. I am concerned about residues of chemical feed additives and hormones used in animal production. _______ _______ ____X___ 4. I am opposed to intensive, confinement production systems (factory farming) used in livestock and poultry production. _______ _______ _X______ 5. I am concerned with food safety issues (E. coli, mad cow disease, etc.) _______ _______ _____X__ 6. I believe that animal production competes with human needs for grains. _______ _______ ___X____ 7. I am concerned about the environmental issues associated with animal production. _______ _______ ____X___ 8. It is “cool” and trendy to be vegetarian. __X_____ _______ _______ 9. I became a vegetarian because of peer pressure. ___X____ _______ _______ 10. Other(s). Please identify. Considering the above list, what was the single most important factor that led to your becoming vegetarian? 1.
  2. Hey gang! Take a few minutes and help out this PHD student at UT by taking their survery. Cheers, Ben ***** Vegetarians Needed! Communication about Vegetarianism Study I am Ph.D student at The University of Texas at Austin studying how vegetarians talk about being a vegetarian. Little research exists on this topic, and, as you are a vegetarian, I am very much hoping to get your insight and the insight of any vegetarians you know (e.g., friends, members, customers, volunteers, family, etc.). When you get a chance, will you please click on http://texascommunication.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_bvyubavkEj7c73e&SVID=Prod and participate in this short survey? If you would forward this email to your friends, post the link on your website or blog, or include it in the next issue of your enewsletter, that would be amazing!! I am trying to capture the experiences of as many vegetarians across the country as possible by February 1, 2009. At least 250 v! egetarians are needed for this study. For the purposes of this study, a vegetarian refers to someone who doesn't eat meat, but eats dairy and/or eggs, someone who is vegan, and someone who is pescatarian. Please contact me at [email protected] or 512-299-6231 with any questions, for additional information, or to receive a copy of the survey results. Thank you so much in advance! Lynsey Kluever Romo, Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Texas at Austin
  3. I KNOW I haven't posted in a while and I'll give you guys an update sooooon!!!!! but for right now http://www.actionforanimalsaustin.org/2009_austin_marathon Some who were around a year ago may know I am a runner/triathlete... ANYWAY action for animals Austin, who do ALOT of great AR activist work in town asked for to help raise money for them by running for them in the marathon so to speak. It be rad if I could help them out, so here is the page to donate if anyone is interested. http://www.actionforanimalsaustin.org/2009_austin_marathon Thanks!
  4. I would love to go, Cheryl Hill told me shes going and I'm super jealous
  5. I'm down for this for sure, Robert could we paypal you the money or do you need a physical check?
  6. are the new bars replacing the old ones or are they just a seperate line? vanilla-chai sounds awesome, can't wait to try some!
  7. I just posted about this on the slamming Vegans Rock Austin (where I'm kinda a big deal haha) board and also sent out to a buncha people on Facebook THE VOTES WILL BE FLYING IN NOW!
  8. austin is great VRA is a great source for places to eat, shop, hangout and we might even have a potluck during that time so just keep you eyes peeled. http://veganaustin.org/home.php my favorite restaurant is casa de luz, http://www.casadeluz.org/index.htm let me know if you need any help
  9. So I did a triathlon on sunday (got 67th/850ish overall) While my heat was in the "loading dock" the guy next to me look at my bottoms and says. "nice shorts dude"...and then looks at my sideburns says .."so does it bother you when people call them mutton chops" ...and I was gonna try to come back with some witty alternate name for mutton chops but I couldn't drum anything out (tofu chops is just trite) so if anyone has a good vegan friendly mutton chop analog let me know. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b327/bpmojo/couplestrswim1.png
  10. So I am going to be in upstate NY for a couple days next week with family and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for food/rad stuff. I know most of these places are smaller towns but if anyone has any suggestions that would be grand. I will be flying into Burlington and then driving to St. Albans for the day/night. Then I will be in Lake Placid (staying at the crown plaza hotel) for a couple days. Lastly will spend an afternoon in Albany.
  11. harley - just a note..I doubt this was intentional but with the photo comparison you are using a trick used in marketing for a llooooonng time. The photo of you was done with a high-res photo, perhaps semi-professionally, you are smiling and happy. The photo of your brother is either a low-res camera, bad scan and he is not smiling. While no doubt that he not as healthy looking as you these photo diferences tend to skew people perceptions. Perhaps if you had a nice glossy smiling photo of your brother than it would be a more apt. comparison. Or a picture of you pre-raw with the same smile, good quality photo etc. - I 'd love to see a pre-raw picture of you ! Also lifestyle must be taken into account when comparing you and your brother. I doubt he is an ultra-endurance cyclist and probably doesn't have a regular exersize regime? ...which would certaintly help attribute for your strong glow and youthfulness.
  12. I just bought a 5-tray excalibur w/26 hour timer so that was my big purchase for right now....and after I pay for my hypothetical 1/2 ironman entry fee;s (225!...ackkkkkkkkkk) I plan on getting a high end blender.......right now the blendtec is looking better to me than the vitamix.....new one's cost 400, looks like you can get a pratically new one on ebay for like 289ish
  13. I cracked it open last night and had a little bit, today I will have more and plan on making a coconut-durian (or mabye coco-avocado-duran) smoothie and mabye durian custard as well....will give full report with pictures later on!..its defiently one of the most complex tasting pieces of produce I've ever had.
  14. So I went to an asian market on friday and bought a FRESH durian...yes it cost me like 35 dollars @ 4.99/pound or something, and the frozen ones were like 1.39/pound, but my justification is that I just got a new VERY well paying part time job .... ANYWAY because it was sooooo freaking expensive and I will probably never buy a fresh one again and this will be my first durian experience I want it to be the best possible.... I've read that it should open up by itself and you should be able to pick it apart with your fingers...well mine is starting to seperate on the segments but only at certain areas...should I wait until it gives all the way along the seams to open it up or use a knife at some points now?
  15. from http://www.brendanbrazier.com/book/RQ.html ****** Q: Hi Brendan, My question is actually about weight gain. I've been trying to gain weight for years, and I don't know if there is much healthy info. About that out there, as most of the focus is on weight loss. Do you have any suggestions on how to gain weight? A: The key to healthy lean-muscle gain needs to be centered around a well-planned weight training program. Nutritionally, a good way to complement the program with the goal of building muscle is to have a nutrient-dense blender drink after each workout. Any from the book will work well. You might also want to consider having a serving of Vega Whole Food Meal Replacement after each workout. To build up quicker, soaking raw nuts and seeds over night and blending them in with a serving of Vega, a banana, and berries is a good approach. One of my favorites is: Vega chocolate almond smoothie 1/2 serving Chocolate Vega 2 cups cold water (or 1½ cups water plus 1 cup of ice) 1 banana ½ pear ¼ cup almonds (soak raw almonds overnight) The sweet potato oven-backed fries with homemade ketchup in the book are good bulking-up recipes. Brendan ****
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