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  1. Check out eatright.org. If your insurance covers a register dietitian, invest in them if it is just a co-pay. 85% of your body is from diet. They will be able to calculate your body needs. Forgot the fad diets. 80-10-10 is stupid and dangerous. Taking in so much fruit will upset your stomach and the acid from the fruit could ruin your teeth. Maybe you need to take a probiotic because you have gut bacteria or maybe you are retaining water. As far as workouts the best workout for your body type is circuit training. Weights and cardio mixed in together. So lets say you do a set of squats, superset with jump squats or kettlebell swings. Maybe you can do thrusters, superset with 45 sec jump rope. somewhere in the middle of the workout sprint tabata on the treadmill 20 sec sprint/ 10 rest for 10 sets. Moderate cardio makes you more hungry. Interval training suppresses your appetite so you are take hungry after the workout.
  2. Natren is a good vegan pro-biotic. http://www.vitacost.com/natren-healthy-start-system-dairy-free
  3. congrats on passing the exam. Are you working in the fitness industry. Is the exam mostly the assessments such as feet turn out, knees in. Overactive and unactivated muscles. There are some sections so confusing in regards of the exercises. One section an exercise can be considered a stabilization and the next a strength or power. It depends on plyometrics or balance.
  4. Has anybody taken the e-teach NASM class. If so how does the quizzes and exams from the course compare to the real exam. Or if anybody recently took the nasm example -- how did you find the exam. Which areas should I focus more on to pass
  5. I think the concern may be peanuts have toxins called aflatoxins created from mold. They are worried about the effects on the liver
  6. Just curious when you travel what snacks do you pack or eat since you cant do your own cooking
  7. just curious with your meals -- are you allowed unlimited greens, such as salad, broccoli, string beans, kale, etc thanks for posting the videos
  8. your cat walking back in forth in the video cracks me up. SOme shots it looks like you have a tail. What is your bulking and cutting diet look like
  9. Thanks for answering my question. Under your training videos can you post the exercises # sets and reps. Thanks How about a video of your grocery haul.
  10. Cant wait to see your diet video. How do you overcome burn out from so much training and strict diet? Also can you do a video on effects of over training when you are competing.
  11. you look great -- can you share your diet and training tips if you dont mind thanks
  12. Can you break down your eating habits while training for a show.
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