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  1. welcome.you can't relly on almonds and cashews for protein source.They are mostly fat. Add soy,hemp,buckwheat,seitan,qinoa,beans.
  2. raw vegans can get seriously huge.
  3. @Veghead25 - he eats around 10 grams of fat per week.He says that's all the body needs.He also says it's ok to eat 80 bananas a day.
  4. Damn there are a few version of this milk and i bought the cheapest unsweetened version.It has added vitamins A,D2,E,B12 and calcium.It tasted pretty good and very easy to digest.I highly recommend it!
  5. a gorilla doesn't eat meat and he is big and strong.What more proof do you want?
  6. One way to combat this is to rinse your mouth with water right away after eating citruses, it will reduce the acids in your mouth significantly. that and using a straw.It will minimise the exposure of acids to the teeth.Pineapples are even worse tho.
  7. durianrider eats sometimes up to 70 bananas a day.Make sure you stay away from citruces.That thing will destroy your teeth.
  8. well since we are looking for protein soy milk is the best. Almond and Cocount is mostly fat and the protein is incomplete, rice is mostly carbs.Hemp should be good tho.Make sure soy is not GMO, anything gmo is absolutely deadly.
  9. He is a raw vegan from 1999. Example of his diet: 10 bananas,2 mangoes,1 watermellon.He is one of the biggest fruitarians i have seen!!
  10. I listened to this guy yesterday.Amazing.
  11. Really? I see a lot of people try but not succeed. most fat people are fat their whole lives.I have seen only a few lose weight, they try to lose weight by starving themselves,calorie restriction or looking for a magic pill.Oh yeah running as well .They don't understand that diet is 95% of success meaning they don't read meaning THEY DIDN"T TRY HARD ENOUGH.Being fat is actually a disease which attracts diabetis,blood pressure problems and heart disease like glue.Endomorphs can get ripped easily while ectomorphs will be always tiny due to genetic structure.
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