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  1. dried fruits are not very good for your teeth.They tend to stick to your gums and cause inflammation.This is from my personal experience.Fruits in general are great, you can add as much as you like.There is a guy called chris califano, he is a fruitarian.Fruitarains are usually all skin and bones but this guy is seriously big.I doubt he uses some roids tho i could be wrong.Anyway look him up if you want to start a high fruit bulking diet.

  2. Hemp, quinoa, yams and sweet potatoes, mushrooms, mushroom or gluten based veggie meat, nuts and nut butters. I've been into quinoa bread and quinoa pastas a lot lately. They are getting easier to find at grocery stores now.

    I mean this are examples of some of your best non-legume options but there is tons of stuff to eat out there to help you put on healthy calories and give you protein. I recent had a convo with a friend about how meat eaters always ask vegans so you can't eat anything but salad? Its funny because the amount of fruits, vegetables and grains out numbers the amount of meats and cheeses by hundreds of items.




    i thought mushrooms are for other purposes, if you know what i mean lol.Qinoa is a tough one, i like it but 100 grams of quinoa costs as much as 1000 grams of oats so it's pretty expensive.Hemp protein powder with some white rice will be a good combo,i like potatoes, they really are the perfect food.I can eat 1 kg of potatoes per meal, they are cheap,delicious and easy to digest.This is the pasta i eat, i am very satisfied.It's very easy to prepare http://www.google.rs/imgres?um=1&hl=sr&sa=N&biw=1024&bih=603&tbm=isch&tbnid=x14vxxL1zBs3dM:&imgrefurl=http://texassisterscook.blogspot.com/2011/10/easy-gluten-free-pasta-with-chicken.html&docid=NtQ_1voL1qskoM&imgurl=http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-AO2W66-FbFA/Tot4kj76nAI/AAAAAAAACkA/V1R6NaZKJN4/s1600/IMG_1246.jpg&w=1195&h=1600&ei=C2TFT4DGM43LswbLpMzDAw&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=319&sig=118333045644470767361&page=2&tbnh=137&tbnw=102&start=19&ndsp=26&ved=1t:429,r:9,s:19,i:129&tx=59&ty=77

  3. I noticed that i have a really big problem with legumes(beans,soy,lentils,chickpeas).Lentils by far gave me the worst side effects but it seems all of the above give me breathing difficulties,headaches,throat tightness,gastrointestinal problems,water retention,gas etc...Typical allergy symptoms.This sucks because i love all of the foods above.My body feels much better if i don't eat them but how can i bulk without all legumes?

  4. There is something i don't quite understand.Millions of bodybuilders around the world eat tons and tons of animal protein (especially meat) yet they almost never get sick.I know a lot who have been eating for more than 30 years like that! If animal protein was bad these guys would be dropping dead left and right or getting seriously ill at least.Most of the health complaints were related to weight lifting and not the diet.

    John Mcdougal and the movie forks over knives says if you eat animal protein you will get fat and sick.Can someone shed some light on this?

  5. vegetables-mostly starchy ones like potatoes,carrots,zuchinni etc..

    fruit-love fruit tho i can't eat too much due to fructose malabsorption(yeah it sucks)

    grains-oats,buckwheat,millet,corn etc..

    legumes-i am allergic to nearly all legumes except regular beans.

    nuts-almonds are my favourite.All nuts are fine.

    dried fruit- only eat crannberies

    seeds-only eat pumpkin seeds

    Don't eat seitan due to gluten sensitivity,

  6. John Mcdougal says to stay away from soy burgers,soy sausages,soy isolates and other fake foods.

    He said that tempeh,tofu,soybeans,miso,tamari and such are great addition to your diet.Just make sure you stay away from GMO soy, you do not want that in your body, trust me.You can also use seitan(wheat protein i.e. gluten) for protein, if you aren't sensitive to it that is.

  7. Soy milk is a non-dairy beverage that is created by first soaking soybeans in water and then grinding this mixture. The mixture is then strained and the fluid that remains is soy milk. Many store bought brands are fortified with calcium, nutrients and vitamins to make it as nutrient dense as cow or sheep’s milk.


    Myth: Soy milk is Not as Healthy as Cow’s Milk


    I don't disagree with any of this, but anyone can say anything on the web. Do you have any references to people with relevant educations, relevant research who are not paid by big dairy, who are not paid by big soy, who are saying the things you are?


    I read personal experiences from people on this forum and some other forums.So far i haven't seen anyone growing man boobs,gettin prostate cancer from soy or getting seriously ill from eating soy.I know a friend who lived in China and he said that they eat ton of soy(both fermented and non-fermented) yet somone is spreading disinfo that chinese eat soy only in small ammounts! That is crazy!!


    Here is one that seems very unbiased to me


  8. Soy milk is a non-dairy beverage that is created by first soaking soybeans in water and then grinding this mixture. The mixture is then strained and the fluid that remains is soy milk. Many store bought brands are fortified with calcium, nutrients and vitamins to make it as nutrient dense as cow or sheep’s milk.


    Myth: Soy milk is Not as Healthy as Cow’s Milk


    Fact: Soy milk naturally contains many healthy benefits. On its own, soy milk is very nutritious. It naturally contains high quality proteins, B-vitamins and isoflavones. This product is naturally sugar free, but be aware that many store bought brands add sugar for taste. Furthermore, soy milk is extremely low in saturated fat and is naturally cholesterol free.


    Myth: Soy Milk is Dangerous Because Soy is an Allergen


    Fact: While soy is one of the most common food allergens and is harmful to those who are allergic to it, this does not impact the overall safety of the product. The other more common allergens in the world include peanuts, milk, eggs, shellfish and wheat. None of these items are deemed dangerous other than to the individuals who are allergic to them. It is true that individuals who are allergic to soy should avoid soy milk. If you suspect a soy allergy, consult a doctor to verify and always read food labels.


    Myth: Soy Contains Harmful Nutrients


    Fact: Soy beans, along with numerous other whole grains and legumes, contain a substance called phytic acid. This substance has been linked with reducing mineral absorption, particularly iron absorption. Yet, recent research has shown that long-term consumption of soy products has no negative affect on overall mineral balance.


    Myth: Soy Milk is Unsafe For Pregnant Women


    Fact: There is no scientific evidence that supports the claim that soy milk negatively impacts pregnant women or their fetuses.


    Myth: Soy Milk Contains Estrogen


    Fact: The soybean does not contain the estrogen hormone. Soybeans, and therefore soy milk, do contain isoflavones, which are known as "plant estrogen." For humans, isoflavones actually promote heart and bone health, minimize symptoms connected with menopause and may reduce the risk of certain cancers.


    Myth: Soy Milk Increases Cancer Risk


    Fact: In reality, researchers believe that soy milk actually reduces the risk of certain cancers, particularly breast and prostate cancer.


    Myth: Soy Milk Impacts the Immune System


    Fact: This myth is based upon a study that shows rodents who were exposed to extremely high quantities of soy milk showed changes in their immune function. No human studies support this finding and actually some studies show that soy milk promotes the immune system function.


    Myth: Soy Milk is Dangerous to Children


    Fact: Similar to dairy-based milks, soy milk can be a nutritional addition to a child’s diet. Soy milk should not be introduced until a child is at least one year old. Soy milk is a good source of protein and when fortified, calcium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, potassium and vitamin D. Due to the high cases of soy allergies, contact your doctor prior to introducing this product into your child’s diet.

  9. Long story short, this review says that grains reek havoc on your body. Humans simply haven't evolved to eat them. Does it say anything about this in Roberts book? http://www.beyondveg.com/cordain-l/grains-leg/grains-legumes-1a.shtml#late role


    I read fruit causes cancer,candida,diabetes type 1 and 2, osteoporosis,brain damage etc...Don't believe everything you read.Grains are awesome!

  10. this is very scary yet i see a lot of vegans(especially girls) who eat only fruits and vegetables and look like they got up from a grave! They literally look like corpses.If i went on a diet with fruit and vegetables only i would turn to ashes, both frut and veggies go right through you as they have a very low calorie content(bananas/mangos/potatoes are an exception).So my message to vegans(especially girls) is to halt this nonsense! Some vegans even go as far to say "go raw or die". LOL! This is turning into a serious disease.Eat grains,nuts,legumes,seeds,soy products,protein powders etc..What's the point if your diet is healthy if you look like a person from WW2 concentration camp?

    Also stop being strict about your diet, eat cookies,ice cream,chocolate etc....Have fun in life!!!

  11. Good to hear.I'm looking to incorporate a lot of white rice in my diet but i had problems with it in the past, it made me sleepy because of the insulin spike.



    Try switching to brown rice or wild rice. It is complex carbohydrate and should give less of a spike. Also as soon as you hull the rice you lose minerals like iron and a little of the protein value of the rice.


    tnx for the tip, altho brown rice makes me sleepy as well.I am not sure why because it doesn't have a high GI, maybe it's simply hard for the digestion and my brain shuts down so that my stomache can take all the work

  12. Yeah its all about what I have around. If its not there then I can't eat it. If its there, I'm probably going to end up eating it. I downed a half pint of ice cream yesterday that my neighbor brought over for us and it was in my freezer....calling my name....couldn't resist. haha.




    it's good that you did cause becoming a slave to your diet is very UNHEATLHY in my opinion.

  13. Non-fermented is where most of the studies are showing the health concerns and risks. But fermented soy like non-GMO tofu provide the good microflora to the intestinal tract that can help with digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and boost immunity.


    I heard there is fermented and non-fermented tofu. How do i tell the difference?

  14. It could very well be 75g/100g, but keep in mind that it is protein from wheat, so it is limited in lysine. The protein score of seitan is only around 50, so make sure you get other high lysine proteins throughout the day to maximize your benefit. AKA 100g of seitan has 75/2=37.5g of complete protein, and 37.5g of protein that is completely lysine deficient.


    thx for the info.It seems most people on here love seitan.

    I just wonder what is the taste like!

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