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  1. Man, these jersyes look great!!! I'm interested in getting a couple for The Test pf Metal race in Squamish, BC.
  2. Gatti Ward 2 and 3 are just as good as the first!!! another one to check out is Nick Diaz(vegan) vs Diego Sanchez......it's like watching two lizards fighting. Bad quality vid so just mute it and enjoy the BJJ match!
  3. Thanks for the link. Always good to know calcium intake and obsorbtion rates.
  4. Yeah good call on alternative cosmetics, most people don't realize that almost every cosmetic, scratch that, every product on the shelf has some sort of crap ingredient in it! Why is that? Think about putting lotion on your child or putting fluoride in your mouth when it probably already has mercury in it. The chemicals keep us unhealthy to keep the health system going and making sweet money! No chemicals, no health issues....no meat and nothing but organic plant based foods, no health issues...! Stay away from chemicals James! You should know better...
  5. So, how does one go about changing the minds of the stubborn...? Through my experience, people tend to follow the so called truth no matter where they hear it, even if its not true. The paleo diet sales pitch is based on hundreds of thousands of years of research, evolution, natural selection. Was the paleo diet created to boost meat sales? I've recently come accross a local naturopath that follows a paleo way of life, I just about flipped out when I say this. Teaching other people to eat more meat and no legumes...! I've also uncovered a local farm that was apparently organic("natural" they call it), their beef is well known in these parts as well their potatoes. Turns out they use chemicals in everything! I'm so freakin' sick of this! How do I tell my friends, my parents, my family that they are completely manipulated...? I am new to the world of figuring out the food industry, but so far it seems to be pretty blatant. Is going to come down to manipulating them back from the dark side..?
  6. Yeah I agree with the 16oz or even 14oz idea, I have ripped through many of pairs of gloves wasting on a heavy bag. The smaller gloves "bag gloves" used to make my knucles bleed after 30 mins of use! So do the 14 & 16 oz gloves but not till at least an hour of heavy hitting. And remember, most of the time you get what you pay for.
  7. Good for you! I'm not a girl but I have trained in boxing and kickboxing for years, and I can say it is the best cardio and muscle toning workout you will ever have. Basically what it is, endurance training for your muscles.
  8. What I try to do is mix it up...in a fight(mma) what happens? Two guys square off, standing, striking, once one guy has an advantage things hit the ground, wrestling, jui jitsu, grappling, once back on your feet your arms and core are tired, worn out but your standing and there is a dude still trying to punch you in the face! With this in mind, the way I train is I do weights and striking in the same sessions, typically I do weights before striking to simulate real fatigue in a fight. Another thought is, lift weights in the manner of the results you wish to accomplish, for instance if you want a faster more explosive and powerful punch, don't do chest press slowly. "Specific adaptations" is what we call this. Do weights in the movements and speeds you wish to increase.
  9. I also get these urges, what I do is try to find the darkest road or path even. I consciously focus on adjusting my eyes, soon the dark is no longer...I also find that the other senses tend to be hightened. It's great training tool for the mind, control of thoughts, fears, imagination, these are all things that can cripple ordinary people.
  10. Try finding a vegan nutritionist and see if they can point you in the right direction. Also, if you just do your homework on being vegan, get your diet straight on your own, any personal trainer will do just fine. It's rare to find a trainer that also has nutrition certification as well.
  11. That parkour vid is one of the best I've seen....I first saw it years ago, hooked ever since! Music is killer as well. This is one of my dreams, to be able to perform like from just walking down the street. Don't they have Parkour races as well....check that out on youtube.
  12. To anyone who is thinking of becoming a PT....DO IT! You'll love it! If you're a positive person and you love to workout clients will just fall in your lap. Law of attraction. I've just gone through my courses in British Columbia and the one thing I've learned is to stay within your scope of practice, meaning if your not a certified nutritionist be careful giving nutrition advice. If your client has health problems that can be tracked back to your advice, you could be in trouble. Just a thought. If you take even a crash course in nutrition with some sort of certification, you will be much better off.
  13. Nice work! Outdoorsy....you sound more like adventurous and daring, thrill seeking even. Yaknow the thing I liked about reading this was "fear factor"! None! Go up a mountain by yourself, see dangerous animals, climb gnarly routes...that's what I like to hear! Far to many poeple these days are run by the "safety police". That's crazy if you ask me. The way I see it is, you are doing the best activities for sharpeing your senses, honing your servival skills(basic or otherwise), connecting with nature on a different level then just going for a hike, not to mention connecting with yourself on a deeper level, having time to think or not think. It's kind of like soul searching...anyways enough out of me....I envy you!
  14. Hello everyone! My name is Pat, I'm a 30 year old dude living in Squamish, BC which is the outdoor recreation capital of Canada! Obviously living here, there certain expectations to live up to. I love it! I am not vegan, but I am very interested, well lets say I'm disgusted at being part of killing and/or torturing animals for our so called gains...About a year ago I made an overnight change to vegetarian due to the movie "Forks over Knives" and "The China Study". It really changed my life. Now I support and promote a healthy, plant based way of living. A little history: My whole life has been active, from the typical sports as a child to pro-am and proffesional sports in my later years. Some of these sports include, snowboarding at a proffesional level, downhill mountain biking at a pro-am level, motorcycle racing(streetbikes), MMA at all levels, and fitness at all levels. For my years of sport participation, I have also hired more then a few different persoanl trainers and coaches. So I decided to become one myself. I mean, get paid to workout, research, and profile people.....that sounds pretty good right!? As I am still attending school for PT training, I have noticed that the fitness industry has a hard time support being truly healthy in a vegetarian or better still a vegan way of life. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! It's so obviously clear to me and I didn't even search for this knowledge, it found me and just stuck, it's like a higher power has guided me to vegan ways of thinking because it is right! (not religious) With that said, my health has turned to a more spiritual outlook on life but more so optimising my brain/body function! On average people use 10% of their brains, well I'd like see what happens when we use 70, 80, 90% of our capacity. Imagine! A healthy lifestyle including truly raw, organic foods that clearly were meant for human consumption is the current step I am on. More then ever, I wish to help people realise the truths about corperations and the food they sell us, not to mention doctors and pharmaceutical companies and what their agenda's are all about. They don't care about us and I'm sick of being played!!! I appreciate the opportunity to be part of a group like this, that will support my choices, help me find answers, and also provide proof that this stuff actually works and works well...! Thank you. Over and out.
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