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  1. On DAY 16 of this 70% raw food diet (basically, everything except dinner) I still feel very high energy levels. For example, this morning I got up at 5:20am and felt wide awake. I worked out from 6:30-8am and then had a very long day at work. I left at 9pm and was very busy with several presentations and lots of tying up loose ends before I start my vacation (I am off work for 1 week starting tomorrow!). I felt very alert during the whole day. My eyes also didn’t get tired at all, which normally happens when I am very busy. Also, I haven’t had a sip of coffee in a while. Frankly, I don’t feel like I need it. Also, I didn’t feel hungry at all during the day. I had a wheatgrass shot and carrot juice at Jamba Juice in the AM, some almonds and pumpkin seeds during the day, and a big green salad at lunch (no dressing on it, just some olive oil). This was enough to keep my energy levels quite high AND even. I am also noticing a signficiant drop in bodyfat an increase in strength (visually, I see a major change in vascularity and definition, through my scale only says I have lost about 5 pounts in the past 16 days). In my work out this morning (another Static Contraction as I wrote about in another post) most of my lifts were stronger by 5-10% over my last similar workout way back on May 30th. I have also been making major progress in my Yoga practice and other bodyweight exercises I do. I am still planning to keep this up for 30 days. Hope to keep seeing the progress.
  2. I've searched on the orum and found a rememdy using apple cider veniegar. I've been taking it for two days and I must say that my skin is almost totally clear! We'll see if this continues.
  3. Another week and more gains! Here is the progression: * April 29th: 20 seconds * May 9th: 1 min 25 seconds * May 14th: 1 min 45 seconds * May 18th: 2 min * May 23rd: 2 min 6 seconds * May 26th: 2 min 30 seconds * June 8th: 2min 48 seconds * (Today) June 17th: 3min 7 seconds
  4. I've been on a (mostly) raw food diet and I feel outstanding. I say "mostly" because I'd estimate that 50-70% of my diet is now based on raw and water-rich foods. I am NOT vegan, though I am very close. I try to avoid any dairy or egg, but in social situations will occasionaly cave in. I AM strictly vegetarian. My routine is: 1. Breakfast: a banana and mango or some nuts and carrots or whatever veggie I have sitting around 2. Lunch: a monser salad with wild greens, lots of veggies, some seeds and olive oil. 3. Snacks: some fresh juice (carrot, superfood) or some carrots, broccoli or almonds. 4. Dinner: whatever I want (raw or not!)...this is my chance to enjoy time out with my friends The benefits I am seeing right now after 11 days: * The interesting thing about this diet, is that I am not at all hungry in the afternoons. I would normally be starving by 3-4pm, even after eating a big plate of food and some other snacks. Not any more. * I have a much more even energy level. I love coffee and am not avoiding it on purpose, but have only had a few sips in the past 12 days. ….I just haven’t felt like I’ve needed it. * I’m able to wake up in the morning much easier, almost as easy as when I was back in grade school! I’ve actually found myself waking up at 6am and making myself go back to sleep since it was too early. * I’ve noticed my skin clearing up quite a bit, though I do still have some pimples on my face that just won't go away. I posted another topic about this in the Nutrition thread/forum to discuss this. * I’ve lost 5-6 pounds (and I was pretty thin to begin with) with no noticeable loss in strength * I have a remarkable improvement in mental clarity I’ll keep posting as things progress. I am also documenting this on my blog (link in signature).
  5. On of the things I've struggled with over the past several years is to get really clear and virbrant skin. I by no means have any severe acne problems, but at age 26, still get pimples, my skin doesn't heal that well and it just not as clear as I would like it to be. Do other folks have any personal expeiences with dietary changes that have cleared up their skin? Any specific supplements or foods that have worked well?
  6. prepared to be AMAZED Weight @ time = 140 Bench - 170 Squat - 205 Deadlift - never done it haha! I was vegetarian when I did this, about 8 years ago....not vegan. I've started weght training again about a month ago after a long hiatus. I have goals to reach to the following by September 29th (my birthday): Weight = 165 (152 right now) Bench = 200 (can probably do 150 right now) Pull Ups = 20 (one set max. now at 10) Push Ups = 70 (one set max, now at 44) always inspiring to see other veg/vegans (or even fruitarians!) out there throwing up massive poundage.... Ravi
  7. I've been taking in wheatgrass the past few days and I do feel great! Though, I get a little nausea right after taking it, even if I wash it down with plenty of water. It goes away after an hour or two. Anyone else get this?
  8. time for another check-in! This time I was testing progressing in how long I could hold a push-up position (about 3 inches from lockout with good form). I just posted the results to my blog (http://sethigherstandards.com/?p=22). Here it is: **************** I wrote on Tuesday how my 1 rep max for push ups was progressing. The progress has come about by primarily doing static holds in the push up position every other day, along with some cross-training. Today, I did a quick check in on my max time for a single push up hold. Again, read my last post for a note about the technique I am using. Here is a recap of progress for 1 set max push up reps: * May 7th: 30 * May 14th: 37 * May 16th: 38 * May 29th: 41 * June 6th: 44 Here is the progress of max time for a single push up hold: * April 29th: 20 seconds * May 9th: 1 min 25 seconds * May 14th: 1 min 45 seconds * May 18th: 2 min * May 23rd: 2 min 6 seconds * May 26th: 2 min 30 seconds * (Today) June 8th: 2 min 48 seconds For each of these “tests,” I am completely struggling to keep myself up towards the end of each set and actually stop the time when my arms totally give out. It is pretty interesting to look back 1 month from today and see that my time has almost doubled! I am excited. Progress is coming along. I plan to do another 1 rep max push up test on Monday.
  9. yup, I agree....people are really good at rehashing old wisdom regardless, reading about (it may be old school knowledge, but it is new to me) has given me some motivation to keep trying it out and see how gains come along. I just posted an update to my blog ((http://sethigherstandards.com/?p=17) on my experience with isometrics: copied the text below in case anyone is interested: *************** Along with the static contraction weight training, I’ve been working on bodyweight exercises. If static contraction techniques in the weight room can help you develop more top-end power and strength, I think that bodyweight exercises are great to build lasting strength and endurance. I think the two compliment each other. Plus, it is just so much easier to drop and do a few dozen push ups than to head to the gym. Lately, I’ve decided to mash-up the two! I have been working static holds into my bodyweight exercise routine. Most people are familiar with just pounding out push up reps or loads of crunches; but when was the last time you just held a push up for as long as you could? Most people never do this, but I think it might be a great way to stress the muscle more effectively. The technique is this: after stretching a bit, place your arms slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and lower yourself only 3 inches. Hold this pose. Do not go too far down. Your arms should be almost (but not at) their point of complete lock-out. The first time I did this I thought I could hold it forever (back on April 30th)….I made it 30 seconds before collapsing. Two weeks ago I made it for 2 min 30 seconds! I have been doing holds since then but haven’t timed myself. Will do a spot check later this week to see where I am at. In parellel, I’ve been testing my 1 set max for pushups. I have been curious to see how only doing this minimal amount of training would help me progress. Here is my 1 set push up max has progressed in the past month: * May 7th: 30 * May 14th: 37 * May 16th: 38 * May 29th: 41 * (today) June 6th: 44 I haven’t been trying to set a personal record each time…but it has ended up happenng. Between May7th and today I have primarily been doing static push holds (one hold to failure every other day) in between my one-rep max tests. I have also done (3-4 times) some Hindu Pushups (yoga combo of downward/plank/upward dog), a few yoga classes and 1 full-on weight room session. The point is, I am finding my self making some reasonable progress by only doing 1 set of static push ups every other day or so. Could I attribute the gains to the other random stuff I do? Perhaps, but when I was really into doing pushups in high school it tool me a very long time to make the progress I have made in the past month, and I worked a heck of a lot harder! I think there is something to this technique. I’ll keep going and see where it leads me. My personal best for nonstop push-ups is 52. If I can beat 60 using this method…I will be a true believer!
  10. ok, I was just down at the park and maxed at 7 two arm chinups...i got a loooooong way to go! The most I've ever done is 12. 20 sounds like a great goal!
  11. I totally think that Robert and Loveliberate should do a funny video and get it on YouTube and iFilm. You could spoof the "Lazy Sunday" video: just imagine "Dairy Free Monday"...it would be a big hit! LAZY SUNDAY VIDEO...... http://www.yikers.com/video_snl_narnia_rap.html how about it?
  12. holy crap! I'll stick to the gravitron machine
  13. I just saw a great movie (passionate warrior) based on the book by Dan Millman. It is playing an 6 cities (started this weekend) and I think it is something that many folks on this message board would enjoy. You can read some details about it on my blog: http://sethigherstandards.com/?p=13 unfortunately, movies of substance rarely stay in the theaters very long so check it out while you can!
  14. Cool, I did my first full-on static contraction training session in the weight room last sunday. Of course, I had a spotter. I felt great after the workout, and the next few days I really felt it (sore) but wasn't so crippled that I couldn't function properly. My muscles felt like they had been pushed in a way that I've never felt before. I've done plenty of endurance sports (use to be an ironman triathlete) and lot of higher rep workouts, but lifting heavy weights is very new to me. My muscles were really pumped after the workout, and it took no time at all. For several days the feeling was still there. I'll head to the gym for workout #2 sometime this week.
  15. I can do like a dozen one arm chinups.....with a little (ok a lot) of help from the gravitron machine of course! Will/Jay/Bigbwii: how many chinups can you do in a single set nonstop?
  16. good point. I'll stick to 1/4 a watermellon next time! Dont know what it is, but I've start to get the major craving for fruits over the past week or so. I'll take that over those pizza cravings any day! Ravi
  17. yeah, I can do the backbridge, but cant get my head down on the floor....can hold it for a minute or so before I start to shake!
  18. Ravi


    cool pic! how was your place/time in this event?
  19. I did 25 of the squats 2 days ago and still feel it as well....never realized working out with my own bodyweight could be so challenging! The hindu pushups are also interesting, they are very similar to a common yoga routine (downward dog, plank, upward dog combo)....
  20. I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, and still can't run. I've decided to get back into yoga (done in a heated room). Curious if anyone else here does yoga...if so, what style, and have you noticed any specific changes to you body? For me, I use to do a lot of distance events (ironmans, distance running..etc) and found that yoga build up an incredible amount of strength that I would actually retain even when doing lots of cardio (when I hit the weights, I would tend to lose most of my gains when I increased the cardio training). I also noticed some major improvement in posture and joint flexibility and strength.
  21. I just ate half a watermellon, I think I am going to burst and flood seattle I realize there are couple fruitarians here....what would you say is the "healthy" fruit to eat? I LOVE watermellong, mangos and papays....wondering if some fruits were worst for you (too sugary or whatever) than others... would appreciate any perspective or thoughts people have.
  22. I just half a massive watermellon, I think I am going to burst and flood seattle I realize there are couple fruitarians here....what would you say is the "healthy" fruit to eat? I LOVE watermellong, mangos and papays....wondering if some fruits were worst for you (too sugary or whatever) than others... would appreciate any perspective or thoughts people have.
  23. Been going to jamba juice every now and then and getting a wheatgrass shot with my smoothie. I know it is full of "good stuff", but curious if anyone on the list has been drinking the stuff for a while, and noticed any improvements?
  24. why all the nuts? or did u just really like em? Ravi
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