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  1. try 10-12 yoga classes, will take your flexibility (and even strength) to a whole new level.
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    I saw this statement not for the first time and really wonder, what is so hard being vegan? I really do not understand it! Well.......it is not about how it made me feel, or the ethicality of it....it was a family thing. Ravi
  3. The correct answer is THREE. Was starving today and having just got my wisdom teeth out, have limited options...who knew u could actually OD on these things!
  4. sticking with this little experiment of mine....I have been doing only 1 set of a static hold of a push up (2 inches before lockout) each day since my last post. I haven't a full push up since my last 1 set max test. At the time, my 1 set max for pushups was 30, today I did 37. not a bad gain! I am gonna keep trying this...doing static hold and testing 1 set maxes and see how far I go!
  5. My daily metabolic rate is about 1800 calories, not including exercise (I'm 5'9" and 155lbs). As I do a good amount of cardio (training for Marathons and triathlons), I burn 800 or so a day. On a vegan diet I find that it is hard to get enogh calories to not only avoid losing weight, but to actually bulk up. I have a goal of getting to 170 pounds. 1) what is your height/weight? 2) how many calories do you get per day? 3) what are some of the key foods you eat to help you get there?
  6. Your points make sense, but the logic of the whole STC training does seen reasable --> that by exerting a signficiantly greater load than normal in a small period of time creates a high degree of POWER. utlimately, this is what builds the muscle. I've been doing a very very crude form of testing this over the past week. I haven't been to the gym, but have been doing inclined push up holds (a few inches before lockout) for a few minutes a day. I haven't done ANY full pushups. I was just curious to see if the technique would have any effect. I'm a weakling and couldn't do more than 20 PUs nonstop a weekago. I did 30 yesterday and wasn;t at full fatigue after doing 4 days of the static holds. I was totally surprised. This is not scientific by any means...but I'll keep testing and see where it goes!
  7. 420 chins in an hour? I beleive you but I find it hard to beleive how long have u been training for that?
  8. I have recently come across a form of training (Static Contraction) whereby you do static holds of a few exercises for 10-20 seconds (sometimes less). They claim to have done major research on this type of regimine with field trials and the gains have been very impressive, with limited risk of injury. The logis is: you hold the weight roughly 2-inches shy of full lockout, allowing you to lift much more weight than you normally would (50%-100% more), in your muscles strongest point. This applies GREAT FORCE to the muscle in a short period of time, which ultimately is what stimulates growth. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/sisco6.htm Does anybody on this board train using this philosophy? How is it going for you?
  9. I know that drinking super-green or any other dried greens powder is a heckuvalot better than drinking a Soda or a Beer, but I wonder how much health benefit is really there, given that the powder is has gone through so much processing and re-processing in the name of "convenience."
  10. I have had REALLY bad experiences using creatine. Last time I used it, I actually got much stronger and visibly bigger, but ended up doing some damage to my back/Joints. I know some people also develope terrible stretch marks from the stuff. Think about it, creatine will cause your body will retain water and bloat, the human skin only stretches so far so fast.
  11. I usually sprinkle a strong oil on any raw greens (sesame or flax) and this covers up the bitterness. I will also use lemon juice if need be.
  12. http://www.myspace.com/ravisraman I just started on MySpace, and am proud to say I am NOT hooked.....yet
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    I've been vegetarian for about 20 years, tried being vegan (made it 2 years), but am now back to lacto-ovo-veg. Currently living in Seattle, WA and looking forward to hearing how other active like-minded folks can perform at the top of their game with a Vegan/Veg lifestyle. I'm not a bodybuilder by any means, but enjoy lifting, and doing endurance events: biking, running, tris...its all good! Learn more about me @ MySpace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=22377098 Ravi
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