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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Robert....it was an awesome event and I look forward to seeing everyone again very soon!
  2. I'm having fun with my "3 stack" experiment. I've already noticed my perception of money change (for the better!). Looking forward to making use of my "Give" stack in a few months (and of course my "FUN" stack as well!)
  3. I've found that doing yoga more frequently early on is a big help in getting some of the basic alignment and flexibility down. You don't even need to go into the studio every day. Try to work on a few basic poses at home every morning in addition to your weekly class and you'll see some awesome progress.
  4. I did my first training session with Kettlebells last week and it rocked! I was so impressed that I just ordered my own 36 pounder from http://www.dragondoor.com! The workout consisted of a series of swinging and overhead pressing movements, done in sets that must be completed within a specific period of time. Between each set we would jog for about a minute. [pic of Mike Mahler....vegan...holding Kettlebells] http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1378/891943827_5ce8f9f5fc_o.jpg We also did some pull ups, push ups and ab-work to round things out. As an added bonus, we carried the kettlebells about 1/2 mile to a nearby park. This was one of the hardest parts of the workout! The workout was: 1. Pyramid Super Set: Do 1 clean and press with each arm using a kettlebell, followed by 1 pull up. Repeat with 2 of each. Repeat with 3 of each. A clean involves swinging the weight up and holding it close to your chest, and then pressing towards the sky. 2. 2 Sets of 10-15 snatches with each arm using kettlebells. A snatch involves swinging the kettlebell directly in front of your body and holding it overhead in one smooth movement. In between each set you jog for 1 minute. 3. 2 Sets of 50 swings with kettlebells. A swing is a movement where you squat and lower the kettlebell between your legs, and swing it up to about chest height. The goal is to finish each set in a minute or so. If you finish in less than a minute you jog around a bit. 4 . 1 minute each of twists, sit ups and push ups. The twists are a sit up movement where you just twist the body from side to side. For this exercise and the sit ups you are holding the kettlebell. By the end of this workout, I was nauseous. My traps, upper and lower back, biceps and thighs were incredibly sore right now. I have never done much rowing before, but I would imagine this is how it feels. It was nice to get a solid strength training workout outside of the weight room. This was much more fun. Does anyone else on the forum use Kettlebells? Any tips? How have they affected your overall strength and fitness?
  5. Keeping a log sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the tip. Ravi
  6. awesome! Let me know when you get up here. I live downtown (across from the space needle).
  7. Nice! I think I'm gonna go get me some tea right now! Just got into Portland. Gonna meet up VV for an hike tomorrow AM.
  8. I've found that I have had better luck with a workout partner/friend for motivation than someone who doesnt really know me that well like a trainer. Assuming you know how to do the basics, and are motivated, I think you are better off exploring your limits on your own for a while...then reassess.
  9. I've found that I have had better luck with a workout partner/friend for motivation than someone who doesnt really know me that well like a trainer. Assuming you know how to do the basics, and are motivated, I think you are better off exploring your limits on your own for a while...then reassess.
  10. At the beach house for Vegan Vacation, Potter was nice enough to make a whole slew of cups and bowls for us to have as a memory. Here's an "action shot" of a small-two-tone-hand-made-Potter-original-bowl! It's carrying some precious cargo...a spicy Indian "Hot Mix" that will disapper before I can finish typing this post! What is yours carrying? Post-away! http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1013/992531959_2fe0660d7b.jpg
  11. My sister is a naturopathic doctor and makes her own kombucha at home. It is pretty easy to do and she makes it in a big glass jar. I'll ask her how she does it and post here.
  12. I wrote this on my blog and thought it might be relevant for some of you on the forum. Money is a VERY touchy subject. For many it is more sensitive than talking about health, career or even relationships. For me, I’ve lost the sense of what value money really has. I’ve always been fairly frugal, have never been in debt and having graduated with a degree in Finance, definitely know what value money has intellectually. The problem is, in the modern economy, I hardly ever touch or see medium or large amounts of money. I pay for my lunch using a smartcard (at Microsoft). I shop in stores using a credit card. I pay for most of my bills electronically or using check. I buy things online using paypal. My paycheck is directly deposited to my bank account. All of this means I rarely have more than a $50 in my wallet at any given time. In the process, I seem to have lost touch with what value a dollar really has. When was the last time you held several hundred dollars in your hand? For me, it has been years. Yesterday, I decided to close out a bank account at a local branch I was hardly ever using since I now do all my banking electronically. The balance was $207.11. I asked to withdraw the money as cash….all of it…..in $1 bills! The teller was astonished, and proceeded to ask me if I really wanted to do that. She had to run the transaction as a couple batches, and asked if I was cool with the machine bill counting the money instead of her. I was. She placed five large stacks on the counter. I asked for an envelope, but the largest one was still pretty small, so I asked for a paper bag. Filled with cash, I walked out of the bank followed by stares by the folks in line. They probably didn’t see that the bills were all $1’s and not $100’s. Here is what the stash looks like: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1285/981337289_c3418b5a05.jpg This isn’t really that much money. At least not for me given my current salary. However, it did feel very strange to hold all that dough. It definitely felt like a lot of money. It definitely made me think about my rent and other expenses in a new light. It definitely gave me a new appreciation for my paycheck every other week. But the exercise doesn’t stop with just holding it. I ran across a blog a few months ago (can’t remember where….if you find it, let me know and I will link to it here) about a technique for helping one to get disciplined about saving. So until my $207 runs out…..I am going to do the following: Every day, I am going to put $1 in each of three stacks. One stack labeled FUN. One stack labeled GIVE. One stack labeled SAVE. It will look like so: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1243/981337269_cfc5539055.jpg Once I run out of money, I will take the FUN stack and go do something totally ridiculous with it. Like buy a bunch of candy, and blow the money on a sugar rush at the video arcade. Something I would totally never do under normal circumstances. I will take the GIVE stack and walk down the street to the homeless shelter and give it to the folks there. I will take the SAVE stack and deposit it in my brokerage account. The point of this? To learn the value of a $1. To learn that money can be FUN. To learn that money can HELP those in NEED. To learn that money can help me SAVE for my future.
  13. Gonna try to come down to hang out with you all tomorrow night through Sunday. We'll see how that goes!
  14. Awesome pics! That rice, stew potatoes dinner looked really good
  15. Hey Liz, we didn't take any pics in seattle unfortunately We'll have to make up for that if you and tasha stop by again!
  16. I wish I was still there....but the next best thing is to just look through the photos a few times. This was a great holiday and I am so happy to have met such amazing people. Vegan Vacation 2007 Beach House Pics: Full Album Here: My favorite pic! You couldn't ask for better weather on Saturday. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1381/970662710_71026b0c13.jpg Group shot....gkleinman, tasha, jesse and odidnetne http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1262/970658954_b83b68dafb.jpg The fog rolled in eventually, but the scenery was still amazing... http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1217/969805011_16c155c464.jpg Rob roasting his wiener and almost burning his hand off in the process! http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1094/970672092_a4389b962e.jpg I don't think Potter ate the whole watermellon, but let's just pretend he did... http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1418/969812443_7f58d61c65.jpg ...and of course....even on a leisurely beach stroll, Potter comes prepared! http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1208/969804733_0ac1a622aa.jpg Full Album Here:
  17. So...I left the beach house this afternoon with Tasha, heading back to Seattle. A little bummed to run away from our little oasis in Lincoln City. Driving into town we decide to swing by a raw food spot, Chaco Canyon, just before it closed (around 8:30pm)....and who do we run into but Oregon Isaac! Strangely enough, Isaac had left the beach house last night bound for Portland, but work required him to drive up to Seattle today....where our chance meeting was a pleasant surprise. We hit up a jazz club for some live music before calling it a night. I'm wondering which forum member(s) I'll be running into tomorrow!
  18. Congrat! The hard work paid off!
  19. Dang it! I left too soon! Can you all save me some leftovers?
  20. leaving seattle now....will plan to meetup at your place around 1pm or so. I will have some room to carry stuff/people if need be.
  21. Cool....really just wanted to know the general vicinity....that's it! Cya saturday noon or so.
  22. Can someone post directions to the beach house? Also, should we bring sleeping bags, blankets, etc....or does the house have them? Planning on coming down Saturday morning. Looking forward to it!
  23. I am traveling to Cologne, Germany (tomorrow) for 9 days. Anyone from the forum in that area? Let me know...would be great to meet up! This is a work trip, but I will have days free and am planning to see the sites. Raiv
  24. Some pics I took when Rob and xdarthveganx came to Seattle a month ago.. heheheheh...it's all mine! http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1203/536680645_d9fcd62442_m.jpg we all stare in amazement as Rob makes his fork dissappear http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1188/536566166_4518f6284d.jpg I don't know what that green drink is....and don't plan on finding out http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1287/536566264_cbb80a2982.jpg this is more like my kind of food! http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1305/536680463_948137beb5.jpg http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1348/536680569_cc51572b1a.jpg
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