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  1. Personally, I don't vote, but the site looks cool.
  2. what do you do with all the seeds? i just swallow them. is their another way?
  3. I just read Skinny Btich, it was a good book. There was a few pages of excerpts from Slaughterhouse. I need to get that book, even though it wanna puke and cry.
  4. I'm planing on joining a boxing gym in my neighborhood. My main motivation is to punch people in the face.
  5. I don't give a f**k what anyone else does and I don't try and change anyone unless I care about them and they want my help. Things are as they are and you can only control yourself. Protesting is bullshit. Voting is bullshit. If you think something is wrong then change it, if you can't change it than find something you can and focus on that. Don't feel guilty because of other people's expectations. I don't mind watching the human race catapaulting towards extinction.
  6. I would love to have like 15 kids. Imagine all the grandkids!
  7. I don't have a lot of experience, but I would say focus on one thing. If your goal is to excel in MMA than focus entirely on that. Stretching, bodyweight exercises, sport specific workouts, tons of cardio, tons of live fighting. If our goal is to put on mass then do like potter said: eat and lift. Do you have any sort of trainer for fighting?
  8. I started reading about yoga in elementary school and have remained interested since then. Although I usually keep my mouth shut, I feel a little sick every time I hear people treating yoga as excercise, or talking about new LA style of Hatha yoga. I don't have any problem with people using Hatha yoga for physical benefit, but I feel like the people on this forum are probably more openminded than most people, so I'd liekt o share my understanding of yoga. Yoga is a sanksrit word meaning "yoke" (like oxen on a plow) or union. Yoga is not an activity you do, it is a way of life. It is a method of spritual growth for the sole purpose of unifying your individual soul with the universal soul. The physical practice of hatha yoga is one aspect of yogic practice. Practicing poses in a gym should not properly be called yoga, if any thing it could be referred to as "asana practice", but I would only call it that if your are really a hatha yogi, other wise I'd call it "stretching".
  9. I voted for wrestlers. Wrestling is a pure competition of dominace and submission. Your willpower vs. your opponent. After six minutes of wrestling your muscles are complete jello and your heart is about to explode, no matter how in shape you are, because to win you have to expend every last ounce of effort. Try wrestling for six minutes and get back to me.
  10. I pretty much never by melons or tomatoes out of season. $9 seems like a lot for a watermelon.
  11. I'm down with Pythagoras, that's why I don't vote. I have plans for several pentacle tattoos to celebrate Pythagorean tradition. Welcome aboard.
  12. #3: I don't think there is such a thing as organic tattoo ink. I'm more concerned with the ink staying. Pink is a real difficult color to make look good in a tattoo. You have to understand that a needle putting ink in your skin is nothing like coloring a piece of paper. Also, most artwork does not translate well to tattoo. Some tattoo artists will tattoo any old picture you bring them, but if you want a quality piece, stick with an image that was designed specifically for tattooing. Prices vary a lot. I know guys that will do a quarter sleeve for a hundred bucks or less, and there are artists out there who will charge thousands. I would never just show up somewhere and get a piece. Get to know an artist, make sure the type of work they do is in line with what you want (new school, old school, gray, portrait, etc), and make sure you get what you pay for. Most people react to the size, color, and image of a tattoo. If you are going to pay a few hundred dollars, be more concerned that the lines are smooth and straight, not shaky, the colors are bold and solid, and the shading has a well executed gradient. I don't think you should ever trade price for quality. My friend owns a shop, so I get hooked up, but if I ever find a piece I want to get done by a world famous tattooer I'd rather wait and save the money, even for a few years, than rush out and go to some scab artist. #2: Uh, I think it is a bad idea, but I don't always have the best judgement.
  13. Thanks flanders those boots look good.
  14. Anyone know of any vegan workboots?
  15. The past few days I've introduced my girlfriend to a bunch of my friends, and almost all of them gave her a hug right away. That's just the kind of friends I have.
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