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  1. When I greet people I almost always hug them. Friend or stranger, man or woman. I can give a pretty mean handshake, but it is so much nicer to hug, and when you meet a stranger and they are down with hugging you, there's a good chance they're cool. I don't know if this is part of vegan lifestyle, but it is my lifestyle. I want to challenge everyone here to go hug someone today who you don't normally hug. Trust me.
  2. If you definitely don't want kids, why not consider having your tubes tied??? If you really want intimacy there is going to be some type of relationship. Sex is a relationship, and intimacy only happens between people who care about each other, but you don't have to be in a committed monagomous relationship to have intimacy. That kind of relationship isn't even natural. I guess you have to accept that sex is heavy thing with heavy consequences, its not a game. I was voluntarily abstinent for 18 months, but now I cannot go without being with a girl, waking up to her stroking my face, smelling her, seeing my bite marks on her shoulder. God, what else is there to live for?!
  3. i keep it real simple with all that stuff. Some Dr. Bronners or some simple glycerin soap suffices for soap, shaving cream, and shampoo. Tea tree oil with thai stick for deodorant. If I feel like I need some scent I'll wear some essential oil depending on my mood, usually sandalwood or frankincense, sometimes patchouli. In the spring I'll wear something sweeter smelling like chamomile. Like MartinVegartin, I'm better off without scent 'cause the chicks are already all over me, I don't like risking the whole AXE effect thing.
  4. word. I make banana-kale smoothies a lot. I buy kale, but also my friend's boss lets her take some home for me every week when it gets delivered to the shop.
  5. A lot of people tell me that eating 10+ bananas a day is probably dangerous because of too much potassium or something. I ignore them and eat what I want anyway. Has anyone else ever heard of this? Since I am broke, I love bananas, and they are 39 cents a pound, I want to experiment for a few days and figure out how many pounds of bananas I'd have to eat a day to feel nourished. I'll probably eat watermelon too though. Any ideas about an all banana diet?
  6. I tattooed my finger last week and it got totally destroyed from working.
  7. health freak and flanders, thanks for the hope, i'll keep truckin.
  8. I watched the eclipse at 5:30 AM and I was late to work because I had to keep standing there waiting for the total eclipse.
  9. Today I smashed my thumb between a piece of scaffolding and a brace, so a heavy piece of steel and a sharp piece of steel. My thumbnail is all black and my whole thumb is sore and throbbing. I got back to work about five minutes after it happened, but for the rest of the day I felt weak and shaky. I can't describe how badly this hurt. This was the worst pain I've felt in awhile. If you want to picture it, imagine smashing your thumb full force with a hammer, that is basically what happened, but with more surface area.
  10. i'll just try not to eat 2.5lbs of plums in half an hour anymore. I was sixk o my stomach for nearly two hours, I thought I was gonna puke. maybe practicing some restraint would be better.
  11. Do you just eat the tofu as it comes out of the block or do you prepare it at all?
  12. I'm not sure. Its been awhile. I just started craving them last night, because was thinking of how peaches are in season and it made me crave plums -- so I went to the 24 hour produce place at 5:30 this morning and bought 5 pounds. So ... several months ago I guess.
  13. Almost everyday this summer I've eaten half a watermelon for lunch at work. Its freaking perfect and I feel great. I alos eat a ton of bananas throughout the day. So I figured my digestive system is pretty well accustomed to a high fruit diet, but today I ate about ten plums for lunch and its been killing me all day. What gives? If i keep eating plums will i get used to 'em?
  14. bananas. beans, they are cheap and easy and delicious.
  15. Thats pretty hardcore, raw onions are a challenge. I used to eat onion sandwichs at work. I loved it but sometimes it was really intense, plus my coworkers freaked out everytime and told me how much I stinked - totally worth it though. Onions rule.
  16. I've fantasized a lot the past few years about living in a primal world where if I saw another male human my first instinct would be to kill him because he's my competition for the safest cave, the most nourishing food, and the females that I'm going to protect and provide for. I swear I want to live on that edge, although with that sort of stress I'm sure I couldn't live for very long. Anyone want to hone some wild living skills?
  17. Inner peace? Stillness? That's about the best I can hope for, because when it comes to outside things -- I'll do just about anything and I don't hesitate, but taking time to pray and meditate and search for some clarity in my existence is the real challenge. It's a long term goal. In the meantime I want to be healthy, surrounded by loved ones, and prosperous. In the very near future I want to get really good at laboring and laying bricks.
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