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  1. firm tofu pan fried in sesame oil with a few squirts of braggs aminos
  2. my parents gave me some peaches, I've been having: bunch of peaches bunch of bananas bunch of kale
  3. I'm a construction worker and none of the guys I work with think it is less manly to not eat meat, in fact they ask me intelligent questions about it and consider if they'd be able to do it. Not what I expected working as a mason.
  4. Kombucha makes me feel funny too. There is a small amount of alcohol in it, maybe thats why?
  5. That sounds awesome. I love quiche.
  6. I don't have a lot of time to prepare food. One of the meals I've devised that I can prepare in bulk ahead of time is the following: A few cups of cooked brown rice, A few cups of cooked or soaked oats, Bunch of bananas, Raisins, Chocolate Chips, Flax seed oil, Whole bunch of protein powder. All blended together with a little water in food processor. Stays in fridge and I scoop out into a cup and mix with enough water to get the right consistency to drink. Any thoughts on this recipe? Plusses? Minuses? Room for improvement?
  7. I do manual labor outside, so I drink about 2 gallons a day. What I find is really important though is the water you drink before you workout. I can drink water all day at work, but if I don't drink a lot of water before and after as well, I get horrible cramps in my legs. So a liter while working out sounds good to me, but make sure you drink plenty of water all day to stay hydrated.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Odidnetne: I live in Bristol Boro, a couple miles from where Frankford Ave turns into Rt 13. I'm a five minute walk from the Deleware River. 1%: Yeah I feel a little guilty about some of that non-vegan stuff, but I know that change happens over time, and I'm more comfortable taking things easy and letting things happen naturally, instead of forcing something too soon.
  9. Hi all. I've been lurking on this forum for a long time now, close to two years. I figure it is about time to get involved. ABOUT ME: I'm 23, living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania - about five miles from Philadelphia. I've been vegetarian ever since I started buying my own food, about 18 months ago. I don't consider myself vegan: my workboots are not vegan (yet), I wear the occasional silk tie, I eat like 99% vegan, but I still partake in famliy birthday cake, etc. On the bright side, my mom made a vegan cake for my birthday this year, so my family is definitely becoming more and more supportive. My favorite exercise is sprinting, squats, and pushups. My favorite sport is wrestling. I mainly work out for recreation. I'm not opposed to working towards definite goals, but currently I workout purely when I feel like it for fun. So I go through periods of exercising everyday, and periods where I get home from work and do nothing physical. HOWEVER - I work as a laborer for a brickmason, so five days a week I put in eight hours of heavy lifting, carrying, sledgehammering, shoveling, etc. My motivation for joining this forum is to get past that 1% of my diet that is non-vegan. My reasons for being vegan lean WAAAYY more to the compassion/spiritual side than the health end. I feel like being a member here will help me live this personal commitment to myself, which I feel is essential to my spiritual wellbeing. FAVORITE FOODS: Papaya, avocado, and mango. #1 ACCOMPLISHMENT: I have completely abstained from drugs and alcohol since October 18, 2005.
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