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  1. I came across this article while I am struggling with my decision to go vegan or at least vegetarian. This is a doctor that has over 30 years of experience treating vegan/vegetarians and he says he does not see a decrease in disease due to diet and in many cases, he sees diseases vegan/vegetarians have because of the lack of meat. I think he brings up an interesting point about vitamin b-12 in the case of rabbits - they as herbivores still get the b-12 they do require bu eating plants infested with bugs (animal rich protein) and eating feces. I don't think any vegans want to eat bugs or feces but if the body does require b-12 then we must get it from somewhere, It's perhaps proof that we are not meant to be strict herbivores in diet? http://www.acu-cell.com/veg.html I'm not posting this as a flame to vegans or vegetarians just trying to sort through all the data so please don't flame me. Please tell me your thoughts on this article - only after you've read it.
  2. I agree with this, so I read everything I can, pros and cons and try something out for 6 months to see how my body reacts to it - yes, even if that includes eating some white meat or fish. I recently joined a vegetarian/vegan forum and mentioned that I still plan to consume some fish and eggs. Other than that, I wanted to look into going vegetarian or slash vegan.. Oh no they said.. we are strict, you cannot be here - even to learn about something that might improve your health. They said I would get banned asap for making those statements. I'm like.. WTF??? That's way extreme and uncalled for.. that to me isn't a diet or philosophy that's good for you, that's a religion akin to a cult. I didn't sign up to join no religion. I wonder if that will get me banned here too. All the labeling and nonsense is causing more harm than good and people just don't see it. Of course they told me what I wanted was to be a pescatarian but there are no good active pescatarian forums. I don't have any ethical problems with eating meat save animals should not be tortured. They didn't like that either. They wanted cookie cutter clones. For them, it's not about health as it's more about having a political and social agenda. That's a big turn off and IMO, isn't right at all.
  3. Thanks kareno I'm actually starting to find the answers looking at other threads and doing internet searches. I didn't make the thread I wanted to mentioned above yet.. I may not need to if I find all the info I need. And or perhaps it might be better for me to explore these things on a regular non body building vegan forum as it would be more active. It turns out that Forks over knives may have misrepresented the truth abit when it comes to the facts of those studies and how they were reported. I have been reading everything I can pros and cons of being vegan and this critique of the film makes a lot of sense and shows how the data was misrepresented http://rawfoodsos.com/2011/09/22/forks-over-knives-is-the-science-legit-a-review-and-critique/ http://rawfoodsos.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/minger_formal_response2.pdf http://rawfoodsos.com/2010/07/07/the-china-study-fact-or-fallac/ If you read through these pages and all links associated this guy talks about the data used in the film and the China study in depth.. brings out more facts the film neglected to mention that shows how the film took parts of the studies here and there to prop up it's "meat always causes cancer" agenda. Turns out this is not what those studies from China and the rats were saying at all. That's not to say the Vegan diet doesn't cause one to have great health gains, just that as the film suggests it may not be from abstaining from meat alone as the film would have you believe. In fact in many cases the people with animal protein has lower mortality rates than those who abstained from animal proteins all together in the cited studies. There are other things dropped from a vegan diet that also contribute to gaining health, like oils, bad fats, refined sugars, refined flours even wheat as in the case with the Norway study the film cited during WW II. It's all very interesting looked at as a whole. I believe one has to do that to be able to have all the facts one needs to make a better informed decision about health. I'm still looking into this to get to the whole truth.
  4. You have any idea how ironic your answer is? Your name is beforewisdom. your a guy on an internet forum giving me advice about nutrition - You point me to what looks like your website - which you just told me not to trust. LOL I know what you mean but I had to give you a hard time about it.. I just had to.. it was too easy.. I'll happily look at your website. ER
  5. Hi. I'm Electric Rider. I am new to body building. It seems every time my nutritional needs change I have to find a new body building forum. Started with bodybuilding.com, then to the more natural based scoobysworkshop and now here. Why? I started eating all fresh or frozen foods not long ago, nothing processed about the same time as I started to exercise and do some weight training. I thought I was doing well. Then I saw the documentary "Forks over Knives" and it got me thinking, perhaps I need to lose the meats and dairy too. I am interested in what folks here can teach me about some of the claims that documentary makes. I'll make a thread about that as to keep a large discussion out of the intro forum. I love meat mostly fish and chicken, I don't eat hardly any red meat. I love eggs but don't drink milk. I could care less about killing animals for food except in the context of the animal suffering (that's not right) but do believe God put animals on this Earth for us to have dominion over and eat or use as we see fit. Mind you, I don't "want" to become a vegan. I will however do what's best for my body once I can clear up some "facts" or at least wrap my head around them in a way in which I can become comfortable with them. I'm called Electric Rider because I drive an Electric Bike and use an Electronic Cigarette - I quit smoking cigarettes a year ago. And that's my intro.. looking forward to getting to know you folks... ER.
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