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  1. Thanks for all your concern and help! The medicine they gave him seemed to be working for a while, but Sunday morning he was in and out of the cat box again, a one red stop I got real worried about. The past couple days I had ran out of the raw meat I usually feed him (horsedoc! been doing this for a wee bit) and fed him some kibble I had. I think that's what did it. Cause right when I gave him the fresh fish and red meat the rest of the day he started peeing with no blood in it at all, and peed a lot. I'm going to ask a couple friends today and ask around about vets. What Im more worried about is that after spending that much money on surgery, it doesnt fix anything except to remove the stone, and he gets a nother one again. It just seems silly to give him surgery that doesnt fix anything... Am I looking at this wrong?
  2. Thanks for all your help! Marcina... I read somewhere that even if I can change my cats diet now with a certain type of food that it may be able to dissolve the stone without surgery, is this true? The website site I read it from (cant remember, some alternative health vet) said that if after 6 weeks it doesnt work then its time for surgery. What do you think?
  3. Its been a while since I posted here. Still been rehabing my shoulder but have been staying away from the internet for a bit. But I need some help, and thought of you guys, sooo... Over the weekend my cat has having trouble peeing. And when he did it was real dark at first, then turned to blood. So I took him to the vet. They gave him an xray, showed it to me, and there was a little round thing in his bladder. She said that male cats who suffer from urinary tract infection (which he has had for the past year) sometimes develop these stones. She said that he will need surgery. It will cost anywhere between $800-1200, money I dont have right now but can get in a month or two. She gave hime some medicine to help the infection and get him peeing, hopefully clear again. She also told me that the stone needs removed on the next infection. Which could be if the medicine doesnt work, or another 6 months from now. What bothers me about this is that she said she had an xray from December that showed the formation of a stone, but back then they didnt tell me how to prevent it from getting any bigger! Like a different diet or whatever! (which sometimes seems like to me like they wanted the money for the surgery instead of me just getting a new diet) I've been reading up on the surgery and I don't know if I want to put my cat, or myself through it. Basically they open up the cat and the bladder, remove the stone, and even perhaps restructure the bladder so if a stone happens again it gets passed through easier. Then after that they sew him back up. Side effects include him may not being able to control the bladder, and him uncomfortable to touch around the bladder area for the rest of his life. This does not include every that could happen during the surgery, like death, a faulty surgery, etc etc. AND the surgery doesnt fix the problem on why the stone formed in the first place! All it does is remove it and help new ones pass through him easier! They told me he could form them again for the rest of his life, despite the surgery, and a new diet anyways might help prevent that, but their not 100% sure. Am I being misled on this? I feel lost. I love my cat, but if this isnt going to fix the underlying problem then all the surgery is going to do is remove a little stone, that will help in the immediate short term, but not the long term at all. Why didnt they give me a special diet when the xray in december first started showing the stone? If the surgery doesnt fix the problem is it worth it? Can I get a second opinion from another vet? What about a new diet, which is less invasive and may disolve the stone? I heard some alternative vets have other things they can use, any hope in them? Thanks!
  4. Yep. My brother used to live there. Then a x-girlfriend. So I have been up there a bit. I love the city, especially downtown. Most of all I love how you can drive to the beach and its only an hour or so out of the way. My mom doesn't want me to move I think. She is the one that sends all this stuff to me to scare me out of moving I guess. I'm still not 100% positive I'm going because I want to see how school is going to work out. Getting loans to go to school sucks but ~shrugs~. I really like Portland but Im such a sun person, which I'm kinda worried about. Like you said, winters hit hard here, but we get sun to brighten up things. I dunno. The WHOLE CITY is green and that's what I love about it.
  5. I realize jobs are hard to come by. But I'm talking about depression. Magazines and websites are saying Oregonians are the most depressed citizens in the 50 states. I have also been reading that the gang problem in Portland is bad, and getting worse? I am looking to move to Portland for school. PDX. I am moving from Utah, perhaps the nicest, less depressed city in the States. (according to those magazines and websites I mentioned, heh). Anyways. Am I in for a culture shock? Should I be worried about gangs if its such a big problem? Id probably be living on or around campus anyways. How hard is it really to get a job, even just a part time job? All these websites are fightening me away from P-town lol.
  6. Started reading SPIN by Robert Charles Wilson. Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/Spin-Robert-Charles-Wilson/dp/0765309386 I'm about a quater of the way through the book and it has been great!
  7. Very excited about the new Star Trek movie.
  8. I agree. I just watched Firefly which so far is my favorite science fiction television show! I just started watching Stargate SG1 and I like it so far. Each time I try to watch Battlestar Gallactica I get so lost on confused cause I think Im coming in on the series final episodes, right? I also like Star Trek: The Next Generation show. Movies I'm a huge fan and I have also written a couple science fiction short stories. Love the genre! If you want some science fiction in books where it doesnt seem like science fiction read some Vonnegut
  9. As you know from last year, my team is the Celts. Which is depressing this year because players are dropping to injuries like squished flies. So I'm also rooting for the Cavs. Really, I'm rooting for anyone against the Lakers and the Celtics.
  10. Hello! I got a pulled stomach muscle on Monday while doing physical therapy. My PT checked it out and said it's only a pulled muscle and to take it easy. Its on the right upper side, near my ride/side of the body area. Well, today, as I have been sitting here at work, the pain MOVED to the left side, right above my belt line, and i dont feel any pain on my right side for now. Is this normal for a pulled stomach muscle? It feels like I have gas built up in the left side basically, and when i pass gas the pain eases. Weird?
  11. We should change this to a general NBA thread. I'm going to the Boston vs Utah game tonight! I'll be in my Garnett Jersey. My mom bought me tickets for my birthday! I'm really excited but really nervous. The last time I went to a Jazz game and rooted for another team my brother and I almost got mobbed by 20+ people after the Timberwolves scored a dagger at the end of the game to win. Ha!
  12. I didn't get to see the All-Star game but I say the Rookie vs Sophmore game. Kevin Durant is a BEAST. I also saw the dunk competition. I cant believe Nate Robinson jumped over Dwight Howard lol!
  13. I've been vegan long enough that I know when people are usually fucking with me because of my diet. Now unless this guy is an absolute stone cold actor, I'm talking Grammy award winning, then he believed everything he was saying. Now, I didn't believe him but when you see someone who is so sure something like that is true, it has to make you wonder.
  14. Some people brought up a good point though. At the end of the interview he stands up, smiles at Dave, and says Thank You. Very clear and very precise, unlike the rest of his interview at all. Who knows. If it's a problem I hope he gets help. I'm still thinking its a joke though, for now.
  15. That's what I'm thinking. But the manager swore he met these guys lol Supposedly, because the carrot doesnt cast a shadow while its growing, only it stems grow, you can eat that. I guess? I'm pretty sure they just took the joke to far, far enough to convince this manager guy ~shrugs~ The manager was so convinced that when I asked him what else was vegan he asked me what level I was, with a dead face and completely serious tone. He was about ready to tell me what level of vegan I am which food I could eat lol!
  16. Well supposedly casts a shadow while growing is the rule. IE. Carrots, Potatos? I dont know...
  17. I know we have all seen the Simpsons episode where the environmentalist states he is a level five vegan and "I dont eat anything that casts a shadow." Well, I went to a Noodles and Company for lunch and the manager said he actually met REAL level 5 vegans. He told me, dead serious, that someones asked for vegan penne rosa, received the item, then took it back because it had tomatoes in it. He said he doesnt eat tomatoes because he is a level 5 vegan and doesnt eat anything with a shadow. This manager I spoke to was dead serious. He said he has ran into them doing the same thing at other restaraunts? I'm pretty sure these guys are pulling his and Noodles and Company's leg, but to take it to such an extreme of returning food because it has a shadow? He said that they actually come into Noodles and Company and request a lvl 5 vegan meal (which I have no idea what that is). The manager was DEAD serious. So either the manager is joking with me or the guys are taking the SImpsons joke to such a length that they are pulling the joke on other people.
  18. I'm almost the opposite. I liked him a lot when he was with the Magic. Then he went to the Lakers, and being a Celtic fan, ugh, I stopped liking him. Once he got on the Suns I started liking him a little more but his work ethic is something I don't like. I don't understand that if whole teams use a strategy that works almost every time against you (Hack a Shaq) you would think you would spend a few off seasons learning how to shoot a free throw! I'm more excited for the HORSE competition this year than anything else!
  19. MTV NEWS: "Phoenix has said he's quitting acting to focus on his burgeoning hip-hop career. But with brother-in-law Casey Affleck following him around to film his every Andy Kaufman-esque move, speculation has been raised that the acclaimed actor is either having a public breakdown, suffering from a substance problem or playing an elaborate prank on the media for the purposes of the documentary. Letterman asked about his plans to take time off from acting, quipping "and I think you're taking a little time off tonight." He later urged Phoenix, "I'm hopeful that you will reconsider and come back to acting, because there's nobody really better than you are.'" A lot of people are saying he is going into it, like this quote says, and "Andy Kaufman-esque" joke. If you never heard of Andy Kaufman go rent the movie Man on the Moon. Although that doesn't exactly describe his life (no bio-pic does) its still a great movie in general. Some are saying Joaquin is going into Hip-Hop and acting all high like this like Andy Kaufman went into wrestling by wrestling girls and acting like an asshole to everyone. As a joke. Who knows.
  20. Well it really depends on the injury. On my injury my PT, which is 3 times a week, goes like this: 8 Minute warm up on hand bicycle Rubberband Work Wall Push Ups Standing medicine ball circles on a wall Corner lifts (your back in a corner put your arms on the two walls, use the back of your upper arms to lift you off the wall, the farther our your feet the harder it is) Then 45 degree arm lifts to shoulder height with weight Then lie on a table face down, your arms and head hanging over side and do the arm lifts again. Medicine ball walks and pushups. Your stomach on the ball, walk outwith your hands as far as your strength will allow, push up, walk back. x20 Seated Dips. Stretches, then ice for 10 minutes. That's what it looks like. I also have "homework" I do at home which consists of static exercises against a doorway and other arm movements. If the doctor gave you the stretches do them. He may think it is mild enough. Maybe a just a strain that rest and stretches can work. But most strains, as long as you rest it after it happens (if you let it rest a year ago) normally goes away after a couple weeks of rest and some physical therapy. But being this is going on year it probably never healed or never healed properly. Many weightlifters forget all the little stabalizer muscles and joints that actually take a lot of the brunt in weightlifting, like the rotator cuff. That's why a lot of carrer lifters have shoulder problems because they never strengthen the "inside muscles" just the muscles that make you look big. As I said, take some rest and do the stretches. Rest for a week see how you feel. Lift a little after that, not very heavy, and see if it still annoys you. If it does I would get into a sports therapist.
  21. Did you see his Letterman interview last night? My god. I used to be glad he was vegan cause he was such a great guy. But now, something is going on....
  22. Where you at? I haven't seen nor heard from you in a while. Perhaps because I dropped off the face of this earth. I got some kettlebells for Christmas. Once my shoulders are healed (probably springish) we should go out and test em
  23. Bringing this back up. Have you seen the article in Time ( I think its Time ) about how elephants live shorter life spans and are prone to more diseases while living in zoos than elsewhere? Also: My favorite story ever in National Geographic. It was about the people who hunt the elephant hunters. And I dont mean to arrest them or whatever. I'm talking about hunting in the strictest since. Any illegal hunters of elephants are met with the same force the use against the elephants. They say its an uphill battle because there are always more hunters than protectors and most of the time the land they patrol is so large that the hunters are long gone by the time the protectors come...
  24. Oh man let me tell you. I've been dealing with with rotator cuff issues for years. I've been in physical therapy for 5+ months so far because my injuries have been so bad. You NEED to rest the muscle at least for a 1-2 weeks. In my experience, any weightlifting can aggravate the problem, whether its over the head presses, curls, and even squats. Don't let your ego get in your way of your healing either. I did that a lot of times and reinjured it because it wasn't fully healed. If you continue to weight lift through the pain the injury will come back to haunt your time and time again. My advice. Rest for a week, during that week Ibuprofen for pain/inflamation. Ice at least 3-4 times a day. Get yourself to a physical therapist. I know its extra money and it sucks but if you can nip this in the bud early you wont have to spend 4+ months at PT and still have the fear of surgery around the corner. A lot of times on more mild cases the PT want to see you for a week, they give you exercises and say to meet with them in other couple weeks or month for a check up. If your fine they release you. Once again. Get this taken care of ASAP. I would see a Sports Therapist as soon as you can, until then rest your shoulder.
  25. LOL. Most those warnings are for the people who are fat trying to get in shape. A lot of people push themselves to hard on those machines when not in shape and can worsen their heart condition that get it better.
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