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  1. I actually like the Spurs As Robert pointed out David Robinson was a beast. I loved watching him play! I like the Spurs because, like the Celtics, they play TEAM BASKETBALL AND TEAM DEFENSE. Its amazing how you can win despite having Lebron, Kobe, or any of the other "stars" in the league just by focusing on what basketball is about. Robert: I havent really watched the Suns, so I don't know what kind of year Nash is having. Having said that, I would MUCH rather see him play that Allen Iverson. Nash is always a solid player, contributing every game no matter what. Iverson doesn't practice, doesnt play defense, and spotty with his contribution to the Pistons at best. People just like him cause there are times he can just score at will. TMAC. I would love to see him play! I really like his attitude and style. BUT, he gets injured so often I think a lot of people have a negative view of him. I don't like Kidd. So no comment I wish Al Jefferson made the All Star team. He has done great things for the T-wolves. Too bad he is out now with a ACL tear! I've had those. NOT FUN.
  2. My breakfast is usually an apple and a fruit smoothie. Nothing that gets me excited for breakfast, except on the weekends when I make breakfast burritos. Im trying to find a way to make gluten free french toast. Once I find out, watch out!
  3. Girls... How uncool is it to move back into your mom's house? Even to save money?
  4. Im rooting for the Spurs in the West this year. I HATE THE LAKERS! Lol
  5. Richard: HA! I am horrible at Guitar Hero, even on easy! Right now playing: Final Fantasy 7, Vagrant Story, Breath of Fire 4, NBA 2k9. Too many games. I don't play at all on the weekdays, so when the weekends hit its like a bonanza of game playing!
  6. PS: Going to a Jazz vs Celtics game Feb 19th. I think I'm gonna get beat up with my Celtics Jersey on and standing non-stop and talking smack! Haha! Hopefully the Celtics can pull their heads out of their butts and start winning against good teams again. I don't think I have been any more depressed than the last Celtics loss to the Lakers.
  7. I have to say Lebron is the face of the NBA. At least he should be. Besides Kobe's championships rings and being one of the top players ever to play the game he has been enbroiled in so much controversy that I don't really think he is that marketable. From talking crap about his coaches, to the rape trial, to refusing to play, wanting to trade, etc etc, it doesnt make him a very marketable guy. There are many players out there who dont like their coach, they want a trade, or whatever and never freak out about things like Kobe does. I think Lebron is the most marketable. He is also on of the top players ever to play, and although the ""Lebron to New York" thing is all over the place he has taken it with respect and has been quiet about it, focusing more on winning than rumors. If I had a choose a team for the face of the NBA however, I would have to say the Celtcs
  8. They are brothers. They have been vegan for as long as I've known them. That would be... 6 or so years I have known them. She said they were vegan a couple years before. So appx 7-8 years, maybe a bit more? Whether or not they have had crystal problems I dont know.
  9. Richard: My ex-roommate has two vegan cats. They are still alive and healthy! She buys cat food with taurine in it (and i think cats need another chemical only found in animals) which you can find at http://www.vegancats.com. Her cats are still healthy and fine though a bit chubby But I get chubby too when eating too much good vegan tofu treats haha! I think the website also has supplements in case you don't think the cat is getting enough of what they need. Plus they have wet vegan cat food Personally I just find my cat healthier when I feed him the prey diet The only thing I have read that you have to look out for is that male cats when eating kibble, especially eating vegan kibble, can develope crystals in their bladder more so than usual. This can be a serious health risk. The website I listed above also has ways to help stop that from occuring, even some different foods that help that.
  10. Censoring myself. Edited for content as didn't answer any question Richard had. Just being argumentative.
  11. Not because I am in an argumentive mood (I am) but because I really do believe that kibble, whether vegan or not, is unhealthy for cats. CATS ARE CARNIVORES: Essay... http://www.rawfedcats.org/carnivores.htm Take a look at the rest of the website also and learn what cats should really eat. Practical Guide to feeding your cats this way: http://www.rawfedcats.org/practicalguide.htm
  12. I once saw this guy do a Turkish Get up with his 90 pound plus child. insane!
  13. I like GSP a lot. I don't want to believe this but I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. But I agree damdaman its just a lot of a sore loser. When I was playing basketball in high school, hell, even now on the street courts, there are people out their who are so sweaty and slippery you think they took a bath in vaseline. It's part of sports and you learn to deal with it. But if it really happened, not accidently, but knowingly by GSP, I will lose all respect for him as a fighter.
  14. Beforewisdom: I know. I never read about them but some of my friends told me. I remember only liking only one movie of his when I was a kid but I can't remember what it was lol! Then Bruce Lee took over all my attention and has since. "Chuck Norris once ate a whole cake before his friends could tell him there was a stripper in it." Oh #%@*! That's classic haha! I almost laughed out loud!
  15. I eat about 3500 cal's a day. I have a very high metabolism though. I noticed if I stick to 3500 for a long period of time the hunger pangs go away. I personally think its addiction though. I eat like CRAP on the weekends and eat great on the weekdays. By crap I mean: snacks snacks and more snacks that add up to a lot of calories. So when the week days hit and Im back to eating healthy again, I feel the need just to snack constantly, even though I'm not hungry. It's just something that happens when you start eating healthier. Sometimes your body just craves the food you eat When I was raw I had to eat 4000 calories to feel full, even with all the fats and carbs. But now that I eat cooked again I eat a lot of potatos and spinach and bananas, which help curb the cravings for snacks
  16. Dead Prez - The Root of All Evil (why wont the video embed?) I thought I heard all of Dead Prez but I never heard this song before, nor seen the video. The song is great and has a lot of good messages about money. But the video is perhaps the best one I have ever seen by them.
  17. This can also go along the lines of why radio music is so annoying. But I agree on the hosts all too much. We have a very popular rock station here with the number one morning show. I used to like the morning show a lot and they also used to do animal rights psa's for our group (that was LONG ago). Well, we started doing a campaign against a restaraunt for selling Foie Gras. (The restaruants phone number was actually 801-foie-gras!) Anyways, we were berrated and hated on for weeks on the morning show. One of the radio hosts was so angry he actually went to eat at the restaraunt, ordered foie gras, and ate it rightin front of us while we were protesting! It didnt work though. During the time we were out fron the restaraunt their customers dropped. Friday and Saturday nights were no longer busy, hell, it was a ghost town in their when usually it was their busiest nights! They stopped serving foie gras because of us and the radio hosts shut up about it. Take that Kerri, Bill, and Gina!
  18. Thanks for all your help! Sydney: I didnt find any voltaren at the stores I went too I talked to a chemist and they told me toget some arthritis cream, which has helped a bit. I also replaced ibuprofen with some fake Aleve (not the real kind, the generic kind). The doctor said I should also take tylenol also since they both take care of inflammation and pain different ways. With ice so far I have had the msot relative pain free day in a couple of weeks. We wil see as the day goes by if it still works or not. Medman: After stopping ibuprofen my eyes have stopped hurting and I feel a bit better! Jessifly: Arnica is wonderful. On all the little aches and sprain and bruises I get disappear (sp?) after I rub that on. But it has never worked on my shoulder. I think its just too big an injury to something.
  19. Medman. Thank you! I know I should get it checked out but I lack health insurance. My PT doctors are amazing and have stopped makng me pay out of pocket. There letting me do it for free. My orthopedic surgeon for my shoulder is also doing check ups for 50% off. But because I dont have health insurance I really can't afford to go to a regular doctor for things like this. Today is the first day in a week or two that I haven't taken ibuprofen so hopefully after a couple more days if everything subsides I think I'll be fine.
  20. Are there any good vegan alternatives to ibuprofen? I tweak my shoulder during PT sometimes. Normally it goes away after a day of ice and ibuprofen. Sometimes, like this time, my pain lasts a bit longer (so far a week). But because I have been taking ibuprofen on and off since my injury I feel that it's not working any longer. Not just that, lately I've been feeling not to hot while taking the pills, then when I stop I feel much better. The pain doesn't seem to go away like it used too, I get all headachey, and my vision gets a bit blurry. All signs that ibuprofen isn't that good for me anymore or that I took so much I've kinda overdozed maybe? This is just for my shoulder. So if anyone knows any great creams I can put on there to help reduce swelling and pain I'm all ears. I would be open to pills also.
  21. Downloadable Content. Meaning if you have internet connection, you can download extra missions/quests/add-ons to the game that Bethesda has released. The first one came out a week ago. You need Xbox live or if your playing on PC Games for Microsoft to download. You also need ten dollars. This first one isnt exactly furthering the story for the game, its like a computer simulation you enter and you are a person in the army before the bomb hit and your fighting the Chinese.. ~shrugs~
  22. Have you googled it? I know a bit about publishing novels, this is how it usually goes: Write your novel. Re-edit and rewrite at least 6-7 times. Until everything seems perfect. Send it on to a publishing house with a query letter. They look at it, decide if the story is marketable. If its not they throw it away. So you try a different publisher. If it is and they want to publish, they send it to an editor, which will find everything wrong, no matter how thorough you were with the rewrites. Once you rewrite again to their liking, they give you an advance and a contract, and publish the book. (Its much more frustrating than this.) I would assume cookbooks are the same. The best thing to do is find a cookbook publisher that you like. Maybe you have seen books by them before or like the way they lay it out. Lets say you like the Skinny Bitch recipe books. Find their publisher and send your book into them, see what they say. Most publishers want a query letter with your book. This query letter must be well written, short, but with enough information on what your book is about. For example; Say you do vegan recipes. Your query letter should state why your recipe book is going to be different than the hundreds or thousands of vegan recipe books already published. You really should google it. There is tons of information out their for writers and how to publish. You can also self publish if the need strikes. There is information on that out there also. There is a website called www.writersmarket.com that lists publishers and what they are looking for and the trends they tend to stay with. I'm not sure but recipe books shouldn't be any different getting published than other books, except different publishers. I may be wrong though. I'm going through the same thing. Im re-writing my first novel and writing a second one. I'm going to try to publish both of these, hopefully with a year or two.
  23. Thats great! Go GSP! I have no reason for this at all, but I really really dislike Penn.
  24. Same here. I'm basically on the last mission when I want to finish. But I looked at a map online and found that there are TONS of places that I have yet visited. I can seriously play for another 10-20 hours and still not discover everything or do all the quests. A DLC content is out that adds new items, perks, and play time. I heard a DLC in March will allow you to play indefinatley.
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