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  1. I played Fallout 3 right when it came out. Have about 60 hours logged in with my first character, and about 10 with my second. I still haven't beat it! Marcina: I played FF11 when it first came out and had a blast. I had friends to play with and everything was fun. Then my friends left, my guild dimantled, and I got really bored. So I quit. Every now and then I come back on a new account cause I really do like the game. I just dont have any people to play with so it gets boring real fast. PLUS It takes FOREVER to level up your characters lol!
  2. Post above me spam! Kinda interesting prose spam though. At first I had no idea why this was about Iverson lol!
  3. Love Story by Taylor Swift I'm sorry, if your going to base your whole song on Romera and Juliet, and refer to the play (and other classic tragedies) in each line, then at least have the ending stay the same. THEY BOTH DIE. They dont live happily ever after. UGH. I hate radio music.
  4. Does anyone play World of Warcraft? What makes it so addicting that millions of people play this game? A friend over the week wanted me to start playing, so I downloaded the 10 day free trial. Since I really had nothing else to do Sunday I spent appx 8 hours playing. 8 hours I would probably been playing Final Fantasy VII or something. Anyways. It wasnt fun, but I got addicted to it. Like each time I leveled up and go stronger I just pressed myself to go further although I didnt want to at all. I'm glad I just did the trial, cause I dont think I can play the game all the time like most people do, why? NO STORY! Or am I just missing something? Now. I've been playing FF7 recently. This is like my 5th or so play through. I play it at least once a year. After 8-9 hours of playing, the story has told me who my enemy is, and why I'm spending time to level up, to defeat Sephiroth! And interspersed between this is even more lovely story. Something that keeps me playing. But after playing 8 hours of WoW. I still had no clue of what was going on. I just knew that I was fighting enemies just to level up and get stronger and nothing else. But I was addicted to it. UGH. So I used to play Lord of the Rings Online and that held my interest for a long time cause there is actually a story going on. I knew what I was fighting for. Whats with WoW? Any players out there?
  5. I'm usually smart enough to fix the varying problems that arise on my computer. Most of the time with ease. However, I am at a loss. My mom bought me a Kingston Flash Drive for Christmas, which I was using religiously to save my homework and my writings on. But yesterday, when I plugged it into my USB port, my computer didnt read it. I plugged it into all my USB ports, and nada. Those USB ports do read my mouse and my gamepad, all of them. SO they are working. I tested my flash drive on another computer and it works! I did all the regular stuff: restart my computer, check my drivers, I even went through regedit and tried to find my Kingston USB key, which I couldnt find. Any help will be appreciated!
  6. Hasn't anyone read Kurt Vonnegut? Although natural long life is something to strive for, I would refuse to live in a world full of people who cant die. In Kurt's short story Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow he should a bleak, but darkly funny future of people who keep procreating and cannot die. When there is no more room to grow out, society grew up. Apartment buildings hundreds of stories tall. Multiple, and in Kurts world that means at least 5 or 6, families live in one apartment, most of them sleeping on the floor. The eldest, who happened to be the father (great great great grandad) of all of them, had the only bedroom. Once he "selected" to die, (for it was medicine keeping him alive), he would will his bedroom to his favorite kid. Each time he changed his will the kid (who was also an adult 200+ years) would try to replace his medicine with placebos. Anyways. Im not gonna give away what happens. But still. Im all for living naturally and aging naturally, but when you get to the point that people can take pills to live forever your talking over-population extreme.
  7. Im going to try my hardest to move up in May or June. Im going to finish college up there and hopefully live there the rest of my life (Oklahoma calls me sometimes. Damn I miss the Tornado Alley). Anyways. I have a few questions: Im a writer. Although I havent published anything yet, its a goal of mine. I heard that its harder to get recognize in places like California, Oregon, and New York because the art communities there are so big that its filled with people trying to make it big you just kinda get looked over. Is that true? Also. Has anyone gone to PSU before? Im looking into off campus apartment housing that the school provides. Are these good places? Jobs. How hard is it to find one there? Id be looking for a parttime only so I can concentrate on school. With the economy in shambles thats my only real fear.
  8. Im going for mediocre. I had fun with 4 for the first 4-5 hours of gameplay, then just got bored out of my mind. That has never happened before with the first 3 Resident Evils. I beat them plenty of times over for all the secrets and loved each play through. Its the over the shoulder thing that kinda annoys me also. But even RPG's are doing that now. Ugh.
  9. http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-patrick-mcgoohan15-2009jan15,0,3951859.story I am in mourning. He was one of my favorite actors. His most precious role to me was in the television series The Prisoner, where he played Number 6. It was an amazing one season television series that I recommend everyone to watch. He will be missed.
  10. I watched Religulous a couple weeks ago. I agree with a couple posters above me that the movie lacked direction. After about the first half hour I was already tired of his questions and how he treated people. But I endured, because every now and then I dont mind the occasional religion bashing. I hope that towards the end of the move he would redeem himself and give answers on how to change peoples minds, or break down the facts of aethiesm / agnoticism. Something so that if Christians happened to watch the movie, they just wouldnt see a guy running around making fun of people, but instead some facts or some some honest questions that would make the religious people think.
  11. Download the demo, its free just google multiwinians. Ill try to describe it the best I can. Like I said, its a strategy game, so it has king of the hell, capture the statue (like capture the flag) about about 6 other game modes. Each mode has like 6 or 7 maps. Your this army of stick figures trying to win over all the other army of stick figures. The stick figures shoot lasers to destroy the other ones. It might sound dull, but the graphics are good, and the colors of the map, and the colors of the stick figures stay in your eyes for hours after your playing. Its like a lazer light show almost. Anyways, Ill give king of the hill an example. There is usually one main hill which gives you more points, and other smaller "hills" that can be taken for lesser points. Near these hills, there are usually spawn points. The more spawn points you have the more stick figures come pouring out. Then, there are crates that drop from the sky. Each crate can either be good or bad for your team, its kinda random. Sometimes its really good and can level the other teams, or once you open it (you just move your stick men by it) it can wipe out your whole squad thats near it. Its really good and you can play online with friends. Download the demo and give it a try
  12. Thats great! 60 bananas a day? I eat about 50 a week, I thought that was a lot! You should see the look I get at the Whole Foods when my basket is full of bananas!
  13. Software on my computer right now: Left 4 Dead Fallout 3 NBA 2k9 Multiwinians I have yet to beat fallout 3. I am 60 hours into the game and still finding new things to do! I stopped playing that when NBA 2k9 came out. But it sucks. I was disappointed so I bought Left 4 Dead. I want to find friends to play with online, so if anyone has it on their computer PM me! The first game that actually made me scream like a little girl since Silent Hill haha! Multiwnians is a computer strategy game that you can buy and download online. Its a small indie game, but it is AWESOME. I spent all Sunday playing the demo, because I didnt have enough money in my account for the full game.
  14. Ha! There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.
  15. Id thought Id make a fun thread here. As you all know, contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it is a Chucktatorship. Also that he is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs. Anyways. This stuff never gets old. I DISLIKE CHUCK NORRIS WITH A PASSION, but I still get a kick out of these jokes. (pun intended!) You dont know how many times people told me he could kick Bruce Lee's ass. UGH. I had to convince them with proof that Bruce Lee was so good he actually trained Chuck Norris.
  16. veganjkd Yours posts made me smile. Im sure you know, but in a lot of Bruce Lee's books he always said to go for the eyes as fast as possible. Anyways. I agree with a posters above. You can train in Kung Fu, Boxing, Krav Maga, JKD, whatever, but if your school doesnt actually have you fight people, your never going to know what to do in real life situations. Sure, some of the styles are better in different situations than others, like I would take Krav Maga weapon defense (gun, knife, grenade launcher, pipes, grenades) over kung fu weapon defense anyday. But I would take Aikido's take down defenses against Krav Maga's. But all that doesnt matter if you dont come to the real situation as close and as much as possible. Like I said in another post Ive seen fights between people who have trained in boxing for 2 years, with all the sparring that goes along with it, fight someone who had taken Tae Kwon Do for 10 years with no actual sparring being done. The boxer won hands down. (old videos before youtube was around. im not sure i can find them anymore) Bruce Lee always said to train in aliveness, despite your martial art. By aliveness be meant by training with the speed you would have when fighting, and to spar, a lot. I feel most comfortable with Jeet Kune Do. I also trained in Muay Thai for a couple of years. I havent done much training except for bag work in a while due to persistant injuries in my shoulders. But also, the best self-defense is not to get in the situation in the first place. If your somewhere you know your going to get into a fight, leave that area. Your pride isnt worth your life. Bar and street fights can get real ugly real quick.
  17. Finish my second novel by February Thats a wishful goal. Not reality. More than likely the first draft will be done by March! Get published also. Though thats kinda out of my hands. I can do the work, but if no one likes what I write then Im kinda up shit creek
  18. Thanks for your replies! My PT wont be in town until Tuesday, so I did everything backwards and felt like I actually working out again. Im gonna ask him if there is different things I can do when he gets back into town. I cant wait til Im all healed!
  19. My favorite movie ever is Pulp Fiction. There have been three movies that dethroned the Tarantino film in my eyes. But it always made a strong come back. Currently its second on my list. The movies that dethroned it: Donnie Darko, for like 4 months of my life. Pan's Labrynth took the crown for two months. Let the Right One In is currently top favorite.
  20. There isnt much variation in what my physical therapist for my shoulders wants me to do. I feel loads stronger and better, and have started light shadow boxing and bag work again! Something I never would imagine 3 months ago. But the exercises are getting boring. He has given me progressions. Like do this exercise, once your strong enough, you can do this. Right now, Ive maxed all the variations so far, except two. But it feels like Im just going through the motions now. It feels like the first couple of months when I first started weightlifting. Really not knowing what to do so I did bench presses, sit ups, and pushups every exercise. Rearely increasing weight and rarely variating things. I know your muscles get stronger by changing your workouts. Does this work with physical therapy? Should I go backwards in my workout? Like instead of seated dips last, do those first, and instead of rubberband work first, that last? I should ask him I know. But Im bored at work
  21. Mir beat him already, so we know Lesner can lose. Although I think it would be the most boring fight, and I hate both fighters equally, I would like to say Tim Silva vs Lesner. Either way, Id be happy cause someone would lose. I never saw Couture as a stand up fighter, and thats where he lost. He had Lesner huffin and puffin for a while when on the ground or controlling him on the fence. Get a great all around fighter and Lesner is gone. I HATE LESNER.
  22. I googled it. Youtube has a video, is this what you are talking about?: My opinion from what Ive seen if this is the correct video: What are you trying to accomplish? If you want to learn self defense, go join a a gym where they have you spare constantly. I took Muay Thai before I tore my knee. The first class was bag work and sparing. By the end of 3 months of training it was full contact. The way to learn how to fight for self defense is to actually fight people. There have been many contests where a person who was trained in boxing for 2 years fought someone who never spared and trained in karate for 5 years. The boxers always won. If traditional (chinese/japanese) martial arts are you bag, then try Jeet Kune Do, but make sure they spare (most, if not all, do). There arent a lot of traditional chinese / japanese martial arts (karate, shaolin, tai chi, wing chun) gym where I live that do this, but there are couple. If your interested in learning forms, then this seems like a good start. Forms teach you control and how to control you "chi". A lot of times they are a great cardiovascular workout. Some form work are almost full HIIT workouts. So what are you looking for? Self defense, traditional MA, forms, or just a solid workout with punches and kicks? As to whether your ready for this or not is for you to decide. Some of the stretches in the video I know I couldnt do right now, so take it easy and slow. Go at your own pace before you start doing stuff you dont understand or dont have the flexibility or power to do yet. Edited: PS: some of the responses on youtube say this video series is a good workout. I still think it all depends on what you want your goals are when following a martial art
  23. Might as well give an update. Ive been going to the PT for about a month now. There were a lot of reasons him and my orthopedic surgeon gave me as to why my shoulders always get hurt. The main one was my posture. Because I am so tall I got used to pulling my shoulder forward, so I have a hunchback of Notre Dame type of look. He said that when your forward like that, it puts a lot of stress on your rotator cuffs and pinches a lot of nerves in your shoulders. He also said that because of that I have been using my shoulder muscles for everything, instead of using my back muscles to help out. So, he is helping me correct my posture (which is already one hundred times better), and helping me strengthen my shoulder muscles and my back muscles. Besides the sheer PAIN of physical therapy, I have felt myself get stronger. I have another three weeks with him before he will let me out on my own. He told me those three weeks we will spend strengthening the shoulder area since through the last month I have already stabalized my muscles as much as I could. I dont post much here right now, but I want to let everyone know that I miss you guys! I get depressed getting on a weight lifting forums when I cant really weight lift. Jeremy
  24. So I got an appointment for a PT today. Its a free evaluation of my injury only, but I guess right now its better than nothing. Sadly, I do not have health insurance, and if I do continue with PT I have to pay out of pocket, which will be very expensive, especially if they want to see me at least one a week (something I would NOT be able to do, maybe twice a month). I feel trapped by all tis. The way I cant take care of my health without insurance and that my future life as an athlete depends on this. Annoyed
  25. Hi. I havent posted in a while. I have been injured, and going on a website like this makes me miss working out, a lot. So I have been trying to stay away. Here is my dilemma. I want to be able to exercise (mostly martial arts and HIIT) without re injuring my shoulders. You heard correctly, both shoulders. My right shoulder is suffering from a tear from years ago, and it is now Chronic. My left shoulder recently was just torn. Both are rotator cuff injuries. My left the doctor said is the Supraspinatus and so is my right. I know a lot of rest is required, but let me tell you a story. I injured my left shoulder early this year. I took a very long rest, and slowly came back into working out. My the end of July I was almost back to 100 percent!. Then while doing a push up, I re injured my left shoulder. So I have been resting for the past 3 weeks, doing stretches and stabilizing work. But due to resting my left, my right arm has been being used much more than usual, and I felt a pull in my right shoulder today picking up a backpack for school. This story has been going on with me, especially with my right shoulder, for 3 years. I have done Physical Therapy, and each doctor I have been too has said that I really dont need surgery. Why then am I always injuring myself? I can get back into the full swing of things in 3 or 4 months, my shoulders never hurting doing everything I want to do, and then doing a typical exercise I have done hundreds of times, I get hurt. I am wondering if I personally am doing something wrong? Like am I not getting enough of something in my diet that causes more injuries? Do I work out too much? Normally when I feel fit I workout M, Tu, Th, Sat. Splitting all those up with body parts of course. Is there anything I should do that I haven't tried yet? Thanks
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