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  1. June 14th... 45 minute heavy bag work. Squats: Work up to 1RM. Started at 140 x5, 145 x4, 150 x3, 155 x2, 160 x1, 165 x1, 170 x1, all the way to 190 x1. Probably could do heavier if I didnt start at such a lower weight. Sit Ups... 3 hour break. Hour of basketball outside.
  2. Off topic. But this is why I dont read the news, listen to the news, or watch the news. Its depressing shit that makes people live in fear of their neighbors and of the people around them, and doesnt offer ANY solutions to the problems so people can work through their fear and make a better society. We have some fucked up people in this world, a lot of them, and I can gurantee that each and every one of us has either been directly affected or affected through others by people such as this. I have been directly affected, and have had friends affected also. We all have. If I was raped for 19 hours (yes Im a guy, and they can get raped) I would HATE the news to spread it all over the world, offering nothing to help victims or possible future victims. I would much rather deal with it through my family, my friends, and if I know the person the court. And once thats done, start teaching others how to avoid the situation I got into, and how to protect yourself from that. To many times the news thinks all we want to hear is shit like this, and they are right, because the majority of America eats this up without really stopping and thinking about how this coverage is affecting the victim and her family. And I gurantee only a small fraction of a fraction of the population think that thats not okay, and that the news should stay in their own business, or actually do something positive in their community they report for for once. I have all the symphothy in the world for this girl, and karma is a bitch, and this guys going to get his. But instead of telling me in detail what she went through, how bout telling me about the rape crisis centers in my area, self defense areas, and what not to do in a situation that can happen to any one of us. It would make us stronger as a society, and able to handle things much easier. Rant over. Being asshole over.
  3. Its alright. Probably one of the best games I have ever watched
  4. Self defense is being aware of your surroundings and knowing when you shouldnt be in a certain place at a certain time. There are usually tell-tale signs that you are in a place you shouldnt be in, or that someone is about to do violence to you. Go to this website, all of you, please especially the girls: http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/ This man has been security for many celebrities, has been a bouncer, a gang member, a martial arts instructor. This website is LOADED with knowledge on how to keep yourself safe in any situation. He goes into the mindset of a criminal just before he does a "random attack" (which isnt really random to him), and how to avoid most of them. Basically how to not become a victim.
  5. Update. I feel like im floundering. Like I dont have a routine. Its usually an hour before I work out I come up with what I want to do. Although some workouts are surprisingly tough this way, others fail and I feel I didnt get as strong of a workout. What I want to work on: Push Ups, Pull Ups, TGU's and dead lifts. Those four exercises are what I want to work on, and get better times and personal bests on. I can only do two kipling pull ups, but never one dead hang pull up. I want to get 40 push ups in a row without stopping. Heavy deadlifts and 100# TGU's. But I feel I need much more than that. It feels that if I dont have a gut churning, fall on the ground workout session, I didnt even workout. Maybe I just need to take things in stride.
  6. June 12th Warm Up Personal Best TGU w/ dumbbells: 45 each arm. Failed at 50 with each. This was amazingly hard. TGU's with Kettlebells are completely different from TGU's with dumbbells. The DB's seem much harder! Renegade Man Makers. Tried them without the right equipment, too risky so stopped and replace with DB Complex. 1 rep= shrugs + hang clean + press. 1 set x 20 reps @ 25# Overhead Squat 5x5 @ 45. My first set was too heavy. Dropped to 40 for the rest. 40 pushups for time: 3:23. 18,12,6,4. Beat my currest best time by 11 seconds! Sit Ups.
  7. I know! Did you see the game last night!? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boston up 3-1!!!!!!!
  8. Ive never been to a conference but some of my friends want me to head up with them on this one. Are they really that great? I get bored easily and sometimes these seem like tons of classes without any free time?
  9. Some friends are heading up there and Im wondering if I should go or not. Ive never been to an animal rights conference because they all seem pretty lame when people get back and tell me the stories. ???
  10. Hey, if you want size, check this out: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/irontamer5.htm Its called the squats and milk program, but i call it the squats and eat a lot of vegan food program. Either way it worked for me. Works for most. Adding a little cardio wont hurt, but if your looking to gain weight dont overdue it. This program put about 15-20 pounds on me in 6 weeks. Im sure a lot of it was fat, but Im cutting right now and getting rid of some of it. I went from 190-210 in 6 weeks just eating heavy and following this plan ~shrugs~
  11. Agree with Tarz 100%. This has happened with men here in utah also. A friend of mine runs in a cemetary and never stays past nightfall. But she said just the other day there were really creepy people seeming to follow her. Since then she runs with a large can of bear mace.
  12. I went to a The Festival of Lights and the Krishna Temple here in Utah. It was so much fun and their food (almost all vegan) was so good! Eating now: 1/2 Pecans, and a Spirulina Raw Revolutin Bar.
  13. This is great! Do you count the calories your intaking? If so you should post them underneath your daily juices and such I did a juice fast for 4 days and thought I was gonna croak. Your an inspiration!
  14. Quick update on shoulder injuries. My left shoulder, the recently torn one, is doing fine but is still extremely weak. On the TGU streches my right arm did them fine, the left arm was lacking stability. The LS only hurts when I do something not so extreme, but puts a bit of pressure on it. Like when Im inside my car, opening the drivers side door. If it doesnt open, and I push my arm harder against the door, I can feel a little twinge. Sleeping on it too much is a bother also. My RS has a chronic injury, and I except that its going to hurt for the rest of my life. As long as I dont feel that pop, then the pain, Ill be fine with all the little jolts it gets. But supposedly the TGU's are almost like a miracle cure to rehab shoulders. So Im hoping both will get better soon. I injured my rib about 2 weeks ago. The pain is slowly leaving, but when Im in certain positions I get pretty uncomfortable. I have stopped sit ups, and some of the exercises that seem to bother it a lot. Im happy with my progress right now. I feel slimmer, but more in shape, and my shoulder look and feel a bit stronger. I cant get a big ego though, so I must stay on track to a 100lb TGU. I also want to get to a point where I can do 40 push ups in a row without resting. But right now my pushups are on hold due to it being one of the exercises that bother my ribs. I do still do girl pushups, they dont bother it at all, and its better than nothing! Remember, only go heavy when your muscles are ready. They still arent, and wont be for a while. Strengthen your endurance muscles to build a base, then slowly build your fast twitch back up until you can do heavy again. It will take time, so be discliplined.
  15. June 10th, 2008 Warm Up TGU Streches: 26# kettlebell 15 each arm The Bear: 5 sets of 7 reps 1 rep = Powerclean to front squat to press to back squat to press. Do no put the bareball down between reps, rest as needed between sets. Each set increase weight: 40, 50, 60, 70, 76. Lifted light due to rib. But my shoulder and traps were extremely tired by the time I hit 76# Farmers Walk with 55# dumbbells. 3 sets 100 meters.
  16. I would say this is a show stopper for gaining huge muscles, but if your lifting and getting in enough food your muscles will get leaner, and maybe a little bigger. I read that for 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week as long as you reach between 60-70 percent of your max heartrate, you loose fat. I havent tried that yet, as I have been doing more HIIT exercises, which have been helping.
  17. Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It Ice Cude- Race Card
  18. What Darth said. I love olive oil. I have about two tablespoons every workout day in my shakes. ~shrugs~ Ive been getting leaner also, so its not a big deal. On the health side, even some of the raw food guru's claim the health benefits of olive oil.
  19. Ugh 2-1. Lakers just won. Im gonna go drown myself now (haha jk). Seriously though, a bit sad
  20. Man, I worked at a gas station and when I had to put hotdogs on the grill I did not care where I put them before. I usually put them on the dirty ground in the cooler or else where. I hated that job! Astro: I get your point. I dont like the law also, but if its so bad why write the letter to the health department people? ~shrugs~ I was saying that because once agian, working at the gas station, if we didnt give someone a receipt when they asked we could get in big trouble. Maybe it just was a store rule though ~shrugs~.
  21. See, for me its a work thing. I dont mind someone seeing a huge spread of someones arms. Im not too embarrased by that. But the legs, then the crotch, get me a bit scared of bosses looking over my shoulder hehe
  22. Haha thats great! Well good luck! If you had a small enough digital camcorder you could sneak it in a jacket with a button unbuttoned. We did that a couple times here when talking to some of the companies we were protesting. The audio is a bit muffled though. Im sure they HAVE to give you a receipt if you ask for one, its like law or ethics or something right? Just say your watching your budget because a new video game is coming out or something haha
  23. x2 I look at this site the most when im at work and quickly scroll down the page whenever I see a Lean post lol
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