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  1. It is 7 seconds of him jumping over something and making an awkward landing on a mat.
  2. legs: db lunge- 40kg- 10x2 20x3 60kg- 20x5 80kg0 20x5 RDL slow reps with 80kg 20x8 EXTs and Curls Fast uphill, muddy walk (it was getting dark). Just letting my body know that my legs still exist.
  3. I look like a retard and my hair was mental because of the heat.
  4. Dips- 20x10 db shoulder press 20kgx 10x8 lat raise- 5kg x20x5 Shoulders have gotten really weak in my time off. They come and go fairly easily though, so should be strong again in no time. Dips are something I really want to work on since they work my chest well without pain.
  5. FINALLY GOT SOME!!! pullups: BW 5x5 +20kg- 3x5 +30kg- 5 +40kg-5 +20kg- 23 DB row- 40kgx20x4 30kgx31 bizepsss conzentration curlz 10kgx20x3 10kgx12x2 some forearm work too.
  6. There is a big enough minority here using KGs to not give a shit about converting it. If you feel like being nice just finish your posts with this link: http://www.onlineconversions.com/weight.php
  7. I was all ready to get something done yesterday and my ex called me, we ended up talking for a couple of hours. Crap.
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