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  1. Dips- 20x10


    db shoulder press 20kgx 10x8


    lat raise- 5kg x20x5


    Shoulders have gotten really weak in my time off. They come and go fairly easily though, so should be strong again in no time. Dips are something I really want to work on since they work my chest well without pain.

  2. I've had a nice break from training, strangely I have lost fat and kept my muscle. My neck a bit stiff after letting someone swing from my neck after an attempted take-down but I think I will get back into weight-training again in the next few days. I went for a 6-mile walk/run the other evening, I managed a decent enough pace I think. More to come, hopefully.

  3. Coffee with whiskey, isnt that an Irish coffee? THose are delicious, not sure about them as part of a training regiment but hey, I'm all for whatever makes people happy.



    I guess it is like Irish coffee but without the fancy stuff, I mean ONLY strong coffee with whiskey.

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