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  1. Ha, me too. i get IDed all the time now, especially when I cut my face fuzz off. I look like a teenager pretty much.
  2. Yeah, I quite happily eat grinds if they get through the filter. I ate whole beans when I was late for work and couldn't be bothered to grind them. Don't judge me.
  3. I am in no way suggesting what I do it healthy in any way, maybe just that it doesn't matter as much as you think it does what you consume immediately after working out.
  4. I am not surprised you're afraid, it is a scary world out there without booze and beans.
  5. Laziness is about habits. I never thought I could do a full day's work for a week until I had to do it for money, now I can't imagine not working. Anyone else remember that time in their life? Just do it. You have to.
  6. I am not sure why you ditched my quote from your sig but you are welcome to repost it where applicable.
  7. calories are good, but I prefer the occasional whisky and coffee concoction post workout. Personal preference I guess.
  8. I want to compete in the bikini category one day. I have the bikini right but I think I need to lose some weight since it doesn't fit that well, I also think I need to gain some more chest size.
  9. You should be careful how you write "MF". It is an abbreviation of something else, something not very nice.
  10. I really enjoyed reading that post, reminds me of what I used to be able to do before the kids came along. Sounds a pretty cool experience and I bet you get a lot out of that. Walking/easy running is great for clearing the mind and getting the endorphins going again. Keep up with the training as well, you're going good. Enjoy your weekend MF. I am glad you enjoyed it. Those times of reflection are the most important thing to me ever, I think it would be even more important to me if I had children around. Not just for the peace, but because it brings the best out of me and my children will deserve the best dad that I can possibly be. That is not a judgment of you, I particularly need the time to put my many negative traits in order.
  11. Meh, I thought I was a fan of female vocals for a while but it seems not. Arkona does my nut in unless it is paired with clips from a kickass polish film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYwdiUPFRCg
  12. Now I have let that out... Eluveitie is probably the ONLY female vocal metal bands I can appreciate and I love everything they have put out. The female singers and utterly enchanting. At their loudest they bring back to me the times when the village women would stand at the side of the battlefield shouting encouragement to the men, baring their breasts and even threatening to leave a man if he shows cowardice in battle. I get pumped up to fight legions of Romans whenever I switch them on for really reals.
  13. channel 5 is available in N Ireland, but not ROI where they get all other channels with BBC operating as BBC NI.
  14. I didn't see this before. I hope you find the strength, knowledge and discipline to reach your goals.
  15. Mung beans are kew. I know for a fact that waitrose stocks sprouted beans, but it isnt hard to sprout your own. Google it.
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