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  1. I love Nile! THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD!!!
  2. Anaal Nathrakh, cattle decapitation, maiden, burzum... metalhead here too.
  3. Assuming I am correct about them expecting the winner to push supplements, if the competitor appears to be likely to not want to push the supplements then they just will not allow them to win.
  4. Walked a while. There's a place on a hill overlooking the most beautiful valley with chocolate box villages dotted in the trees and fields. I like to sit there and just reflect. Sometimes I will sit there for a couple of hours and something will just dawn on me and unlock a whole trail of thought, that existed in my mind but was never explored. I might realize a whole trail of rabbit-holes in my mind that give me a whole new perspective in life. Like when you have that great idea before you fall asleep and wake up and forget it, except completely lucid and I remember it.
  5. Sometimes I push myself so hard I get ringing in my ears and the raging squirts. I don't know if it is related in any way, I am just saying.
  6. Thanks for sharing, Robert. That has definitely changed my perspective a little. I am voting, just to see what happens if they win.
  7. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mielke40.htm http://uk.myspace.com/heyzeus909/blog/267545808
  8. I eat coconut oil as much as I can afford to. It is healthy, it digests easily and you can buy it cold pressed. Canola oil is bullshit, it is made from rancid plants oils, deodorized and coloured and sold as 'healthy' even though it is full of free radicals and has zero proven health benefits except "it isn't animal fat".
  9. more or less, i also find it hard to train, dont think its wrong My point was that there are a bunch of ideals going around that are true in theory, but in reality there are a number of factors that make it not work in practice. i agree, but artificial light doesnt have the same spectrum of the sun so we cant just put artificial light as a substitute. True, artificial light does not give us the benefits of vitamin D, but it does register as light in our brains. sorry to say that they will, here they live in large rooms with artificial light, i dont think they know what sunlight is (well maybe they are given other chemicals in order to compensate this lack ) Again, it is timed to be at least 14hrs of light because that is how much light a chicken needs to see for them to lay eggs, the lights are also set to fade out at night so they won't stay awake all night. So yeah, overall point is that we can override circadian rhythms with artificial light with none of the benefits of actual sunlight.
  10. Pacgirl, if you find yourself unable to behave according to someone's ideal then it must be wrong right? Though we also have to factor in the effect of artificial lighting, modern routines etc. There is no doubt that sunlight has an effect on hormones and your body will respond to that. From what I have read, artificial light is confusing and even damaging our circadian rhythm, we are part of nature, and just like grass will not release pollen until it has the right amount of sun per day, a chicken will not lay eggs without enough sunlight and will not sleep unless the light dims slowly, we too are influenced by the sun. It is just a difficult thing to exploit when you have the ability to confuse that natural response using artificial lighting.
  11. So you use that kind of language and blame me for interpreting it as hostile? I think this is an interesting post that someone has put some effort into putting together and I think you are being a dick.
  12. Lift heavy, eat protein, do cardio. If you haven't been as active lately you will need the protein to build the muscle you need to be active, you will need to keep encouraging muscle growth. You can build muscle and lose fat at the same time, it just isn't ideal for building a lot of muscle, your goal should be to be as active and capable as possible, the fat will come off. If it doesn't then drop your carb intake for a week or two. Creatine shouldn't be a problem, it might make you hold a little more water weight, but if you think it will get you closer to your goals then whatever-the-fuck. The extra couple of pounds of water won't matter all that much unless you don't quite meet your goal, then you need only drop creatine for a while to weigh-in.
  13. There are 2 codes you can use, right? One for forums and one for direct links IIRC. Try using the other code?
  14. Right click... view image. I am not sure why it isn't showing properly.
  15. BB.com only care about selling supplements, so I am of two minds about voting a vegan into a position where they are forced to promote whatever supplement the site is pushing. As exceptional as both of them seem to be, their contribution to the vegan movement will be enforcing the idea that for a vegan to be healthy they must be supplement junkies.
  16. Something really needs to change man, that is not a good look. I mean it in the nicest way possible of course. I look forward to seeing your progress.
  17. I'm getting bored with this today, lifting felt good, but it is really taking my energy away from much more important shit. Warmup- cleans 60x5 80x5 90x5 Deadlift 180x5x2 190x5 205x1 205x2 215x1x5 I'm still pretty sure there is more in me if my grip gets just a bit better. Milipress: 60x10x2 80x8x3 90x5x2 Went for a short, chilled-the-fuck-out walk after and ate while looking over some beautiful hills.
  18. Why so hostile, cellar yeti? Do you need some vitamin D?
  19. I'm a cool vegan man, shoot me a message.
  20. Your avatar is hilarious! Who the hell would do that?!
  21. My ex-girlfriend got one of those, she was a superstar for some time after she started working hard on it. But if that is not what you're going for: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Heavy-Grips-Gripper-200lb-Advanced/dp/B002HX8ZY6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1352139389&sr=8-2
  22. Nothing wrong with bro curls, bro. What grip trainer do you have?
  23. Work was tough, then there was some added family drama. I am fried.
  24. Oh I forgot, I threw in a BW session after this one. Note: I have a list of BW workouts that I throw in at the end of nearly all my weight sessions, usually they will tear up whatever body parts I didn't work. BW WO 1 pushups-20 crunch-20 wide push-20 crunch-20 knuckle push-20 crunch diamond push-20 (repeat as able) #2 hindu squat- 30seconds bridge-30 seconds Repeat 3-4x #3 pullups-30 seconds leg lifts-30 seconds x3-4 #4 25 pushups 50 squats 5-10 pullups 25 situps repeat as desired #5 20 bw squat 5 ohp 10 pushup 10 crunch 30sec bridge rpt Sometimes I will do all of it once just to keep things interesting, or add/replace an exercise. After yesterday's sesh I added #1
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