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  1. I went for a walk/run through muddy fields and hills today, I got really dirty and pushed myself so hard my lungs were burning. Good stuff Later on (after some serious eating) I did some leg work. Walking lunge with bar; front, back, side-to-side. lunges: 40kg 10x4 60kgx10x2 squat: 110kgx5 150kgx5 170kgx5 180kgx3x2 90kgx15x4 Deadlifts (supposed to be SLDL but I couldn't keep straight) 90kgx10x4 80kgx10x4 Leg ext- 40kgx30x4 leg curl-40kgx20x4 Calf raise: 80kgx 20x5 I think that's right, I am writing this the morning after with not much sleep. My legs frickin hurt!
  2. I don't start work til later so this morning was a good opportunity to get a sweat on. pushups -20 crunch- 20 wide push-20 crunch-20 knuckles-20 crunch-20 diamond push- 20 hindu squat- 40 bridge-30sec hindu squat-40 bridge-30sec rest 1 minute pullups- 12 hindu squat- 20 pullups-12 hindu squat-20 pullups-20 hindu squat- 20 burpees- 10s I don't remember how many sets.
  3. Just got busy on one of those step machines ON MY HANDS! It was awesome!
  4. I am sure your chest is much more impressive than mine.
  5. Take the advice you have already been given and then show us your adjusted diet plan.
  6. Eat the living FUCK out of chickpeas and lentils! They are your friend. You will need to learn how to cook them nice eventually and make different stuff to keep it interesting but that is a conversation for a different time.
  7. There's just something about my expressions and sentence structure reminds me of Nigerian spammers when I read over it the next day.
  8. You're trying to say it is difficult to eat a vegan diet in INDIA?! Forget avocados, hummus and ESPECIALLY soy burritos. Focus on what you have readily available: Lentils, Chickpeas, rice, coconut oils etc. Don't be afraid to eat like a poor person!
  9. I hear Bear Grylls is a big fan of pee protein.
  10. My shoulder just wasn't moving right, I had clicking and grinding and pain when I tried to bench. I did not warm up my rear delts before playing, my rotators probably need some strengthening too so that's probably why. It just wasn't working. I did some light bench work in the hope I could consider it a warm-up and kill some flys, but my bicep started giving me trouble with those. Lots of little things!
  11. I LOVE training back! But something is holding me back right now, maybe it got wasted during my leg workout. warmup- pullups 12x2 deadlift- 80- 160-180-190-200 200x1x 10 weighted chins- +40kg fail +30 x1x2 Oh hamburgers! DB row 40kg 15x4 DB row 40kg x10 30kgx10 20kgx8 (superset?) Is it a superset if it is the same exercise but a lighter weight? I just keep a line of DBs and grab a lighter one when I can't do another. concentration curl- 10kg-20x4 save it for another day....
  12. In many cases I am completely wrong. A purely objective exercise regimen is unsuitable for almost everyone that isn't autistic.
  13. Bienvenue! Wilkommen! Bienvenidos! خوش آمدید أهلاً و سهل Cead míle fáilte!
  14. The progression and variation using weights provides is far more engaging, encouraging and rewarding.
  15. Pelvic tilt is a very small repercussion for something highly, highly unlikely to ever happen.
  16. In my experience, women tend to workout with weights because they have too little strength to use their body-weight, using weights allows them to work with less weight for more gain.
  17. Let's start with that I can't run and I think it is an important thing to be able to do.
  18. I was 240ish lbs at the beginning of this year by the way.
  19. You really have come a long way, but you still have some distance to go. I know from personal experience that one can look at the progress one has made and the feeling of accomplishment takes away from what still needs to be done. That is a bigger risk right now that the very difficult task of reverting to your former self. Do not settle yet! I am watching you!
  20. Hi! I will be following this. I want to see some hectic workouts, I KNOW you can do more.
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