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  1. Oh thanks for your reply! Yes, avocado has become my favorite vegetable by now, it is nice and a bit fatty. I'll definitely try new recipes with it and might include it where I have not yet done so. many thanks!
  2. This is definately something that can be used as an 'everyday' addition to your diet, and IMO more so than Chlorella which tends to be a little more specific in terms of how and when you should use it. I use a combo of wheat & barley grass and just mix a teaspoon into my protein shake every day. Tastes good. Oh, thanks for the information, might change to wheat grass then, or at least try it first.
  3. Chlorella is something I tried but as with others, I do not need or want it every day. But the long term effects are very positive, makes me feel a bit more "light" and "active". in fact, I do not even have to use blemish balm to improve my looks anymore. Wheat grass is something I have never tried though - should I eat it as a complement?
  4. Well, these links are helpful. Related to that, I would like to know if someone has a good "cheese-replacement" strategy. I was a veggie first ans now go vegan. Feel that my skin is better when I do without milk, had many pimples before and had to cover them with bb cream. I do not mind doing without milk and yoghurt, but I sometimes feel I'd like to eat cheese. Is there a good substitute (with regard to taste) which is not milk-based?
  5. Thanks a lot! Yeah, I will be stealing recipes too...
  6. Oh I love smoothies, yummy. Sounds like a good a start into the day.
  7. Hi, I have become a vegan in February this year, so I am new to all this. Well, not really, I was vegetarian before for two years, so I have learned about nutrition already, but I think joining a forum might improve my cooking repertoire a little and the general well-being. looking forward to hearing from you!
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