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  1. Also would you reccomend a meat alternative that is healthier then the rest? Or which protien powder tastes the best? Or is best for you? Sorry for all the questions im new to this.
  2. Great info. Thanks for the advice! Are the meat alternatives high in sodium? I dont want to get bloated or have high blood pressure.
  3. I know it can defintely work. Im not doubting that. Im just curious how I got about it? I've been looking at a ton of high protien vegan diets and they all appear to be high in carbs. How can I be so sure that those diets weren't made by a "hard gainer". What works for him may not work for me. What used to work for me was low fat, low carb, high protien. But I'm trying to go the healthier route (vegan). So im just trying to get everyone's advice on vegan dieting. I want all the protien but I'm nervous about adding all the carbs. I noticed that you said to eat "clean" but excuse my ignorance. I'm new to this and figured all vegan food were clean with the exception of fried foods.
  4. Im looking for a high protien vegan diet that wont add on the unwanted fat. (trying to lean out) I used to be fat, and I'm very "carb sensitive"! What always worked the best for me I've noticed that most of the high protien vegan diets are very high in carbohydrates. Does anyone have any diets that would work for my body type and geared towards my goals? Im not a "hard gainer". I can put on mass quite easily but it is more difficult for me to get cut.
  5. Thanks! I just ordered it.
  6. Thank you Robert. Good to be here.
  7. Is there anyone on here who can send me a copy of thier bodybuilding meal plan? Im new to this and have no idea where to start. I have been trying to read up but there are so many different options and opinions. I need a meal plan. Something that tells be what to eat, meal by meal. Can anyone help of steer me in the right direction?
  8. Hello everyone. My name is Craig and Today I decided that I would become vegan. I'm 29 years old and I've been bodybuilding for the past 12 years. When I started bodybuilding I was 18 years old, 270 lbs (fat)!! Never ate veggies or anything really healthy. With hard work I got down to 200 lbs with 6% bodyfat. Now I'm at a solid 215. And to be honest I'm sick of eating animal products. To be honest I never even imagined that a vegan could be a bodybuilder. Therefore I'm glad that I found a site that is dedicated to the bodybuilding vegan. I plan on getting a lot info from this site, and wouldnt mind some begginer advice.
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