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  1. awesome! thanks robert! i got a call from a friend of yours that is in california right now. we're staying in contact to see if we can find a big house to rent and fill it up with some more vegans. it would probably take a lot of vegans to fill a house though, we're pretty skinny... thanks again robert, i can't wait to meet you!
  2. hey everybody, i'm moving back to portland in october and am looking for a place to rent for myself and possibly my friend, bradley. he is a clever person, an inspired and inspiring artist, a musician... i am joyful, introspective, observant... i like to sleep outside, read books, write letters and hike trails. i eat raw foods, i collect rocks. we both ride bikes, recycle, support local foods and co-ops. we like to host and attend potlucks. we are each looking for a room for $400 or less. we like nooks and wood floors and stairs and windows and yards with hopes of gardens and growth and life. bradley is hoping to stay at a farm for the month of october, to learn and to transition into oregon and out of his last job at a library in michigan. he will probably be looking for a room at the beginning of november. if you have a room or two that you are looking to rent, or know of anyone who is and think we might be compatible please email me here or call 503.545.8803. thank you so much! rebecca
  3. welcome, karen! this is an awesome forum!
  4. i think in accents sometimes. quite a lot, actually.
  5. enjoy the hike, isaac! take lots of pictures please
  6. i haven't read any of his books, but i see them mentioned on here a lot. would you recommend that i check them out? you mentioned that you are eating a lot of nuts and seeds. do you soak them first? nuts and seeds have enzyme inhibitors on them, which are released by soaking. typically it is best to soak nuts for a few hours, then to rinse them really well and allow them to dry. almonds, walnuts, etc. seeds take less time to soak and are really easy to sprout. have you gotten into sprouting at all? i would suggest eating more bananas and avocados and dense foods like that, which are easier to digest than nuts. also, try eating one food at a time, to see if you can pinpoint specific foods that give you trouble. otherwise it might be the enzyme inhibitors in nuts and seeds, or improper food combining. hopefully these ideas help! (i used to be bloated all of the time from cooked food. sometimes i looked pregnant! )
  7. what kinds of foods are you eating? it really helps to eat one food at a time, it's called mono eating. you may also want to try proper food combining, as described in this link: http://www.internethealthlibrary.com/DietandLifestyle/Food_combining.htm good luck and congratulations on being animal free!
  8. hey matt, i noticed you're in hamilton. peterborough has some nice places to eat, but i was only looking for raw foods. there are probably a lot more options if you eat cooked food. "rusty snail" has a great salad with mango, strawberries, red onion, avocado and greens. it has live music and a chill environment. "the spill" has great water. i went there for the atmosphere (missing coffee shops) and the barista was vegan and very helpful. she suggested checking out "lunch" for some great salads, and a coffee shop off of charlotte, down by the railroad tracks. i can't remember the name, but i got a fruit plate there. the baristas were very accommodating and friendly. "maggie's garden" has some vegan options if i remember correctly. again, i had a salad. hunter st. and charlotte st. have the most restaurants and cafes. i liked "rusty snail" the best, but you might have to look around to find something cooked that you like. good luck!
  9. these are excellent posts, gorilla. there is such a vibrance with fruit! we are so fortunate to have a spectacular variety of colors and flavors and textures!
  10. thanks loveliberate! i'm getting closer - i'm in michigan now! out of canada and into the states!
  11. hey billy, welcome to the forum! ahh... seattle. i ate my first fresh, vegan donut there. it blew my mind. what are some of your favorite foods there in seattle?
  12. hi james! welcome! how is the veganism going?
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