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  1. Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posting. I let some life issues get in the way of my focus. I still aim for having a photo shoot in a week or two. Even the my actions waver, my passion is undying. More to come.
  2. I'm beat up but happy! Sorry for my lack of posting. I finally got a smart phone, and with that, I feel like I have even more responsibility. Still trying to get after this goal of putting on more mass. I got some new personal records today. PR power clean and jerk 223lbs. PR squat clean 223, no jerk. Box jump 49", pull up 28 unbroken, 1:32 500m row, and 1:08.5 for 400m run. Good motivation from yesterdays Olympic lifting meet that I watched.
  3. Yesterday (Thursday) was a rest day. Yesterday's food: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/reports/printable_diary/PlantFit?from=2012-05-17&to=2012-05-17 This is what I ate today so far: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/reports/printable_diary/PlantFit?from=2012-05-18&to=2012-05-18 I worked out tonight from 6:15pm to 7:45pm. I was tired, and had no workout partner, but it had to get done. Workout was: WOD 120518: BB Gymnastics 1) 10 minutes to work up to a heavy but not maximal Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerk. 135/1, 155/1, 155/1, 185/1, 205/fail. Notes: Work up to the limitations of your technique. I.e. your heaviest lift should not be slop, it should be technically clean. 2) EMOM for 7 minutes perform 3 Power Clean & Power (Push) Jerks @ 85% of the above. 160/3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, Strength 1a) 4X5 1&1/4 Front Squats – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. 155/5, 155/5, 155/5, 155/5 1b) 4X8,6,4,2 Strict HSPU + ME Kipping HSPU – regionals standard, rest 60 sec. 4+6, 2+3, 3+5, 3+6 Notes: If you cannot get through the strict HSPU, then go to 1 rep short of complete failure and switch. Conditioning 10 minute AMRAP of: 100′ KB Overhead Carry, 35lb in each hand 5 Muscle-Ups 25 Absolutely Vertical Kettlebell Swing 70lb 2 rounds plus 100' KB Overhead Carry Thank you again, and good night!
  4. Ok, I am only shopping at Trader Joe's because I really enjoy my shopping experience there, and this is just a way to further challenge myself. I got two workouts in today, First one at 1:30 pm with Olympic lifting, some strength training and traditional CrossFit metabolic conditioning. The second workout at 7:30 pm was an attempt at chest and tricep Hypertrophy training. This kicked my butt faster than I expected. Muscle felt tired pretty quick. This was because I gave them no chance to recover before next set. I just logged my food, and good thing I worked out twice. This will definitely be considered a "Build Up" day. 5000+ Calories with 344 grams of protein. I'll be logging my food at http://www.myfitnesspal.com/reports/printable_diary/PlantFit?from=2012-05-16&to=2012-05-16 As for workouts: 1:30 Workout- WOD 120516: http://outlawcoach.wordpress.com/ BB Gymnastics 1) 7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – rest 60 sec. 105/3, 115/3, 115/3, 115/3, 125/3, 125/3, 125/3 Notes: Do not load heavy unless you are proficient through every position. This is a technique and speed drill (working turnover when fatigued), but you may go heavier as long as there are no misses or slop reps. Strength 1a) 3 X ME Bench Press @ 95% – rest 60 sec. 225/3, 225/4, 225/6, 235/3 1b) 3 X 8 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 60 sec. 135/8, 135/8, 135/8 Conditioning 4 rounds for time of: 30 Front Squats @ 115# 15 T2B 15 Lateral Box Jumps 24″ Yes, I completed this. It felt pretty terrible though. I completed it with the Rx weight at 25:37. I broke the Front Squats up into sets of 10. 7:30pm Workout- Incline DB Press and Fly alternating reps- 30lb DB's/10, 10 Ring Push Up- 10, 10 Ring Dips- 10, 6/3/1, 6 DB Tri Extension from floor- 30/10, 20/10, 30/5 negatives + a few extra sets with mixed grip on flat bench with 135. Thank you and Good Night!
  5. First trip to Trader Joe’s to stock up on menu items. Pictures of Day 1. I wanted to post some pictures so you guys can see where I am starting. I want to drop a little bit more fat, but more importantly put on 3 to 4 pounds of muscle. I will focus on upper chest, triceps, and posterior deltoids. http://img580.imageshack.us/img580/7977/stripru.jpg http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg259/scaled.php?server=259&filename=1a51512.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg833/scaled.php?server=833&filename=1b51512.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg846/scaled.php?server=846&filename=1c51512.jpg&res=landing
  6. WOD 120515: Results (all weight in lbs, not kg) BB Gymnastics 5X2 Clean & Jerk @ 80% – rest 60-80 sec. Full Squat Clean and Split Jerk 175x2, 175x2, 175x2, 175x2, 175x2 Strength 15 minutes to establish a 3RM Back Squat. 225x3, 245x3, (add belt) 255x3, 260x3 Conditioning Tabata (20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 8 sets): Pullups Strict-10 Kipping-11 Strict-4 Kipping-6 Strict-4 Kipping-6 Strict-3 Kipping-6 Notes: Alternating sets between strict & kipping (butterfly or glide). 8 rounds total work, beginning with strict. *Rest 5 minutes. 3 rounds for total reps of: 90 sec. ME Rope Climbs 15′ - 4 times, 4 times, 4 times (grip was running out on me) 90 sec. Rest 90 sec. ME Burpees - 30 reps, 26 reps, 28 reps 90 sec. Rest Courtesy of http://www.theoutlawway.com Done and Done. Off to Trader Joe's!!!
  7. Hey guys! So most of you probably have heard of me somewhere on this website, but noticed I am completely inactive on the veganbodybuilding.com forum. Well, that has changed. www.veganbodybuilding.com has been integral to my success and I can not thank Robert enough for the opportunities he has given me! I will be maintaining a 1 month long training and nutrition journal from May 15th until June 15th. The goal of this journal is to keep me accountable as I prepare for a photo shoot with a friend here in Portland, Oregon. I currently weigh 173.8 pounds at 5.6% body fat. I have done two previous bodybuilding competitions, but I am not interested in stepping on that stage again any time soon. What I am doing however is challenging myself in the realm of CrossFit, with an emphasis on strength increases and improving my Olympic lifts. I have a few specific goals for this month: 1 - Increase Lean Mass by 3-4 lbs. (More Specifically Upper Chest, Triceps, and Posterior Delts) 2 - Decrease Body Fat to around 4% 3 - Increase my Olympic Snatch (currently 180 lbs.) 4 - Look amazing by June 15th for my photo shoot, which will be used for future promotion of myself and the vegan lifestyle Here is my current plan of attack on nutrition: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/reports/printable_diary/PlantFit?from=2012-05-13&to=2012-05-13 During this month, I am setting a few ground rules. I want to limit all grocery shopping to Trader Joe's, but I will still eat foods that are currently in my house that were not necessarily purchased from Trader Joe's. I am going to only use Plant Fusion Protein Powder, http://plantfusion.net/. I just picked some of this stuff up, and this is a company I want to see get big. Also, I expect this protein to help me get big, and lean. I liked the idea of using a vegan protein powder from Trader Joe's but they do not carry anything worthy. The only vegan protein they have is hemp protein and it is mostly fiber. Also, I only want to allow myself to eat out once a week. My scheduled workout for today is: WOD 120515: BB Gymnastics 5X2 Clean & Jerk @ 80% – rest 60-80 sec. Strength 15 minutes to establish a 3RM Back Squat. Conditioning Tabata: Pullups Notes: Alternating sets between strict & kipping (butterfly or glide). 8 rounds total work, beginning with strict. *Rest 5 minutes. 3 rounds for total reps of: 90 sec. ME Rope Climbs 15′ 90 sec. Rest 90 sec. ME Burpees 90 sec. Rest Courtesy of www.theoutlawway.com I'll keep updating this as the days go by. I'm doing this workout at 12:30pm today, so I'll post my numbers afterwards. I'll also have a copy of this posted on my personal blog as well, http://edbauerfit.com/ Thanks.
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