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  1. my persian female cat. she's 12 yro and her name is Penny http://i.imgur.com/cwhuF.jpg?1?7721 http://i.imgur.com/QlgBl.jpg?1
  2. I just plugged this video on youtube I summarize in 3 minutes the reasons why I became vegan please watch it and tell me what you think. did I made ​​some mistakes in English? There is also the Italian version on my channel P. S. @ 3:35 there is a V.I.P. XD
  3. very interesting site, shame about the prices so high!
  4. I'm from Italy and the only vegan stuffs that I ordered online are some protein powder, bcaas and instant oats from bulkpowders.co.uk, a british store! I'm very satisfied of their products, though the protein powders are unsweetened and unflavoured, so their taste is not really good. There are many American stores, with many interesting products that I would buy, but I don't because of customs fees or other problems with customs.
  5. THANK YOU! now I'm vegan and I feel so good! I have a kg of whey yet.. I'll put it in the trash
  6. How much complete is a 50/50 blend of hemp and pea protein powders? do I have to buy also some brown rice protein powder and mix with other powders to obtain a complete protein shake? ty
  7. ok, I found vegan bcaas on bulkpowders.co.uk
  8. Myprotein is a good website for buy my vegan supplements, is an European store and ship regularly to my nation, Italy. Unfortunately they have only vegetarian Bcaa. The most of vegan supplements stores are american, they ship to Italy but the shipment and customs fees are too much expensive. Does exist any brand of vegan Bcaa available in Europe? ty all
  9. great website, thank you for posting. I don't know some of those products.. for example what is quinoa? I never seen quinoa in Italy
  10. this is a really interesting thread! I leave in europe and I think the only store that will ship in Italy are myprotein and bulkpowder. So my choice is limited to pea powder protein, brown rice powder protein and hemp powder protein. I have to exclude the pea's proteins because their taste is horrible... someone confirmed that in this topic. So I'll buy the brown rice powder protein and hemp powder protein.. are they complete protein? To obtain complete proteins, how or with what I can combine or mix these proteins? ty
  11. ok, I undersand. so there aren't contraindication in daily consumption of tofu, right?
  12. wow..I never thought that soy burger could be considered junk food. I'm so confused. In fact I've just read the ingredient list and there is even egg white powder. They aren't even a real vegan product. Instead can the tofu be considered a clean food?
  13. I'm trying to become vegan for 1 months. The first change of my diet has been introdution of soy meals (like soy burger, soy meatball, tofu etc.) in place of meat, fish, diary products and eggs. I eat at least a portion of these product a day... Can I eat every day soy and derivates or it may dangerous for healt? If there are contraindications, which are the maximum amounts of soy can I take per day? I hope the question is clear. Thank you
  14. Hi guys, I'm from North Italy and I'm 26 yro. well , unfortunately, I'm not yet vegan. I stopped eating meat and I reduced the consuption of milk and diary products 1 month ago. I hope to bacame vegan soon. I hope that this forum can help me to combine bodybuilding and vegan lifestyle. Finally I hope that attending this forum will help me to improve my English...I need it
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