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  1. Hey all, I recently picked up jogging a few months ago as I was approaching the end of my bulk in April, as I wanted to supplement my diet over the summer with light cardio. I've been lifting heavy for years now and used to do track back in high school (hurdles and long jump), but I've NEVER been an endurance runner, so I started out fresh this year. I love it so far, it's a welcome break from weightlifting for so long. However, since I just started I don't really know much about it besides what a few friends have advised me. I definitely need more advice on running as a whole. I currently run on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I can't go for very long though due to my lack of endurance, so I generally brisk walk 10 minutes to warm up, jog 30 minutes, and cooldown walk for 15 minutes. I stretch before and after my warmup a bit (10-15 seconds per leg muscle), and then stretch for 30+ seconds after finishing everything. I don't carry a pedometer on me, but I mapped out my general route once and it ends up being 3 miles of jogging and one mile of walking. If I happen to run and lift on the same day, I always run after lifting rather than before. I don't have any hardcore running goals to be honest, I would just appreciate any general rules of thumb as well as tips on preventing injury and improving endurance. I would be happy to eventually be able to jog for 5 miles 3-4 times per week.
  2. 2000 calories per day? With 4-5 days of training per week (not even including the cardio)? That's probably your energy problem right there. I have a raw vegan friend at Cornell who specializes in endurance training. She eats easily 2.6k-3k per day, and she rarely lifts. She's thin as a pencil, too. Might want to start jumping up the calories in anyway you can.
  3. Never heard of it, but I'll definitely keep an eye for it. We have a lot of organic food stores where I live, so hopefully one of them carries it. Thanks!
  4. My macros are fine; furthermore, I don't abide by the ALAIFYM. I make sure to get plenty of Omega-3s and essential fatty acids from a wide variety of sources including tree nuts, hemp, and chia - after bulking and cutting for 2.5 years, I have personally found that my biggest problem in success is continually putting on weight past 205lbs. When I gain weight, my power and physique skyrocket. If I don't gain weight, they stay the same. It's a simple matter of managing to get past these BF% plateaus for me. I'm thankful enough to know that for me, personally, calories DO equate power and muscle mass (as long as the macronutrient ratios for those calories are correct and not entirely from soy or nutrient-poor sources).
  5. Thanks for the suggestions - really, anything could work as long as I can eat the mounds of food. I never thought about taco seasoning - I should try that.
  6. I've reached the point of my bulk where I need to be eating 4.5-5k calories a day to see any noticeable difference in weight. However, eating 5 cups of cooked quinoa is incredibly difficult to choke down. What sauces/spices can I add to my typical carb sources to help me eat them faster? Brown rice, white rice, lentils, quinoa, split peas, any specific information would be extremely helpful.
  7. Hey! This is a dumb question, but I love your WTF-Stew ingredients and want to start cooking it on the regular during my bulk. How do you use a slowcooker? Do you add water, what temperature do you set it at, how long etc etc. I want to be able to replicate this recipe 100% because I've been searching for an easy way to eat a lot of carbs really fast.
  8. I'm preparing to make the jump to clean workouts/no PWOs. Over the past 2 years they've honestly gotten me through really heavy lifts and helped me do days that I really had no desire to do, but now that my workouts are as much apart of my day as waking up, they're more of a cost than anything. Let alone this whole energy problem.
  9. Hey everyone. For the past month and a half, I've noticed that my preworkout supplements have started to feel very abnormal. Whenever I take them before my workout, I only feel little-to-moderate levels of energy during my actual lift. Then, for literally HOURS afterward, and as of recently the rest of the day, my heartrate is elevated just enough that I'm at an extremely uncomfortable state of energy and alertness. Even if I go all out and hit the gym hard (deadlifts, power movements, bench etc) for 1.5-2 hours, I still just feel absolutely wretched feelings of alertness afterward. I can't read, concentrate, study, or relax, which in college is not a cost I can afford. I've tried not only taking the preworkout longer and longer before my lift (waiting up to 1 hour before heading to the gym), but reducing the amount as well. With preworkouts I used to take 2.5-3 scoops of and feel absolutely fine. Now I've reduced it to 0.8-1 scoops and the feelings of adrenaline just get worse and worse. I'm thinking maybe I'm not getting a specific vitamin/mineral in my vegan diet that I wasn't aware of? I know I don't eat much iron - maybe that has something to do with it?
  10. I use calorieking.com whenever tampering and writing down food for my diet. It allows you to manually input numbers of servings and sizes of food until you reach the calorie/macronutrient amounts you're looking for, and its database has a ton of popular and rare food brands.
  11. Hey all. Currently I have a leg day for my 4 day routine, and on this day I do 4x10 squats for 3 weeks, then in the next 3 week cycle I do deadlifts 4x10. The deadlift weeks are obviously extremely tiring and prevent me from doing the other auxiliary leg exercises I usually do on the squat weeks (ie. leg press, leg extension, leg curls, DB RDLs etc). Is it okay to insert a 5th day in my routine where I solely do deadlifts? The leg day would be solely dedicated to the 4 sets of squats whereas later in the week would be the deadlift day. I currently do chest/back on fridays so I'd rather save my energy for chest those days and not waste it with deadlift sets prior.
  12. Hey everyone. So I started by doing solely negative sets - 4 sets by 10 reps each going down as slowly as possible and squeezing the hell out of my lats. It's three days afterward now and my lats are flaring up with wonderful pain. Honestly I can't remember the last time my lats hurt this good; it's been a long, long while. Thanks to everyone for their advice. This week I'm gonna try jumping it to 4 sets 15 reps each before actually attempting a pullup, but I'm eating plenty to build myself up to that. I may invest in bands in the near future for that as well, too, although I've never used bands before for anything.
  13. So many responses and pieces of advice. Thank you to all, you're all great. We do have an assisted pullup/dip machine at my gym, but my partner has been very stubborn and refuses to let me/help me do assisted pullups because he believes if I force myself to do unassisted it will help me get much better at them than doing assisted/lat pulldowns. I'm going to start with negative sets and work my way up from there.
  14. Thank you both so much. I'm going to try this immediately. I wasn't sure about negatives just because I wasn't sure if negatives could help my explosiveness upwards.
  15. I have a grave problem. I cannot do a single pullup (wide-grip or close-grip) unassisted, and it's awful. I have a relatively good physique so it's embarrassing to be hanging on the bars at the gym struggling to pull my body weight up. I do weigh a decent amount (currently at 203 lbs), but it still doesn't make any sense that I can't do a single one. It's starting to show on my physique as well because I have absolutely no lat spread. My partner who weighs 190-195 lbs can easily do 5-8 reps. At the beginning of the fall I was able to do a single pullup, and now nothing. Just struggles. I cannot get past this plateau at all. In the past 4 months I've bulked up 12lbs but my pullups get worse and worse. My barbell bentover row is steadily increasing, along with cable pulls and lat pulldowns and other such back exercises, so it does not make any sense why lat pullups aren't increasing. Please help. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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