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  1. hey there.


    my name is will. i'm thirty-eight, i've been vegan for a little over sixteen years.


    i'm not a terribly healthy vegan - i eat lots of vegetables, mostly raw, and lentils and rice, and tons of bean soup, i also love BBQ chips, beer, pastries, tofurkey lunch meat, fake chicken patties, and anything that comes out of a deep fryer (so long as it's vegan).


    i just quit smoking for the Nth time, but i think it's going to stick finally.


    i write dull software to pay the bills. to try to make a difference, my wife and i do animal rescue work, mainly with feral cats, but also dogs, wildlife, what ever crosses our path.


    we share our home with nineteen ex-feral cats, and two dogs, both abuse survivors.


    music i like - Led Zep, Skynyrd, Sabbath, Hendrix, Steve Earle, Bad Religion, and socialist singer songwriters, like Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs, and Alistair Hulett.


    i've been skating quite a bit since January, but other than that, i'm sedentary.


    i'm starting to feel my age, and so i finally went to the gym for the first time in about twenty years this past friday. i'm going again after work today to do legs and arms.


    my buddy a work is big, and he said he'll show me how to do a deadlift, and that that and some other core exercises should be my main things until i actually gain some muscle, as i have NONE now.


    finding out how weak i am was one of the most humbling experiences of my life.


    i don't know why it was so hard to get in there. animal stuff that some people might balk at gives me no problem - slithering through a tiny drainage pipe to grab some kittens, getting chewed up rescuing a trapped raccoon, running into highway traffic to grab a tortoise - all those are easy, so WTF haven't i been able to go to the gym? that kind of fear has been way harder to overcome.


    anyway - i am going to keep not smoking and i am going to keep going to the gym.


    i'm hoping i can get some advice from you all when i need it, and that by reading the posts here, i can get keep focused and motivated should i feel my resolve slipping.


    thanks for having the forums, and most of all, thanks for being vegan!



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