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  1. @dontxhide - i don't mean this to sound rude, but whether you _want_ to do AR/AL work or not doesn't matter, any more than firefighters _want_ to run into a burning building. they, and we do it because we have to. there are lives depending on our actions.


    AR/AL work sucks - it's depressing, you take a lot of abuse, it costs money that you might not have, it takes up your time when you could be doing fun stuff...


    but you have to do it.


    people who are ignorant of what's happening to our brothers and sisters actually get a pass, but once you know, and decide to do nothing about it, you're just a poser, or a weakling, or selfish. and none of those are tags i'd apply to real vegans.


    getting burned out is normal. just suck it up and keep fighting for the animals. we are ALL they have.



    Personally, and I know I'll get flamed for this, I don't think these protests do much good.


    our protests got ringling bros to quit coming to our town, the march of dimes to move their entire campaign out of tallahassee for two years, and after that to not do it on public property, forcing them to have to rent the fair grounds for the march.


    my agitation at work got the entire department of financial services of the state of florida to stop it's yearly sponsorship of the ACS Relay for Life.


    that said, direct action does more than protesting.

  2. i was kidding about liking rolling rock. it was just a test.


    my favorite vegan beer is HeckenCinTiangerweiss (people in the know call it HeckCin - pronounced Hexen). it's so thick, you don't drink it, so much as eat it. it's also really horrible tasting. that's you know it's good.


    HeckCin is pretty hard to find. it's crafted in tibet by a group of blind, eunuch, dwarf monks. since they don't use any commercial equipment, actually holding the wort in their mouths for the entire fermenting process, only five gallons are year are crafted.


    since they craft so little of it, it's a really exclusive brew. to even be considered to be allowed to buy it, you have to show them your record collection (and i do mean 'record'. everything you own has to be on vinyl) and your stereo has to be analog - all vacuum tubes, no chips or transistors. you have to have bought it in a thrift store - ebay purchases are not accepted.


    if any of the groups in your collection have sold out (i.e. make enough money from music that they've been able to quit their day jobs) you're immediately barred for life from every buying HeckCin again. you're also banned if the record inspecting monk has ever heard of more than three of the groups in your collection.


    drinking heckcin is more of a lifestyle than a pastime, but it totally worth it to know you're drinking the most hipster rotten grain water on earth.

  3. Hydration is not the same as saying it can be used in place of blood..


    Cool though.


    when i can spare the money, i drink a couple of those aseptic packs of it, rather than water, after i work out. there's a HFS right down from the gym, and so it's very convenient

  4. i think what's natural, speaking at the species level here, is for humans to do whatever it takes for them and their progeny to survive - including eating vegetables, fruit, animals, other humans, and even non food items like leather, grass, and dirt. all of those have happened.


    people will murder, lie, cheat, and rob to stay alive.


    our mission, at the genetic level, is to make copies of our genes whatever the cost.


    for every one guy that'll take a bullet for his non-related friend, there are 1000 that'd grab an unrelated baby, and use it as a human shield.

  5. i deadlifted with 145 lbs today. it felt really good 3 sets of 6.


    i might need to go to the doctor. my arm is messed up.


    i thought it was better, so i did those modified hammer curls the other day, and now, i've got like a string of pain through the middle of my forearm, going from my elbow to the tip of my middle finger. WTF?

  6. robert, don't know where you're staying, but the seventh day adventists have a vegan restaurant in boston right near the financial district.


    it's not a menu type thing, they just lay out a wicked vegan buffet for dinner, and i think lunch, every day.


    it saved my life when i was working in boston. i think i ate everything they made at least twice.


    Country Life

    200 High St., Boston, MA 02110; (617) 951-2534


    it GOOD and cheap!

  7. I can no longer ignore negative impact that consuming dairy and ANY animal including fish has on our environment and eco-system.


    and an even worse impact on the animals themselves.


    hi and welcome.

  8. depends on where i die:


    if i'm at Gitmo: "more weight"


    if i'm on the steps of the senate: nothing, as i'll have died hunger striking, a la Bobby Sands, but for animals.


    if i'm in the corporate offices of Huntingdon Life Sciences, or one of their ilk, "this is for the animals motherfuckers. see you in hell."

  9. nootch, or nutritional yeast, is really high in B vitamins, and tastes good too. i use it whenever i'm cooking something that tastes savory.


    protein, i get from tofu, seitan (wheat meat), peas, beans


    vitamins, well that's what fruits and vegetables are known for, is giving all kinds of vitamins.


    fats from vegetables and fruits are all good ones, i believe, as well.

  10. that's a good comment, robert. you make some good points.


    i can't really 'enlighten' anyone about bodybuilding and vegans, as i'm way too small to have any credibility.


    i can make the moral or compassion argument, no problem, but can't answer jackhammerjoey's challenge (which is not to say that i believe his statement re the incompatability of v*ganism and bodybuilding)

  11. easiest way - ask the grocer to taste it. he should have one from which he'll cut a plug.


    second way - thump it.


    here's a detailed explanation from http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~news/story.php?id=4224

    * Lift it: Ripe melons should feel heavy for their size.


    * For uncut melons, thump the rind with your fist. If you hear a resonant, solid and dull sound, the melon is ripe. A light metallic ring indicates the melon was picked too early. If you grow watermelon in your garden, you can use this method to determine when melons are ripe for the picking. In addition, check the curly tendrils on the vine closest to the watermelon. When the fruit is mature, they turn brown and dry out.


    * Ripe melons will develop a golden or creamy yellow spot on the side that rests on the ground. If the spot is white or green, the melon was picked too soon.

  12. i want these so badly!

    her blog is not all vegan, but these guys are, so long as you use vegan wrappers. i fu**ing LOVE fried food.


    my dietary goal actually used to be, that once i quit smoking, i would be allowed to deep fry every single thing i ate, so long as it was vegan...


    recipe, and many others at One Hot Stove http://onehotstove.blogspot.com/2007/09/sunday-supper-potstickers.html



  13. i sort of did cardio today. my wife is feeling crummy, so i acted stupid to make her laugh.


    i can't dance at all, so me doing it is always amusing.


    i 'break danced' all over the kitchen - moon walking, jumping around, ending with me doing the worm, which is me dragging myself across the floor with my toes and shoulders, getting my face and chest covered in cat hair, not undulating at all. it was awesome!

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