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  1. ditto. i freak out when i'm hungry, like so bad my wife carries around snacks for me, just so i won't turn into a monster. i become cranky, tired, a pretty much an ass. it's not low blood sugar. i've tested my fasting glucose levels, and they were fine. it's some kind of psychological thing. i worry if the fridge and pantry aren't stuffed with food. i even have to make sure the dogs and cats have many days worth of food cooked up. i don't believe in reincarnation or past lives, but if i did, i'd think it was either some kind of karmic thing (like maybe burning off karma from a life of gluttony) or that i starved to death in a previous life.
  2. i've had to back down on my weight for pull downs, military press, and flys, as i can do the weight, but my shoulder is starting to hurt. i'm just icreasing my reps instead of weight. also, my left elbow and now forearm are messed up, even after taking a full week off bis completely. i'm doing hammer curls, high reps, low weight, and i don't like it, but it'll have to do for now. here's my last work out (the squat/deadlift/leg press are each done on alternating days - i.e. squats one day, press the next, deadlift the next, repeat.) http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/8619/aaaxn9.jpg
  3. happy birthday! i wish you peace and happiness in the coming year.
  4. just suck it up. when you get a craving, picture all the animals in torment that were the source of that food, and remember that by eating omni, you're saying 'i don't care about their suffering'. visualize yourself looking in their eyes, and saying 'i don't care about you'.
  5. snacks rule. i eat all day, usually, and my snacks run the gamut from carrot sticks and cucumber slices, to bags of bbq chips, to packs of fake cheese and tofurkey slices. if all you're eating is healthy stuff, you shouldn't even think twice about it.
  6. i've never been 'worried' at all. i act like i'm better than other omnis and that they're the ones with problems. then (in my head) i quote max cady, and say: "I'm better than you all! I can outlearn you. I can out-read you. I can outthink you. And I can out-philosophize you. And I'm gonna outlast you."
  7. your body must feel SO good to be that flexible. no. i misworded that. being that flexible, you must be free of aches and pains, and feel very well. that still doesn't look right. you know what i mean, though. kudos.
  8. hi and welcome. in hard times my wife and i fall back on a small handful of foods, all of them are cheap - lentils brown rice carrots frozen spinach oil (olive if you can afford it, canola if you can't) whole wheat flour - can be used for pancakes, biscuits, etc. bananas tomato paste nutritional yeast salt those foods, after a month or so, get incredibly monotonous, but we've lived on them for three months straight before, and you get used to them, and the cost almost NOTHING. it's hard to eat food that's decent and healthy that costs less than that.
  9. it did, but also i remember thinking the whiskey was horrible. of course that changed as i got older. heh.
  10. i go up and down on diet. usually on days that i drink too much, i eat crappy, and i can feel it the next day. when i don't drink much, i eat pretty well. there's room for improvement, but i'm never going to be one of those people that eats steamed kale and wheat grass juice for breakfast. i'm more the salty, greasy, scrambled tofu, with fake sausage patties, and non-wholewheat english muffins dripping soy margarine types. if i can get two more servings of veg a day, that'll be pretty good. that and cutting out most of the drinking too much, which would have the effect of raising the average quality of my diet appreciably. i have not read the thrive diet. i haven't even read the thread on it, though i'll go do so shortly. thanks for the tips and pointed questions.
  11. i have a question - my grandmother was from the deep south, and so had her share of folk remedies. reading #7 about cough syrup got me thinking. when i was a little kid, her cough medicine for me was a big big spoonful (like 2 or 3 Tbs) of a mixture of honey, lemon juice, and whiskey. is that better than the OTC commercial medicines?
  12. http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/5613/pbf227themasculatorut5.jpg from perry bible fellowship @ http://www.pbfcomics.com/
  13. niiiiice. i work the state of FL, and that's the kind of shit they pull here. in the last ten years it's become an easy way to make points with the voters by shafting state workers - stopping raises, cutting benefits, moving masses of workers out of career service protection, stopping all training... meanwhile, they're spending money like carzy on contractors. bah.
  14. cleaning is totally sanity inducing. my whole life may be out of whack, but this kitchen is CLEAN! it makes you feel good.
  15. hi and welcome. thanks for joining.
  16. so. our agency (workers' comp) had the annual lunch thing to show how much they care about the workers. i lined up to get some salad and fruit or whatever. i get up there and here's what they had - ribs, bbq chicken, potato salad and cole slaw made with mayo, baked beans made with bacon, and red velvet cake. thanks bosses! you showed how much you think of me.
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