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  1. yes. in my county it's free basically. you go to the health dept, tell them you absolutely never want to father a child no matter what. wait a week. call back and tell them you haven't changed your mind. the next day, they give you a time/date to meet the urologist. meet him once, tell him you never want to have kids. he tells you to come back for surgery in X days. go back, get sterilized. go back twice more to give him samples to make sure it worked. you never get a bill and you never get kids. i got mine when i was like 26.
  2. i don't like being touched or touching ppl.
  3. ARE YOU MOCKING ME!!11!!eleven!!? j/k
  4. unless it's a moral one world gov't lead by 100% a council of committed vegan abolitionists.
  5. thinking about that stuff makes me feel as though i've fallen down the rabbit hole. my view of the universe is tending towards thinking there's no such thing as time, and that the universe is a solid, static N-dimensional mass, where N>=4, of which we experience a series of 3-brane slices. it makes sense to me, but sometimes thinking too much about it makes me feel weird.
  6. DV- so are you saying for large muscles, you are doing how many sets of 6-12 reps to failure, with 3-4 exercises? could you fill in the missing piece in the equation? X sets * 6-12 reps * 3-4 exercises. i'm getting stronger with high weight (high for me anyway) * 6 reps * 6-8 total sets. anything would make me stronger though, as i'm a total novice. i like gaining strength, but wouldn't mind getting bigger too. i am gaining weight, about 10 lbs in a month, but can't really see a difference. as you've made more of a study of it, i'd appreciate your, or anyone else's, input.
  7. oh! a tangential question for all the banana eaters - has anyone been getting bananas lately (last 2 months or so) that don't ripen? they're like stuck at yellowish green, and then they just get rotten? i've gotten this recently in regular and organic bananas. putting them in a bag doesn't help. a bunch of people started mocking me at work, b/c we were talking about it, and i said 'maybe there's something they're not telling us!' and they started laughing, asking 'how freaking paranoid do you have to be to think there's some kind of banana conspiracy?'
  8. i have heard of the film, and some of its positions before. have you heard of Bostrom's Simulation Argument, though? it sort of explains everything - http://www.simulation-argument.com/simulation.html here's the abstract. i promise you, when you think about it, and the do some extensions of it, it gets a little weird. This paper argues that at least one of the following propositions is true: (1) the human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage; (2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations thereof); (3) we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation. It follows that the belief that there is a significant chance that we will one day become posthumans who run ancestor-simulations is false, unless we are currently living in a simulation. A number of other consequences of this result are also discussed.
  9. heh. i've been eating pretty well - whole grains, salads, spinach, peas, slightly less beer, fewer chips. my diet hasn't been great, but better than the previous six month average. in other news, i worked out with 135 for squats today, and i don't think that was my max. i'll add weight next week.
  10. basic recipe: 2 C gluten flour + 1 tsp NaCl 1.5 C cold water + 1 T olive oil add the liquids to the solids stir with a fork until it pulls away from the edges and is mixed in knead, stretch, and physically abuse the rubbery mass of dough for five minutes straight. it's a great workout for your forearms. after five minutes, fold it back into a ball, put it in the mixing bowl, put the bowl somewhere the cat can't get it, and let it rest for ten minutes or so (the dough, not the cat) knead it a bit more and then fold it back into a ball. cut the ball into eighths (subdivide more if you've doubled the recipe) cook at 15lbs for 20-30 minutes. allow to return to 1 atm normally (don't quench it in the sink) for best consistency, let it cool before eating ----------------------- stuff you can do to make it taste better substitute broth for water add 1 T or more tomato paste to the liquid ingredients add 1/2 C nooch to dry ingredients add 1/4 garbanzo flour to the dry ingredients add pepper, red pepper, crushed red pepper, miso, tamari, or anything else you think might taste good to the recipe. generally, if you add more dry stuff (eg - nooch), you need to add more liquid, and vice versa.
  11. when i would have a craving, i'd go online, and look at pictures of veal calves, their enslaved mothers on the dairy farm, and scenes from the slaughter house. cravings disappeared right away.
  12. BAH!!! WRONG!! Communism is obviously the supreme martial art! http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/2549/sovietflyerkd0.gif
  13. that makes sense to me. and it looks to have science to back it up. i couldn't do it though. i like being full. this guy i know had a gall stone or gall bladder attack or something. the ER doctor gave him some morphine, and told him, 'you're going to have to stop eating greasy, and spicy foods, or this is going to keep happening.' my associate told the dr, 'you better just take it out then, doc.' that's how i feel about calorie restriction. eating massive amounts of good food is one of the few things i've got left, and i don't want to stop for another ten or twenty years of life.
  14. i did. but there's big difference between articles from the internets that the google gives you, and actual peer reviewed studies. one thing that started my BS detector pinging was all the diet books on amazon touting the 'Hunza Diet', and the proximity of 'Hunza' with stuff like 'living water', 'coral calcium', 'miracle', and 'Tesla', not to mention its presence on abovetopsecret.com
  15. also, even starting with the (frankly absurd) assumption that the Hunza (why is it always an exotic people in a far away land) live past a hundred on average, and have no diabetes, cancer, heart disease, ugly children, hang nails, or bad hair days, what sort of controlled research was done to determine the font of this unbelievable health. maybe it's not their diet. maybe it's genetic. maybe it's the exercise they do. maybe it's despite the meat they eat, not because of it. maybe it's b/c they live proximal to yaks. meat is bad for you. a little meat is a little bad for you. a lot of meat is a lot bad for you. and alllllll this aside, eating meat is sick, wrong, and cruel. am i dogmatic? yes. utterly. i'm a true believer. there is nothing you nor anyone else can say, do, or show to make me think otherwise. of course, i'm also dogmatic about a heliocentric solar system, and firmly in the round earth camp.
  16. unbelievable! no, really. that's un-believable. sources from peer reviewed works, please.
  17. Summary - DU destroys armored vehicles, human lives, and the environment !
  18. yeah yeah yeah! good point! i torched, scrapped, and sanded a LOT of lead based paint from the floor of a house i was living in, one snowy, WV winter. it hasn't killed me, but it doesn't mean it was not poison.
  19. we had taken apart an old barn to salvage the wood. then we bulldozed what was left. we poured some diesel oil on the it, and lit it up. there was a lot of old dried out manure on the slab the barn stood on - like a deep in some places. that night i went out and was looking at it. it was all glowing like a huge charcoal grill. then i just fell over into it, burning my arm, shoulder and my knee (a little bit) on burning manure. i went to the emergency room to get it cleaned up, wrapped, and a tetanus shot, and the dr was laughing his ass off. he called other docs over to laugh at me. it was pretty funny, and these guys were all farmers, so it wasn't mean spirited, just stupidly humorous.
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