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  1. AND they kick the USA's butt in every category - whooped us in the last two proxy wars, out produce us, out industrialize us, out economy-ize us, out pollute us, out police state us... heh.
  2. I don't read any fitness magazines. I do get 'Angry Loners with Sniper Rifles Quarterly', though. Oh, and I like Dwell
  3. great post DV. thanks. your comment below cracked me up. you write well.
  4. yeah. but meat's not food any more than poop is food. and it's most certainly not good for the victim.
  5. this might be what you were thinking about http://tinyurl.com/2fbzyv that links to a thread here about phytoestrogens in soy. from what i've read, the estrogen like compounds in soy, actually compete with real endogenous estrogen for the receptor sites in your body, so really, soy decreases the activity of estrogen in your body, doing nothing to testosterone.
  6. i did deadlift instead of squats today. i did three sets w/ 100lbs. i could have lifted more, but want to go slow until i get the motion down. added 5 lbs to my bench too. i did my curls low weight/high reps to see if that helped with the pain. it didn't but i'm going to stick to that for awhile and see if it works. ran on the treadmill too. only 15 minutes, but i'll add five minutes each time until i'm up to 30.
  7. thanks y'all. i'm going to do it! i'll go down to the club next week and see what it's going to take to get started.
  8. my 0.02USD. pressure cooker, cast iron fry pan, 3+ gallon stock pot, a good, easy to wash colander, a couple good knives.
  9. ^^^bottom line. all of them - hunters, and factory farmers are guilty, and will have to stand before the truth and reconciliation commissions, confess their crimes, and go to the reeducation camps after the revolution.
  10. awesome. any day eating vegan is great! keep up the great work!
  11. hey there. well, this fitness thing is sort of addictive. i'm wanting to learn to fight. i spent many years fencing doing foil and then sabre, and if we all carried swords, i'd be really comfortable in confrontations. anyway, i'm not very graceful, but would like to join the local boxing club to learn to avoid, take, and deliver punches. the coolest fight i ever saw was in highschool. this big kid was picking on a little skinny guy. he pushed him. the little guy stepped around so the bigger guy had his back to the lockers, and then in like ten seconds landed ten or fifteen punches to the bully's face, with the lockers and the speed of the punches keeping the big kid from falling. turns out the little guy was a boxer. it was awesome. i'd just like to feel comfortable when we're at a protest, and someone gets in my face. i'd like to be able to back down b/c i don't want to fight, not b/c (as i do now) i don't want my ass beat. so, is learning to box at 38 some sort of midlife stupidity or is it something doable?
  12. heya. welcome to the forum!
  13. oh. i forgot. i just got vaccinated. on 08/15, i finished a course of rabies vaccination - five shots over a month. i had to get the rabies immune globulin too. oh, and tetanus. yeah. i'm full of vaccine poison.
  14. i got fixed so we won't be having any kids. but i agree it's a tough issue. were i a parent to primates, i'd worry whichever choice i made. we get our dogs vaccinated, but as our cats don't go outside except in the baby buggy, we forgo all vaccinations for them. one of our babies had his immune system wrecked by vaccination. he nearly died as an infant from autoimmune hemolytic anemia. we just barely pulled him through that, and then about eighteen months later, he autoimmune hemorrhagic pancreatitis. he died from that and it was one of the worst times in our life. everything fell apart when booboo died.
  15. you have my sympathy. i agree - moving sucks! it'll be cool when you're done though.
  16. some guy was talking smack and got into my head and so i had a kind of sorry day today. nothing felt right and it was hard to concentrate. anyway, still adding weight, but it's getting a lot harder. also, dumbbell curls didn't work. my elbow is still messed up. here's what i did today. http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/3497/dbap5.jpg
  17. i'm sorry! i started laughing when i read that. i can totally relate. still, to the right eye, that's a powerful image - one person, alone, standing up to power. makes me think of this statement by Eleanor Roosevelt, "When you have decided what you believe, what you feel must be done, have the courage to stand alone and be counted." that's what you're doing!
  18. um. yeah. if you're lifting 405lbs, i don't think you should worry about being weak! dude, that's awesome.
  19. i still enjoy caffeine from my tea. i use to drink tons of coffee though, so i'm doing a little better.
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