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  1. potter - that's about the biggest group we've gotten. more often it's just a few people.


    josh - the circus people are so cruel and ignorant that things got a little out of hand, but normally we try to stay more restrained, if only so the cops don't make up laws and force us to leave. it's so crooked - they tell you you can't protest (a lie of course) but if you don't leave, they arrest you for not resisting/interfering. then if you go to court, you get convicted, not for protesting, but resisting/interfering.


    and they know the poor can't afford attorneys, and so they win - you have to leave. that happened to us at the rodeo, and at an action at the American Cancer Society/Relay for Life.


    I'm in AFSCME, and at the next meeting, i'm bringing a motion to expel all law enforcement and prison employees from the union on the grounds that they are, by definition, counterrevolutionary. no one'll second it, i know, but i want them to know where i stand.

  2. are you biking for fun or sport?


    is 'fixed gear' the same as '1 gear'? there used to be this truly massive guy everyone called 'Jesus Tony' who rode a one speed bike all over town.


    to save money, i'm getting ready to start biking to work. my bike is a walmart POS special, but the wheels are round, so it should get me there. it's about seven or eight miles from my house there, so it should count as some sort of cardio work, too.

  3. this is a shot in the dark, but -


    is there anyone on the forum that lives in tallahassee and wants to partner up to lift?


    i go to gold's on the parkway in the mornings.


    i could change my time, but i have to go the gold's b/c it's the one covered by my health insurance. i could go to the one on pensacola though, instead.

  4. ringling bros has been coming to our town every year for a long long time. we've been protesting and leafleting every show for the last five or six years. it's our largest action of the year. it's really draining b/c there are so many shows (three a day, i think) over four days. it takes a lot of planning to make sure there are people at every show, materials available, enough signs, etc. plus, you get a lot of abuse from the hicks going to the show, the scumbag lowlifes that work at ringling, and sometimes the police.

    since my wife is the director of our local group, a lot of the work falls to us.


    last year was really good though - i got the ringling security boss so angryi swear he came within a hair of a stroke, and i mocked one of their barkers so badly that i think he cried.


    anyway, this year ringling do NOT come to town. they bypassed tallahassee (which is good, because i was planning to do a four day hunger strike at the civic center when they came and being hungry is just about the worst thing i can imagine).


    anyway, here's a picture from last year (i think it's last year).



  5. i'm on the east coast too, but meant to go out to see what i could see. i get up at 0500, and so should have been able to see something, but i forgot to look.


    the dogs probably saw it though. i let them out back when i wake up.

  6. thanks for the tip bunnylalu. right now i'm doing full body workout, tue, thurs, and sat.


    i increased my curl weight today, but next time i'm going to see it dumbbell curls don't hurt. it feel like it's something to do with my forearm wanting to rotate a bit in the curl, and me not letting it, it being bound by the pressure against my ribs and the hold on the bar.

  7. so, i think i wrote before that my first goal is to bench, deadlift, and squat my body weight.


    bench is still months and months away, but i was squatting 125 for my last set on saturday, and i had a lot left at the end, so on tuesday i'm going to put 160 on the bar and see if i can do one rep with that.


    i know it's stupid - 'i can lift this amount one time!', what i can do useful work with really means more, but whatever, that's my first goal, and i think i can do it.


    also on tues my buddy travis is going to show me the right form for deadlift, so i'll be able to put that in my workout now too.


    i've been steadily adding weight to my bench too, but my arms are kind of stuck. i _have_ been adding reps for dips, so that counts as progress, but i want to bump up my curl weight. my left elbow's been hurting me, and i don't know what it's from. i _think_ it was hurt when i did straight bar curls (i've been using the curl bar since), but i'm not sure.

  8. THere are quite a few more militant groups here like the primate liberation front which i have been in a few demonstrations with. THeyare actually under fire from the comunity for their protest tactics consisting of using a loudspeaker in front of known animal rights violators houses warning the neighborhood about who is living there and what they have done.


    heheh. cool!



    clairification: cool that they use the loudspeaker, not the being under fire part. :P

  9. hi.

    i weighed 150lbs from age thirteen to age thirty five. actually, about age twenty three, i lived on chips, quicky mart hot dogs, and twelve packs for a year, and i went up to 160. when i chilled out on the beer, i went right back to 150.


    i don't care what my weight is, but i can grab the skin on my belly and pull it out, and there's some chub there. i want that to go away. i want to go back to wearing size 32 pants, not 33-34s.


    when i started lifting a short while ago, i weighed 157. now, skating harder, and lifting regularly, i weigh 158.5. my gut is still there.


    are there _general_ guidelines to getting enough food/exercise to gain muscle, but still losing fat?



    my dad said (and as i get older, i realize he's usually right about everything) 'just keep lifting and skating, eating right, and see what happens in nine months or a year'.


    you see the key is that the system can't be complicated or i won't do it - measuring food, looking up nutrients, all that is just not me. doing something like - 'always be hungry', or 'eat protein, rice, and veggies until you are stuffed' is the kind of diet i can follow.


    help, please?



  10. great post. thanks. i firmly believe in the premise of the selfish gene, and i've argued with fellow vegans before, with them insisting that humans are exclusively frugivores, and me maintaining that humans are generalists - just like rats and roaches.


    we can and do eat damn near anything to keep us alive long enough to raise a litter or two to self sufficiency. 'nature' couldn't care less about our optimum health or longevity, in fact, once we're past our reproductive years, 'nature' (the gene) would rather died so as not to take resources better used by those that can still reproduce.


    i want to get that book!

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