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  1. When you freeze something, the structure changes a little. The amino structure will change greatly when you cook them. So, unless you are gonna let them thaw naturally...you'll lose a lot.
  2. I fought pro-MMA for a couple years. One thing you know about Mixed Martial Arts, its a competition of skill...not brut strength. One thing that helped me excel in that line of fighting was my endurance. Sure I had to make sure I had the strength to push the guys in my division around, but being able to do it longer is what put me over the top. Like everyone on this forum will tell you, you just don't ignore the various sources of protein. If you do that and do a good job lifting, you'll have enough strength to push anyone in your weight class around. It's just that when you make it to round 2...you'll be hitting a heck of a lot harder than the other guy is is winded.
  3. Pretty much I have been back into the training game for about a month, after taking darn near a year off. Here's what I have been doing: Muay Thai is my sport, but I'm not ready for the ring yet. Cardio has been the focus. I run everyday, but I'm only hitting 4 miles now. I'm also riding my bike everywhere (except when it's really cold, cause I just started riding and this is Wisconsin). As far as strength training is concerned, I'm just trying to get my body in gear. When I first got into the gym I tried to do some Arnold Presses and I felt my shoulders slipping out of the sockets. So I decided to work on those tendons and stuff. Pretty much what I am doing is 4 sets of 10 on anything I do. I'll do this for about another month, then I'm going to get into pyramid training. Duke Roufus invited me down to workout at his gym, I need to make sure he knows this vegan can throw down...
  4. Anybody know where to get them? I found some online sites, but seemed like they were overseas or way expensive. My old jujitsu club in Ohio was big into them. I never got into them, I would rather run or work the heavy bag then use those things. Apparently my old boxing coach used them...and he is the hardest puncher I know. Anybody ever use those things?
  5. I'm not new to the forum, but I just moved to Milwaukee. Is there anybody that might be able to hook up for some workouts every now and again? Weightlifting has never been my main focus, but I have done plenty in the past when I didn't have kickboxing to worry about. Heck, it would be great if anybody would be down for doing some boxing drills with me too.
  6. I play drums. I think I'm pretty good (but havent played in a while due to moving and stuff). I'm looking for guitar players in the MKE area that are into metal and might want to get a little something started. Anybody? Help?
  7. Looks like I'm gonna focus on strength training for a while, but I wont have a partner. Any suggestions on how I can add "the bulk" without relying on a partner? I really want to focus on my arms. My legs and chest kinda develop naturally. I have never had much success with my arms, without a spot to help me work past the point of muscle failure. Any ideas what I can do on my own? I'll have access to a full array of equipment...
  8. Back in the summer of 2000 I was fighting in a NASKA (N.American Sport Karate Assc.) black belt tourny. I had 6 fights to win the championship. Nobody managed to score on me at all. I skunked all 6 of my opponents. I have only realized recently how impressive that was. That was 6 fights in a row that I wasn't even touched. Then a week later I tore my miniscus kicking in a door on the job. Go figure...
  9. On June 27th, 2005 at 6:30pm: The Rathskeller, inside the WSU Student Union.... *Learn what Mercy For Animals is about *Find out why MFA is interested in Dayton and why Dayton should take an interest in MFA *Discover how to get involved with MFA and grassroots activism *Meet the people behind Mercy For Animals and other local activists There will be a few very important films shown starting at 6:30, and then the speakers go on. More info: [email protected] www.mercyforanimals.com
  10. Hey everybody. My name is Pete and I live in Dayton, Ohio. I am 26 and have been vegan for close to 8 years. I was lead into vegetarianism because of my weight in highschool (I was what I considered obese. When I graduated I started learning about veganism and quickly made the full conversion. I was already involved in karate and a little bit of kickboxing at this point. I noticed a huge difference in my ability to train with much greater results. More about me if you have Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/xveganpetex
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